1. L

    Romeo Twink On Onlyfans And Tiktok

    anyone got any of his nudes etc? Looks mighty fine
  2. geofinn

    Worldvision Dick Contest

    I love seeing various nationalities dicks. So: 1. State your nationality 2. Show your dick 3. Let the next guy judge it out of 10 _____________ SWEDEN
  3. Love in a Mist

    How Would You Know If You're Horny?

    How would you feel when you're horny? Do you have any noticeable feeling or expression when you're horny? How would you deal with it? When you're horny, will you do something or try to calm yourself down?
  4. iluvmen

    Quarantine Hypersexuality

    Hello LPSG folks, Since most of the world is under quarantine conditions, we are all at home. Gyms closed, bars, cafes, restaurants, everything is closed. I normally have a very high sex drive. I do sports on a regular basis for years, I'm in my 30s and I eat very well. As a result, I've got...
  5. H

    How To Increase Horniness

    i’ve always been a little jealous of guys that can cum 3/4 times a day and still be horny after. I’m in my 20’s and only get horny around 2x per week. Any tips for a guy trying to boost his libido?
  6. J

    Still horny

    I just love it when people know how to treat a brat like me and whwn poeple tell me to behave and to touch myself, it gets me soo wet, and i just keep humping my pillow while people massage me.
  7. J

    Video Im horny again

    i just love taking pictures and videos of myself and sending it to peoplelate at night. No daddy can make me bahave;)
  8. openfly

    Like to wear pants, sweats, shorts, swimsuits that really show it all,off?

    I guess I have what might be called a fetish for anything I'd wear around my lower body that gives a real accurate depiction of what I love having between my legs! I like real snug and clingy but not really too tight and binding clothes, allowing for maybe a little 'bounce and jiggle' as I...