1. D

    Photos & Videos Ridingnerdyxxx on OF/Twitter

    Anything on this twink? Looks like he’s just started but he’s super cute Also looks like there’s stuff of him getting bred on his OF Thanks in advance!
  2. blacktee

    Prince Albert Piercings

    Discussion, questions, experiences, and of course pics! I'll start the ball rolling - best decision I ever made.
  3. F

    Who is this hot guy?

  4. Danter11


  5. R

    Elias "Lias" Candido

    Please, share all what you got or can find about Elias "Lias" Candido. He's hot and he is worth the attention ;)o_O Some of his platforms: Instagram TikTok Thank you and enjoy! :)
  6. M

    Big Lokote

    This veteran rapper from Los Angeles is Big Lokote aka Vicktor Morales Ordaz. I don’t remember how I came across him but I’ve had so many fantasies about him. He is married and straight, but I can dream. LMFAO! I wanna suck his thick Latin cock and then bend over for him as he forces his cock in...
  7. D

    Please ID this str8, alt, white-dreads, pierced cam guy with a huge bubble muscle butt

    6 or so years back I saw this funky, beefy, voluptuous Adonis for the first time - bare, muscular and naked except for a teeny g-string - squatting deeply as his huge, plump as cheeks faced the camera and spread to reveal his slutty hole. He quickly proceeded to dildo and stretch his pretty...
  8. stanmarsh14

    Prince Albert piercings (UK)

    An issue I have came up upon concerning getting replacement jewelry, that I could use your help on. Current ring I have, is around 9.5mm (00g) thick Horseshoe (Pic's on my profile), 21mm internal diameter, and barring e-bay crap, that is all I can find. I've tried a number of places in Derby /...
  9. D

    Genital Piercing

    Hey everyone! I come to you with a question. I wanted to get me a piercing on my dick. I didn't want to get something that would change the way I piss so, while I really like it, a PA is out of the question. I narrowed it down to a Lorum or a Hafada. I attached a diagram of my dick ( :)) to help...
  10. D

    Big Dick With A Frenum Piercing?

    Ok… so I’m on the fence with getting a frenum piercing. I think it would be great, however, I worry about it getting caught. I can imagine if you have any sort of size, like at all, it may or may not get caught during the initial insertion… feel free to chime in… just don’t be condescending please.
  11. kink_shame_me


    I’ve had a Prince Albert for almost 10 years now. Got it when I was 18. Haven’t seen many pierced guys on here! But maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. I’d love to start a thread where we can all show off!
  12. imonlyafox

    Alternative Boy New Onlyfans

    Hey guys, just stared a new OnlyFans and would really appreciate the support. i’ve posted 3 previews here, it would be great if you guys would subscribe. it’s only $6.00 and i’ll be posting weekly :) right now i have 12 pictures up and 3 videos @imonlyafox
  13. Greyjoy_Dick

    Dj Oscar Wylde

    Anything on the DJ, Oscar Wylde? Ever since he stopped doing drugs and alcohol, he’s been getting in shape.
  14. L

    Who Is This Massive Hunk?

    Who is the guy on the very right? I've been trying to find him for a long time now. I found some of the other guys but not him. He's hot hot! Help me please
  15. J

    Anyone know this girl/scene??

    Is anyone able to identify this girl? ..and/or maybe a source of this video? Negrita Con Tremendo Gusto | Xpaja Negrita Con Tremendo Gusto | Xnalgas - Tube XXX, Sex Amateur, Free Porn, Latinas XXX Thanks in advanced!