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  1. J

    Help me find this handsome man / ID him

    I've found this vid a while ago and I'm in love with gooning, specially when it comes to men like this. Do you know who he is?
  2. P

    ID this wild Gooner Bator

    I've been searching for more of this guy's stuff, from what I understand he used to post on XTube but since it closed down he's on Twitter (I think?) Can any fellow gooners help me locate him! Hopefully someone out there can help!
  3. G

    Photos & Videos Poplarite

    Anyone got more content on this guy?
  4. S

    Dubai Wank Buds

    Hi, looking for wank buds in Dubai, get naked and chill edging to porn for long sessions. Would love to find a regular wank bud. Send me your snapchats to chat!
  5. P.B

    Gooning discussion and experiences

    I've not been able to find a specific thread about gooning so I thought I'd start one. So; I love edging and occassionally hit goon, usually after going through a sort of mind cleansing rhythmic trance like state. Now I know what gooning is I realise I've been in that state many times before...
  6. fit posed gooning with whopper chopper

    fit posed gooning with whopper chopper

  7. T

    Who is this guy?

    Came across this stud awhile back. Saved a ton of his vids on Pornhub but they wiped them all when they removed a ton of their videos. Stumbled across him again just now - anyone know who this is and if he has an OnlyFans?
  8. goonjacker

    My Gooner Vids

    Hey bators, Been getting deeper into gooning lately and made some videos. If watching a gooner fist fuck his slippery erect penis turns you on, then you might enjoy this smutt: Gooner Edges and Goons Slutty Bimbo Penis - ThisVid.com GOONER Edges and Multi-Milks CUM SAUCE - ThisVid.com
  9. D

    Celebrity Worship - Gooning and Findom Fantasies

    This thread is for Celebsexuals, gooners and paypigs to worship superior celebrities and influencers DM me
  10. T

    Eye-rolling fetish?

    Looking for videos of guys that get super into playing with their cocks. I’ve seen Popperbate and gooning videos but can’t find specific models that always roll their eyes back.
  11. 4

    420 Bate Bros

    Hey fellas. I created a new group on Skype for guys that indulge in 420, horny and wanting to bate with another buddy! Send your age, LPSG username and stats to join! https://join.skype.com/EF1cvpLCuDKQ4474021
  12. serph789

    Gooner/orgasm/face Licking Face Fetish

    Hey all, anyone else get turned on seeing hot/attractive guys make really weird and contorted facial expressions and get turned on by that ? It's like a super weird fetish that I just can't explain but has always turned me on. I know there are a ton of folks on twitter who are into it. If you...
  13. M

    ‘solosexuality’ And ‘virtual Bate’ Support Groups In The Age Of Covid-19

    ‘Solosexuality’ and ‘Virtual Bate’ Support Groups in the age of COVID-19 by Michael Adam Reale Solosexuality is a relatively new word to our vocabulary. Millennials are redefining our society in every way including the arena of human sexuality. Solosex is gaining popularity during COVID-19...
  14. T

    Help Find This Gooner

    I remember this guy posting videos on xtube, but can't remember his username, or find via searching. Hopefully he hasn't deleted everything. If anyone know's where he might post his stuff, or just remember his username, please lmk.