1. R

    Jason Salvatore Cohen

    This thread is for Jason Salvatore Cohen that has appeared on Netflixes series Dated & Related
  2. J

    Griselda Nude Party Scene

    Anyone know how we can find who the guy in this scene is? It’s on episode 2 of season 1 of Griselda at 39:33.
  3. R

    João Gabriel Marinho from Surviving Summer

    I couldn’t believe he had no threads on here about him so I decided he needed one :))) He’s so handsome! He’s a Brazilian actor and as stated in the title he’s one of the stars from Netflix’s Surviving Summer. Enjoy the following photos. I have a lot more screenshots saved but these will have to...
  4. Gaggednshit

    Bobby Berk

    Bobby Berk from Queer Eye is super underrated. Never realized how good his tits were.
  5. V

    Enzo Vogrincic (Numa in Society of the Snow/La Sociedad de la Nieve)

    Uruguayan actor main star of the Netflix Hit Film
  6. C

    Matt Biedel

    Hot as fuck guy from The Fall of The House of Usher, Midnight Mass, Altered Carbon and Nacros: Mexico. Can't believe he doesnt have a thread already
  7. W

    Hard Feelings (Netflix)

    I recently came across this movie on Netflix, it does feature full frontal nudity. Here is a few screencaps that I managed to catch. Not 100% sure if prosthetics or not, what do people think? Starring Tobias Schäfer as the lead main character.
  8. ambrose speIlman

    Jimmi Simpson

    Actor from Into The Dark: Treehouse and USS Callister ep of Black Mirror... and my dreams. Always reminds me of Billy Magnussen
  9. F

    William James Richardson

    Hey y’all!!! I just wanted to FINALLY give this HUNK of a man a page of his own :party::party: I would love to give as much love and appreciation to this man for just being so beautiful and on top of that a loving and caring person who I want to blow my back out in any Applebee’s restaurant...
  10. J

    Isaac Francis - Too Hot to Handle

    He finally started an Onlyfans so figured he should have his own thread
  11. Fackityfack


    He’s really hot and will be playing Zoro in the OP Live Action
  12. fireice42

    Duff Zayonce

  13. L

    Moses Koul (Indian actor from Class)

    Since there's a thread for Cwaayal Singh, thought I'd made one for Moses too. He's sexy, great body and he's got a cunty face (that mole) which fits for a desi Polo. Can't wait to see what happens to their characters in season 2
  14. C

    Brad Alexander (YOU)

    Brad Alexander played Edward in season 4 of YOU. Noticed he didn’t have a page so decided to make one.
  15. D

    Joey Joy Too Hot To Handle

    Anybody got anything for him? OnlyFans
  16. N

    Joey Sasso OnlyFans?

    Joey Sasso from the Circle and Perfect Match started an only fans, anybody know if there’s nudes or is it other stuff? He’s cute, it’s anybody has content let me know lol.
  17. Q

    André Lamoglia's bulge

    Andre Lamoglia is one of the new character in Netflix's Elite. He is not a good actor, but he is hot and handsome, we can't deny it. In a recent interview - Elite's André Lamoglia wants you to know he doesn't use prosthetics in sex scenes - he said that everything inside his undies, there...
  18. S

    Tom Houghton (HonourableTom)

    UK Comedian and contestant on Season 5 of the circle. I find him so dreamy. Physically attractive and an amazing personality.
  19. Iceguytv

    Netflix’a Physical 100

    South Korean show that started on Netflix. Hot guys everywhere. Tarzan is my fav. Anyone else watching?
  20. Z

    Omar Rudberg

    Since I don't think that the last thread broke any rules beside a couple troll posts, I'm taking the initiative to make a new one. So to start, here are some pics:
  21. D

    Photos & Videos Friday, November 18 … Season 6 of Elite Netflix

  22. J

    Alessio Scalzotto

    Alessio Scalzotto - October 23, 2002 (20 at time of writing this) Italian-born Actor in American movies/tv, model.
  23. dsadadaws

    Blake Abbie / Bling Empire NY

    Hi! I saw preview of the upcoming Netflix show Bling Empire: NY and this very cute guy caught my eye! I think it's worth starting a thread on him, hoping there will be more content soon Blake Abbie 王立民 (@blakeabbie) • Instagram photos and videos Here are some pics that I found
  24. ArmageddonAshir

    Brandon Grace

    He's this cute 20-something newcomer actor starring in the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga. He is definitely a hunk but mostly handsome.
  25. D

    Gonzalo Aburto de la Fuente

    Saw him recently in Uncoupled (Netflix show with Neil Patrick Harris) and was so surprised to find his thirst pics on instagram. He also has a hot hot boyfriend. Thing there might be something out there?
  26. B

    Netflixs snowflake mountain

    This thread is for the new netflix show snowflake mountain The cast Solomon 26 Randy 23 Sunny 26 Liam 21 Carl 23
  27. 0

    Todd Peterson

    Todd Peterson from the stair case. Anyone has something of him ? He is hot
  28. ralphlauren31

    Photos & Videos Jonathan Livingstone

    Actor from Chewing Gum | Netflix
  29. J

    Albert Baro

    Anyone has anything on Alberto Baro? He’s on the new Spaniard Netflix show “Welcome to Eden” -“Bienvenidos a Eden”
  30. G

    Ahn Hyo-seop

    Ahn Hyo-seop is a great actor and singer. His recent outing, Business Proposal (netflix) is so cute and amazing. He’s perfect as Kang Tae-Mu