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  1. D

    Gonzalo Aburto de la Fuente

    Saw him recently in Uncoupled (Netflix show with Neil Patrick Harris) and was so surprised to find his thirst pics on instagram. He also has a hot hot boyfriend. Thing there might be something out there?
  2. B

    Netflixs snowflake mountain

    This thread is for the new netflix show snowflake mountain The cast Solomon 26 Randy 23 Sunny 26 Liam 21 Carl 23
  3. 0

    Todd Peterson

    Todd Peterson from the stair case. Anyone has something of him ? He is hot
  4. ralphlauren31

    Photos & Videos Jonathan Livingstone

    Actor from Chewing Gum | Netflix
  5. J

    Albert Baro

    Anyone has anything on Alberto Baro? He’s on the new Spaniard Netflix show “Welcome to Eden” -“Bienvenidos a Eden”
  6. G

    Ahn Hyo-seop

    Ahn Hyo-seop is a great actor and singer. His recent outing, Business Proposal (netflix) is so cute and amazing. He’s perfect as Kang Tae-Mu
  7. L

    Alex Mallari Jr.

    Anyone has anything on this gorgeous man? He is a Canadian actor, appearing in Workin' Moms and The Adam Project
  8. P

    top boy on Netflix

    surprised there isn't a thread on this show already but there's a new season and most of the actors are sexy af
  9. 1

    Kit Connor

    Starting a thread for him since he's now 18. He will star as Nick in Netflix adaptation of Heartstopper.
  10. D

    Photo Hot Turkish Actor: Şükrü Özyıldız

    I just watched Love Tactics on Netflix and found this hot Turkish actor called Şükrü Özyıldız. He may not be the most handsome guy, but look at his body **drools** Let's start a thread on this guy then.
  11. J

    Wil Traval, Australian actor

    Wil Traval is an Australian actor mostly known for his roles in Marvel's Jessica Jones, Once Upon A Time, All Saints, Dynasty, etc. Wil is married to Teresa Livingston. He came out as bisexual in 2020.
  12. D

    Single’s Inferno (netflix)

    Anything on the asian bombshells in Single’s Inferno?
  13. TheBlackberries

    (request) Shawn Ashmore - Aftermath

    There’s a scene in Shawn Ashmore’s new horror movie Aftermath on Netflix where he’s shirtless and showing chest hair and pits. Does anyone have any screenshots? Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this topic. I’m new-ish.
  14. S

    Guys Of Manifest

    I’ve been binge watching “Manifest” on Netflix and continued it on Cable. The guys there are so damn hot! Let’s start with the Cuban hottie J.R. Ramirez a.k.a Detective Jared Vasquez.
  15. M

    Gianni Decenzo (demetri From Cobra Kai)

    Gianni Decenzo was born on October 27, 2001 in Los Angeles, California and resides in the Santa Clarita Valley with his older brother and his parents who run a Respite Agency primarily for people with developmental disabilities. He who is widely recognized for his portrayal of Demetri on the...
  16. K

    Instant Hotel: James, The Beautiful Shirtless Aussie Bartender

    'Instant Hotel,' S1 EP4. James, the shirtless Aussie bartender featured in the episode is beautiful, blonde, tall & handsome, with a gorgeous body & is likely very big down under. Anyone have more details on James?
  17. B

    Photos & Videos Blown Away (netflix Series)

    anything from any of the babes? ❤️
  18. J

    Ian Quinlan

    Sexy actor Ian Quinlan, known for his roles in Gotham, Lion King Broadway musical (as child Simba), Sneaky Pete etc. Ian will also star as Hutch Hutchence in Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy, an adaptation of the same-named comics where Hutch is one of the central characters. Hopefully his role as...
  19. J

    Andrew Horton

    I have a new crush and his name is Andrew Horton. He's gonna star in Netlfix's "Jupiter's Legacy" as Brandon Sampson aka superhero Paragon. Let's hope Netflix will give us a look at his superhero body.
  20. H

    Lorenzo Zurzolo

    Anyone got something on this hottie?
  21. Ruby Lhuillier

    Regé-jean Page

    This man.
  22. jamesjoint

    Rhythm + Flow - Netflix

    Recently started watching Rhythm + Flow on Netflix w/ TI, Cardi B, & Chance the Rapper and have to say...there were some lookers :emoji_eyes: For example, Flawless Real Talk... anyone have anything on any of them?
  23. Chris Ross

    Isaac Hernandez

    Someone has to die - Netflix
  24. felrojas

    Alessandro Borghi (italian Actor) - Suburra (netflix)

  25. felrojas

    Giacomo Ferrara (italian Actor) - Suburra (netflix)

  26. felrojas

    Eduardo Valdarnini (italian Actor) - Suburra (netflix)

  27. felrojas

    Jorge López (chilean Actor)

  28. felrojas

    Álvaro Rico (spanish Actor)

  29. felrojas

    Tiago Correa (chilean Actor)

  30. G

    Pose Cast

    Any of the Pose cast? Great tv show