1. F

    Fucking at home

    When my husband and I started fucking and forgot that the camera was on. Pls share yours as well.
  2. M

    Looking for a certain german amateur Milf

    Hi there, I'm looking for a certain german amateur Milf who has had some videos of herself and er husband online and i hope that u guys would help me out. in the video i remember she wore black leather boots who were above knee high, she had glasses on, black hair, in general she gives a...
  3. A

    Alina Habba's Ex Husband (trmp lawyer!)

    Matthew Eyet, Alina Habba's (Trumps lawyer) ex hubby on Chaturbate at mkp753 with nudes for sale...
  4. S

    Hung Guys who Snapchat with Married couples?

    We have seen the large Snapchat lists here, but it's hard to find people that are actually legit. Is there a thread for couples that want to show off to hung guys? We are both straight. We take a ton of Snaps and we would like to mess around to Snaps people send us. We love the compliments...
  5. MarriedScot

    My wife likes much older hung

    My wife loves much older hung guys to join us, sharing her. Bi guys is great for both but straight to share her with is good too. We’ve had a lot of fun but running out of options, so all tips welcome on where to find more guys up for it
  6. Rusguy_96

    Our new neighbor

    Chapter 1 Katherine waited for that moment several evenings, since she finally purchased her new lingerie. Steven was very busy last days and he looked always so tired that she thought it was wrong moments for such things. Finally now it was a restday and they spent it together, enjoying the...
  7. I

    Alexa, My Married Brother & Mystery Woman (Erotic Fiction)

    This is all fiction inspired by something similar that happened to my Friend (I don't have any siblings) but written in 'forum post' format. Hi everyone, As the title says, I've recently discovered that my older Brother Dennis is cheating on his wife Kayleigh. He's been with his spouse...
  8. fireice42

    My Wife's Lover

    We'd been married for almost two years when I caught her. I had been out of town on business and was scheduled to get home late. A canceled flight is normally a disaster, but in this case the airline was able to book me on a direct flight that actually got me home hours earlier than my initial...
  9. K

    Video Looking for video where husband talks to friends...

    There was a video posted at LPSG (in the past) where a blonde, middle-aged woman was given facials by her husband and his friends. The video was hot, for me, because the men's conversations were ironic/ordinary. They talked about not offending female colleagues (at one of their workplaces)...
  10. Exgotonic

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. - hottest pastor ever

    I cannot believe there is no thread for him. Literally the hottest naughtiest pastor there is. (Unfortunately) married with three children. I am obsessed with his beautiful face and those gorgeous big feet. He’s been working out and getting fitter and fitter. I just wish he’d show his body more...
  11. M

    What An Evening

    Last night, my husband and I went out to dinner as we got a last minute reservation at a new sushi restaurant in town. We were excited for our first date night out in while and we decided to catch an Uber since we knew we would be having some drinks with dinner. The food was incredible and the...
  12. UnCutBlackBull925

    Introducing Sir Justice

    Introducing Justice , built Cuckold bull and married - he and his wife are in the porn industry . He has a six pack with a big dick Justice Mia 12/30-1/5 (6 links)
  13. A

    Hot Celebrity Husbands?

    I started to “read” this article about 15 hot celebrity husbands. Men who are in the shadows of their spouses. It got me curious and tried to find a thread on here but, I could not find one. Who are your hot celebrity husband? Pictures obviously appreciate of the yummy men satisfying out actors...
  14. D

    Any Videos Where Husband/boyfriend Kisses Girl After Sucking Another Guys Cock

    Please post any videos of the guy kissing his wife or girlfriend after she just had another mans dick in her mouth.
  15. W

    Married Men... How Often?

    married men- how often do you fuck your wife? Or women- how often does your husband fuck you?
  16. E

    Photos & Videos Ahmad E. Shukayr Aka Mudd Aka Muddball

    He's gone by a LOT of names over the years, but Ahmad E. Shukayr was a LEGEND. He's Jordanese and used to go by Mudd and Muddball, where he famously had sex with literally hundreds of women...but they always had to go up his ass. The man demanded nothing less than four fingers from every...
  17. C

    Amazing Head

    Husband sucks me so good
  18. M

    Photos & Videos Straight Married Showing Their Dick Head Inside Their Wife's Pussy

    Hi Hubbys... Please show off the photo or video of your dick head inside your wifys' pussy.
  19. BecauseImHorny

    Looking For A Boyfriend

    I'm looking for a boyfriend. Until I find him I'll enjoy looking at the pictures and videos. Let's get this out of the way right now: I'm poz & undetectable since 2003. Undetectable = untransmittable. Know your status. Let's get this out of the way too: Anally, I'm a versatile bottom. I...
  20. O

    Husband Walks In Wife Carrys On Fucking

    Hi guys Just found this on another site, husband walks into the hotel room and the wife is already in there being fucked, he talks to her and they just carry on fucking regardless. Anyone know of anything similar?
  21. N

    Bernardo Vespermann And Adam Pate

    These guys are so hot
  22. D

    Kik: temindra, black, bottom 28, open for a serious bf. add me up. xx

    Kik: temindra, Black, bottom 28, open for someone serious who wants to settle down too. Add me up. xx
  23. 8

    Real couples having sex on tumblr

    I love homemade sex videos because I like to see the intimacy that exists in two people, to see the sexual games that they do. I find it inspiring and sexier than porn. Do you know any Tumblr from real gay couples who share their sex life regularly? I have already found some: Tumblrs mostly...