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  1. heartlessdom


    Hey, I'm a 39yo 6'3" Australian, pretty overweight, about 400lbs, I'm mostly here to assist my penis size anxiety after google bought me here. I'm bone pressed 6.7 inches which logically makes me above average but at my size and fatness it turtles real easy and I'm a grower not a shower. Uncut...
  2. M

    Show your grower!

    This is a place for people to show what a grower you are from soft and tiny to hard and much bigger. I will start. A few of me totally soft....then a few of me totally hard.
  3. F

    Mandingo's cock growing

    Anyone have any clips of Mandingo's cock growing inside his pants? You can see here at around 00:50, it gets too big to fit: Horny Preggo Slut Fucks Mandingo Another one, at ~2:50, his monster is just trying to get out: Watch M @ VR (Valerie Rose) *Huge Load* - Aimi, Mandingo, Deepthroat Porn...
  4. M

    Photos & Videos Knudsenthomas Chaturbate Model

    I wonder what happened to Knudsenthomas. He seemed to be streaming quite regularly but eventually stopped… Does anyone have some of the live cam shows? Or pics? I just think he’s soo cute
  5. Sir-real and Real and a grower

    Sir-real and Real and a grower

  6. With Pubes

    With Pubes

    my erection with pubes
  7. Boredathome08

    Links Made a twitter alt to show off on, follow me if you’d like! @noct_alt

    It’s too much fun to show off and the pandemic and climate collapse make it having a good time more important than ever. So I finally made an alt twitter to show off on @noct_alt No only fans, not looking to make money, just having a good time. Feel free to follow :) http://twitter.com/noct_alt
  8. PhallicApotheosis

    Video Telegram Videochat- Showoff: Straight Hung Uncut Bwc Mega-grower In Need Of Objectifying Voyeurs

    I am present on a variety of platforms but spend most of my time on telegram where I maintain a channel dedicated to displaying my stunning cock but since it really isn't exhibitionism if it isn’t live, I am constantly on the hunt for new admiring eyes to put on me all throughout the day and...
  9. J

    Show Off - That You Are A Grower

    Guys. I am not a grower but i just passed by on thread about small dicks topic and realised that small flacid dicks are underrated. So go on and show off that you are a grower. Post your photo of small flacid dick and along side with your full hard on.
  10. 7below

    Is The Poster Above You A Grower Or Shower?

    Post your size scale from flaccid to erection
  11. Cisathickone

    Big Shower Or A Big Grower?

    Which one do you prefer?
  12. PhallicApotheosis

    Watching Exhibitionists Doing Normal Activities

    I am a straight showoff and uncut grower. I don’t care who an admirer is, it’s about being objectified and compelling others to while away their time observing me as a form of vain self gratification. I however enjoy simply being observed and conversing with my audience and not only to single...
  13. J

    Fat Soft Cock Growing Into A Big Thick Piece Of Meat

    Guys please post any videos where a guys cock is similar to this guys small and very fat and then turns into a huge cock. This is a huge turn on for me as mine is very skinny. (P.S. I didn’t post in growers thread as I’m really just looking for a small fat dick turning even bigger) Starts at...
  14. M

    Grower vs. shower vs. pe "abuse"

    How have you found being a grower vs. a shower has impacted your PE? I am an extreme grower going from 2" to over 7.5", so I have found over 20 years of PE that my penis can take a whole lot more "abuse" than most can endure. For example, most PE sites post significant warnings about guys...
  15. E

    Straight porn with male actor(s) starting soft

    Fairly self explanatory. I love scenes that begin with a flaccid/ semi flaccid actor that is shown becoming erect by way of some action or actions by the actress (handjob, blowjob, footjob, etc.) The actor doesn't need to be a major "grower", but the more striking the difference the better...
  16. David Lucaya

    Do you want to be a grower or a shower?

    So I was just having a conversation with my friends (both male and female) if it is preferable to have a grower or a shower and I thought it'd be an interesting discussion to have on here. During the conversation it became clear to me that majority of the guys wanted to be showers because they...
  17. S

    Expansion question for growers and showers

    As an extreme grower, one of the things that I really enjoy is the feeling of expansion within my cock as I grow to a full erection. There are times where I can feel the blood begin pulsing through and it is such a ongoing rush as it continues until I reach a full (and what will be a raging...
  18. PhallicApotheosis

    Straight exhibitionist showing uncut grower on cam

    One hundred percent straight showoff here so please keep your cam off and watch (lovely ladies excepted of course, I'm only too happy when the rare one of you wants to play together) What makes me even more rare for America is that I am uncut, with a short tight skin that can’t contain my head...
  19. Dangerous Woman

    Skype compare / 1 on 1

    Looking to have some fun with hung guys on skype... Happy to compare or just one on one.. If you interested.. be hung and cum a lot!!:heart_eyes: Inbox me for a quick reply!:party:
  20. Soft to hard photos

    Soft to hard photos

    Soft to hard photos