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  1. MomentoMori92

    Former Classmate I Hooked Up With

    So a few years back I looked up a few old classmates & set up a dinner to reconnect which went really well. One guy who was a freshman when I was a senior showed up and looked totally different. He had gotten his braces off, gained 40lbs of muscle & joined the marines. Tbh the only reason I...
  2. Danter11

    @jordan.tousignant @mj.fitness

  3. fireice42

    Marine Bashing

    I stepped out of the Eagle that night, a popular gay bar where I spend my weekends, and my ears detected that familiar sound. "Listen Faggot, your gonna take all of us or we're gonna beat your sissy ass to a bloody pulp!!!," slipped around the corner like a faint whisper for my ears only. I...
  4. A

    Photos & Videos Tyler_knicks

    Look at this guy. Marine, hot, verbal and love fucking pu$$y. He got an of @tyler_knicks. Anyone subscribe or have his vids? Gladly to share here :)
  5. N

    Who is this US marine?

    Not sure if this is the right place. But any idea who this dude is? Not particularly new pictures, but hoping someone might be able to help. Thanks
  6. L

    Any Marines In Jacksonville, Nc.

    Looking for fun. I’ll be in town all weekend.
  7. Q

    Photos & Videos British Military Men

    My dudes, post your hottest pics, vids and stories about the men of the British Armed Forces!
  8. 8

    Dayne Murray

    Anyone have anything on this little gem? He,'s active on TikTok, Instagram and Triller. He is a reservist in the USMC and recently came back from deployment overseas.
  9. travis7

    Sd Marine

    The Marine San Diego, we all love it. the weather is just perfect with sun shining just about every day. The people tend to be healthier since its easy to be outside almost every day doing some sort of activity. With the perfect weather San Diego has to offer, it is the ideal place to be...
  10. B

    Kevin James Bodybuilder Infodump

    Short bodybuilder and Marine with cute face and fragile alpha personality. Perfect if you get off to toxic masculinity and guys who are jacked to compensate for their little dicks, but get distracted by how political Davy Michael is. Had a confederate flag tattoo, but had it done over, so that’s...
  11. S

    Help Id This Military Dude.

    Ok so I don't know who he is, but here are some possible leads. *He is straight. *He serves (or has served) in the US Military. 2018-2020 *He probably lives (or has lived) in Texas. Could serve at a military base. Probably Fort Hood. *He last name could be "Caro" because you can see the name on...
  12. Y

    Donny O'malley

    So I'm trying to see if anyone has or found any of Donny O'Malley's nudes. He has done some modeling for Michael Stokes that I have found. He's a Marine veteran and founder of VET tv.
  13. N

    Can Anyone Identify Him?

    A top white guy is hot. Can anyone identify him?
  14. TightAsATurnip

    Id This Marine Hunk?

    I think he's a amateur pornstar maybe from a site like active duty? I've seen this picture lingering around the internet for years and now i think im being catfished by someone using pics of him i've never seen before..so i can only guess theres more of him out there or possible i'm talking to...
  15. D

    Anyone Know This Guys Insta Or Snapchat?

    This guy is hot. I can only imagine what his Snapchat or insta is like. TIA.