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pre cum

  1. Daveboogie

    Post work pre cum

  2. C

    Help ID this Hottie!

    Does anyone recognize this guy?
  3. M

    Anyone know him?

    Hot bloke. Any chance anyone knows who he is?
  4. Bi cock

    Bi cock

    Pre cum
  5. C

    ID Help - Please!

    Does anyone know who this is? The video for this guy is here: Hot guy with pre cum in under wear - ThisVid.com
  6. Pre-cum


  7. M

    Soft Uncut precum

    This thread is for the love of soft uncut dicks with precum/cum. Feel free to add any videos or pictures of leaky cocks!
  8. D

    Solider_hugedick On Chaturbate

    Really surprised as to why there is not a single thread on him yet, ugh he's so hot!
  9. D

    Messy Cocks

    I’d love to see all your messy cocks! Pre cum strings, dribbling cum on your dick, masturbation with cum, cream pie cock, etc… I’d prefer real life pics, but the web is ok as well. All are welcome!
  10. Axel9978

    Live Streamers Bulge+

    I decided to make a thread of live streamer bulges with a little more than just a bulge(i.e precut, wet dreams, dick slips). I felt this way the Live Streamers Bulge thread can stay as it was meant and here can be were the more revealing streams can be posted :)
  11. ChuChiPapi

    Erik Brach / Eb / Mrun8x6 / Mrbiuncut8x6

    Any one have anything on him? I have a lot more pictures and videos but they are on my other hard drive. I am sure he has some full length vids somewhere, but everything I have is from Snap Chat. Pretty sure he is known for his pre cum fountains lol.
  12. Love in a Mist

    Increase Likelyhood Of Having Wet Dream?

    Since I joined this forum, I have been very hot and horny while reading through the man discussion in the forum. I even surprisingly have an unconscious soaked my underwear by my precum too. However, I don't jerk off during this period since I try to calm my self down from being excited. By the...
  13. Il2wu51

    Buddies Camping & Cum

    Read the prologue in my blog to learn how the guys got their nicknames. Part 1 - Friday Evening Eddo and D-base floated and soaked naked in the shallows of the river for a bit. A couple of times Eddo's cock chubbed up, but so did D's. He wasn't completley sure but he thought D-base was staring...
  14. Il2wu51

    The Hotel Balcony Jack Off

    It had been a beautiful day in south Florida, unlike the typical February weather back home. The long day of meetings was followed with the obligatory cocktail hour and small talk with people I hardly know over a couple of drinks, followed by dinner. Luckily tonight no speaker or awards program...
  15. W

    Love Precum Pictures.

    I've the taste of my precum. Here's a picture of mine currently.
  16. Madmedic85

    Video Just uploaded my 1st pornhub vid

    check it out.
  17. 8_4_U

    Edge my 8" cock?

    I love being brought to the edge over and over for hours at a time. I drip lots of pre cum and cum like a porn star. Enjoy having my mushroom head teased licked sucked and polished! Like my big shaved balls licked sucked and pulled on. Anyone in SE Michigan want to have my cock at their mercy?