1. S

    Friendly Fire

  2. Aldan

    Hello World! | Hola Mundo! | Salve Mundus!

    I'm not really a new member stricto sensu, but I am in a way, considering I've never introduced myself on the forums. I've been lurking for far too long, decades even I could almost say, I think; still, I wouldn't call myself an expert on anything relating to the site, etiquette, functions, and...
  3. Shmeagle

    Hey everyone

    Hey guys it's been a while but I was working on myself and some issues but now I'm back located in Oroville if anyone wants to hang out hmu I'm open for chats and new adventures
  4. S

    Are there any guys from Lithuania?

    Hey I'm new here. I'm an easy going guy, a friendly one. I was wondering if there's anyone from Lithuania in this site!:)
  5. oceanrulerwiz

    Hi :D

    Hi there 26 years old , bottom , male here ! not exactly new, but still hoping to meet new people :D
  6. hungsouthlondon

    Older Guys 40+ In LONDON Or UK who are hung also Wanted by Hung Guy.

    Guy in central London. All my pictures are in galleries I have on here but have attached some also. Preferably non scene other well endowed men. I also like older 40 plus. Where are all the English gents? Please have pictures either on here or on email. Many thanks.
  7. matteo214

    Gday from Australia, 24m straight

    G'day guys my name is Matteo, I'm 24 and from Australia. I'm straight, but completely accepting of everyone and love everyone for who they are. Will strike up a chat with anyone, so don't be afraid to say g'day! I work long, and odd hours, so please don't be offended if I don't reply right...
  8. oceanrulerwiz

    New Here ! - 26 ,M, bottom :)

    Hi :D I'm 26 years old , bottom, male. My hight is 1.71 (5'6) And weight about 73 kg , (161 lbs) I look for a masculine top guy, to chat with :) Come say hello !
  9. whyme75

    Looking To Chat And Meet If Possible Ireland

    Hi all, Irish guy, based in Dublin. Filthy mind. Looking to chat with friendly guys from Ireland and around the world. Send me a message and let's take it from there...
  10. D

    Looking For Kik Friends

    As per title, I am searching for friends to chat using kik. I don't have much time for cam2cam, so I prefer to chat and exchange pics or short vids on kik. What I am searching for: 1) both men or women, doesn't matter. 2) being fit is a plus. 3) I am into kinks or roleplay, but I don't have the...
  11. 1

    Gay Dad’s For Sons Anyone Else In A Similar Situation?

    So my boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 years (LDR and not an open relationship) we have talked about being “gay dad’s” he is 30 I’m 25. Gay dad’s in the sense that we want to help care and help youth 25 and under. When we eventually live together be able to offer our house as a home...
  12. O

    Do you have an identical twin brother?

    Handsome, discreet, friendly, and professional guy here interested in connecting with mature, easy-going guys who happen to have an identical twin brother. I have some questions about it and would love to connect! I can cam on kik, skype, or chat here.