1. AFBerthie

    Photos & Videos Marius Lauber (Roosevelt)

    A thread to appreciate the musician Marius Lauber who I find very handsome
  2. J

    DJ Khaled

    Judge if y'all must, I wholeheartedly couldn't give less of a fuck. He's sexy afffff :weary_face::heart_eyes::emoji_tongue:
  3. Marco Tony

    Madonna - Bedtime Stories Is Her Most Underrated Album

    Madonna - Bedtime Stories celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The album was released in late 1994. It was a more mature album that showned her softer side. The album was well received by the critiques. I remember how praised this album was. But somehow the album ended up being just an...
  4. immaxvu

    Photos & Videos Shawn Cee

    I'm cleaning out my porn folder and I realize that I was holding some Shawn Cee nudes. He's super hot and I'm just shocked there isn't a thread on him already. If there is, I'm sorry for the double thread. Anyway here's all I got.
  5. S

    The Lucky Punch Band

    The German Rock n Roll band that are not afraid to bare all on stage. Making it look easy and natural to be naked infront of others.
  6. F

    Playing guitar naked

    Any one else turned on watching men playing guitar naked?
  7. P

    WILLIE WATKINS ( williebarely / barelyalive)

    WILLIE WATKINS ( williebarely / barelyalive) is an American dude from Cali, part of barelyalive music group, anyone has something from him?
  8. LukiLuk19xl

    Photo El Jordan 23

    New post sobre Jordan 23 el cantante chileno, no es que este muy fibrado, y hay mucha gente que lo ve feo, pero a mi me calienta demasiado...:heart_eyes::imp:
  9. K

    Jax Jones (DJ)

    Real Name: Timucin Fabian Kwong Wah Aluo DJ/Producer - Jax Jones
  10. Hunghunterxxx

    Jack Saunders (Radio 1 Presenter)

    Not sure why there isn’t a thread about this man yet, but I think he’s one of the hottest presenter on radio right now
  11. T

    Photos & Videos Dante Spinetta

    Dante Spinetta es un cantante, rapero y compositor argentino.
  12. RyanMars

    Hottest Gay, Bi (Queer) in the Music Industry

    It's inspired by the other thread on actors Let's discuss and appreciate all the hottest men in the music industry who are gay, bi, queer, or pan Frank Ocean Troye Sivan
  13. J

    HTHaze (Hamilton Troy Hayes)

    Anything on this guy?
  14. G

    Luka from Scarlet Opera

    A relatively new band but the lead singer is so fucking sexy. All the guys are hot, but Luka is like next-level gorgeous. Anybody have anything?
  15. DerrickRigg

    Shaun Royer bodybuilder and power lifter has passed

    Just wanted buddies to know that my buddy Shaun Royer passed in August last year. The former bodybuilder and power lifter started out lifting at 130 lbs after high school and went on to be a 365 lb. power lifter. Shaun and the late bodybuilde Rich Piana have a You Tube video discussing...
  16. gothtwink

    20 yr in canada

    yer i’m shit at making intros but here’s a random hello x
  17. N

    Voxxclub (German boy band)

    I just figured out there isn't a thread for this German Schlager boy group yet. These five guys are in their 30's and early 40's and their music is a mix of traditional German/Austrian folk music with modern beats. Christian is gay, the other guys Korbinian, Stefan, Flo and Michi are straight...
  18. P

    Who's the guy in yellow shirt?

    The guy in yellow shirt Who's the guy in the yellow shirt? Such a sexy guy. Fuck man!! Look how he seduces the other guy. That body, his eyes, the ass, hot.
  19. C

    Adriel diaz

    Anyone have anything on him hes an music artist
  20. logan23


    Dutch DJ from Moroccan descent. Not only his tunes are fire but i find him extremely sexy. He was born in 1986.
  21. J

    Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills {INK}

    The man is so sexy, I’m surprised no one has posted anything dedicated to him or his bandmates.
  22. Troycc

    Spencer Stewart from The Band Camino

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any stuff on Spencer Stewart from the Band Camino. They’re an up and coming band with two lead singers but I think Spencer is the “hot” one. Having met the band, they are all super friendly and I wish I could’ve hugged Spencer but Covid restrictions...
  23. InkBro Spotify Music Playlist

    My Playlist

    80’s, 90’s, 00’s Throwback Jams and Today’s Hits!
  24. I

    Ben Barlow

    Anything on this hottie? Lead singer of the Welsh pop-punk band Neck Deep.
  25. dogfaced

    Robots With Rayguns/Lucas Patrick Smith

    Does anyone know if the robotswithrayguns patreon is worth it? He seems to have full NSFW content on it but always heavily censors anything but his butt on Twitter. I find him really attractive because he’s right in between nerdy and douchey. Attached are some pics from his Twitter
  26. M

    Rapper Kid Ink

    There hasn’t been a thread about The rapper Kid Ink yet, does anyone have good photos or gifs of him?
  27. F

    allen seapa mustafa

    Any of Allen seapa Mustafa? He is good looking
  28. Greyjoy_Dick

    Photo Trifateyt YouTubers

    Hi I recently discovered this YouTube channel called Trifateyt they mostly do reactions and gaming and vlogs and it's run by 2 make cousins. I'm just wondering if they have any nudes out they're because they're both really cute. Here's their IG as well.
  29. D

    What music do you play when having sex?

    What music do you play that sets the mood?
  30. M

    Maxwell (singer)

    Anyone have anything interesting on Maxwell aka Gerald Maxwell Rivera (RnB singer from the 90's-early 2000's)? Rivalled against D'Angelo. His music has probably been featured in many sex playlists. Great voice. Surprised there isn't a thread for him and he's aged pretty great too. Both him and...