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  1. D

    Ball stretching/pumping kinks

    Hey, I’m new to this site so still getting used to how it all works. I’ve been in and off using ball weights and pumping my cock and balls. I used to do it allot more when I was single but I am married now and my husband isn’t really as kinky as me when it comes to toys and play etc… I don’t...
  2. Supersoak

    Jo Buds In The Midwest...

    Hey guys. Looking for a discreet encounter with another hung dude or two who likes to edge. Jo. Pump and compare dicks and loads. If that interests you. Message me. I'm single and discreet. Into other straight or curious guys. Big cum shooter here. Precum a lot too. Message me in here or...
  3. S

    What Pumps Are Safe In Regards To Plastic?

    I've been meaning to get into pumping for a while now... but I'm concerned I might not make the right choice in regards to the plastic the pump is made off of. I think it makes sense that I get started with a cheap pump off amazon, I just don't know whether it's really safe since we know certain...
  4. H

    Vacuum Pump: Long-term Side Effects? (serious Question)

    Hi everyone, I was advice to use a penis vacuum pump by my urologist to cure a mild erectile dysfunction. I use an approved medical device for 20 minutes a day. Although, I read in some serious studies that in some cases, after a long term use (> 5-7 years) each day, a pump may cause problems...
  5. mrt19

    Why Pumping Dick?

    Why do some guys love to Pump their dicks or Balls to an extreme size is it an fetish? and how long does it stay in these size? and what do people think (family,friends)? I dont mean to be rude i just wanted to ask because im curious and want to try it out (not in extreme way) : )
  6. HunterGreen

    What's Your Routine?

    I've never really stuck to a routine for very long. When I do pump its usually for about 30-45 minutes at a time. The way I learnt to do it was: Use crisco to make a good seal around the rim and on my cock. Use a heating pad to warm up the sleeve one you establish a good pressure, wrap the...
  7. B

    Finally Getting Serious, Going To Work Hard At It. I Love Pumping.

    Finally getting serious, going to work hard at it. I love pumping.
  8. B

    Penis/testicle Pumping

    Hey guys! I’m thinking about trying pumping—dick AND balls. Can I simply buy a cylinder that’s big enough for both or is there a special one for balls? I’ve looked around online and was unable to find any answers. Ball pumping is a thing, right? I want to get into it because I’m a bit insecure...
  9. B

    La Pump - Foreskin Restoration Cylinder

    Hey guys - getting ready to order a pump from LA Pump and noticed they have a cylinder specifically for foreskin restoration - has anyone used it? Success stories? Thanks! Here is the link to the product: Foreskin Restoration Cylinder - L.A. Pump
  10. Robiqe2

    Estim Recovery

    Anyone have any success, results, thoughts on E-Stim and PE? How To Make A DIY Penis Vacuum Pump E-Stim Sounding Electrode ESTIM Cylinders for vacuum and electro stimulation Sounding is a different topic, but the idea of simultaneous electro-stimulation during pumping sounds novel, as opposed...
  11. S

    Is Ballpumping The New Alternative To Liposuction?

    Hi all
  12. B

    Stj Assembly

    Hey, guys. So I’m a first time full package pumper, and I’m following PumpToys’ instructions on making my own STJ pump. I’ve gotten all the materials and followed it so far, but I’m confused about connecting the tube to the modified jar spout. I have the fitting that comes with a ring inside the...
  13. Hugepumper

    New Here From Europe

    Hey guys, New here, i love to grow my junk. Big fan of pumping, saline and glucose. Love the big swell and the heavy weight. Any guys here from Europe too?
  14. biegeparlay


    How’s it going everyone? Well there’s a group on kik called “bathmate guys”. y’all are more than welcome to join. Probably give us some pointers and knowledge about them. hope to see you guys and gals soon.
  15. sizeking87

    Pumping Question

    Got a great pump from Thickwall cylinders, and had some success with it, but haven't been great at staying consistently disciplined. Main reason is: I'm under the impression that to properly pump, you need to be aroused... so I've only pumped when I commit to sitting down with porn and...
  16. M

    La Pump Vs A Bullmaster - Newish

    Gday all, Looking at moving to an air pump as the bathmate i currently use is not practice (for me). Looking at length as my main goal but a bit more girth would be great too. Would anyone here recommend going for a LA pump for just my shard thats only a little wider than my own cock or would i...
  17. S

    Somerset Uk Selfsuck

    Hi all, any selffers like to meet?
  18. avg1000

    Forums , Location

    Wondering if anyone knows of any good pump sites PM me and any way of getting a list of local fellow pumpers , Would love to see another pumped cock in real life I am in Mass . and you are where ??
  19. Hydrogen

    Pitt Bdsm Trans/queer Sub Looking 4 Big Dicks To Video / Ama Porn

    Hi all, I'm a kinky trans/nonbinary submissive in Pittsburgh seeking big dick tops to worship and possibly make vids with. My pictures on here are kinda old, but I have recent vids on my XTube under my username AnalPig88. You can check them out here: https://www.xtube.com/profile/analpig88...
  20. NorwaySchlong

    New Perspectives Of Air- And Waterpumping!

    Ive earlier loved to bring one of my lighter pumps into the desolate woods outside my hometown in Norway, and taking sunbath and pumping. Then fill my pump with hot water from my coffee-thermos and then swim with cock pumped up in hot water. It is an undescribable feeling. Like to linger on at...
  21. KihelHeim

    Let Your Sack Hang Low For Your Lady This Winter Season!

    So I'm by no means an expert on anything, I simply enjoy sharing my experience, and learning tips and techs from others. Still learning where on what board to post so please bear with me. Heres to the guys who's lady loves a fat sack slapping they poon when they smash it!! So winter is among us...
  22. skyfalcon888

    Pumpers Who Have Gained, What Routine Did You Follow?

    Please feel free to post what you think has attributed most to your gains
  23. Mordecai_

    Long, Low Pressure Sets

    Anybody have any experience with this? Advised by this dude on another site to try pumping at 2.5 hg for 30+ minute sets -- in place of my usual 10 to 15 minute sets at 5 hg. Curious about your experiences with this approach, anyone?
  24. HungThickProf

    My Co-worker, Bodybuilding, And Our Bond

    Hello, Everyone The past few years have been...well, the best way to explain them would be "what the fuck", to be honest. In recent months, things have gotten better. I've moved up in my organization, I've officially finished graduate school, and I've made some MAJOR health changes that are...
  25. GettingBigger9

    Charging People For Pe Information

    To those who know me they know that I post free PE information on my Pornhub and Twitter and that for over a month now I've been dealing with copyright issues. Now when it comes to posting content on the internet expect for someone to have copied the video, screenshot the post or archived it in...
  26. B

    Brandon U Pumping Muscle

    Anybody have more on Brandon U. Or can possibly get more on Brandon U.? I have some clips of him
  27. 2

    Paloqueth Pump Results

    Let me start with a disclaimer, that this is not a promoting of a product (1. Because I’m not getting paid, 2. I’m not important enough to anyone to do so). This post is about the Paloqueth Manual Pump (Manual Vacuum Pump), and my brief experience with it that I think is relevant to anyone...
  28. NorwaySchlong

    How To Get A Great Looking Post Pump Cock

    Hi all, I see a lot of people have trouble with donuts and uneven thickness after pumping. Must say some pics of pumped cocks are not very good looking. I have gained these experiences: 1. Try to get the foreskin over the head during the pumping (if you have one). Then you will get rid of the...
  29. 1

    Pumping For Girth Routine Question

    I've read a regular pumping routine can lead to some permanent girth gains. My questions are: What is the best and most effective routine? How much increase can reasonably be expected?
  30. GettingBigger9

    I'm Teaching Guys How To Get Bigger But...

    As many of you know I teach guys on my Pornhub how to get bigger through enlargement techniques but I've been gone for a while for two reasons. One, to lose weight in which with all of the Kik message requests I've gotten for more videos. Or asking me questions I've decided to return on 7/22 to...