1. Z

    Video Does anyone recognize this guy from IG?

  2. Trysexual

    19M | new to this

    I’ve visited this forum a lot over the past couple years (every time without an account). This is my first account and first thread so hello. *I was in the process of editing my profile and came across something called ICQ. Anyone know what that is? I tried searching and found nothing.
  3. A


    If sexuality is determined by what attracts us, why are there people who need to experiment to know their sexuality? for example straight/gay people who found out they are bisexual only after experimenting. In theory, shouldn't one already know what attracts him/her?
  4. H

    Can someone explain Intporn - ErotiCity - PornCoven VS. LPSG to me?

    I wasn't really sure which LPSG forum to post this in. I just stumbled upon Intporn and (what I assume are its sister sites) ErotCity and PornCoven when I was searching for a particular vintage gay porn film. I'm a little confused by their set up and was wondering how y'all use those forums vs...
  5. M

    Dextercumington Chaturbate

    Hello, i have a crush on this man Watch Dextercumington live on Chaturbate! Do you guys have some videos of him? In which he cums is awesome lol. Thank you.
  6. S

    Video Can someone identify this muscle bear?

    Here is the video:
  7. T


    hello, well, I decided to write here because I hope someone who knows the subject can help me, I'm going to have my first time with a man (I'm a man) and I would like to see if someone can give me tips for penetration, if I am the passive, I have to do (besides hygiene). sorry for the English...
  8. explosionerection

    Length, girth, balls or body?

    What is the most attractive feature to you? Length, girth, balls or a nice body? If you would HAVE to pick
  9. JellyBen36

    Question about dildo riding video preference

    For videos of a femboy (me) riding a dildo, what camera view do people prefer?
  10. badboyneighbor

    Anybody else seen these small bumps?

    Got small bumps on the back side of my shaft. There been there for like 9 years, but keep slowing getting more. Doctor told me along time ago they were penile papules. (Not sure if that’s how you spell it) I’m also overweight and I’ve read diabetes can cause bumps like this. I was tested for...
  11. X


    Can anyone help me ID this guy? I found the pic on Twitter but don't know who it is
  12. X

    Photo ID

    Can anyone help me ID this guy? I found the pic on Twitter but don't know who it is
  13. D

    For straight guys: would you ever kiss back one of your friends?

    Do u think u would but only if you’re on specific circumstance ? Would u ever act back with one of your freinds? Anything like from bj to fucking him Also, share your experience with us, wed love to read and learn from it
  14. T

    why post nudes

    hi! starting to actually use my account now that I am verified, and I was thinking of finally posting pics of myself. I was wondering why do you guys post your pictures-- for the thrill? not sure if this makes sense, but was just curious :)
  15. fruitycutie

    A question for hung men. Do u like if your partner is in awe of your size?

    Do you like it when you're in bed someone holds your dick and says something like "gawd thats huge" in a genuine way and not in that superficial porn way. i have a decent sized dick and im a btm (dont really care about by dick). What is it like for someone who grew up with a big dick? did you...
  16. A

    Trent Evans

    Whatever happened to Trent Evans? I’ve seen one solo video of him and it’s a shame I can’t find anything else.
  17. C

    Dirtyroulette c2c guys meaning of hand signals?

    So I use for fun and noticed the guys use specific hand signals. Anyone know about this? I haven't figured out the meaning yet but here's my guesses: a) Horizontal OK sign - Thumb and 1st finger in a circle, held horizontally, sometimes moving it in up and down motion - "You...
  18. D

    Brutal gay porn?

    I noticed something recently browsing twitter. I came across a twitter page with straight porn and realized it's really brutal but you don't see that at all in gay porn. While straight porn seems to have a lot of it. These women are being thrown around like trash choked yanked around. Choked...
  19. G

    Need to know the photo's model and/or source ?

    Hey, I have a photo of a model that I've found a few times on other sites including twitter but I can't find his name and/or even the source of the photo , Could you help me ? Links :
  20. Rodia

    Can someone help me id and share more videos from this guy

    Does anyone know where I can find more videos from this guy? I sometimes see him when I browse porn, I would love to know his name. Thank you!
  21. AverageGayGuy92

    Photo Should I create an OF?

    Hi everyone! I recently got verified, and I plan to be more active on the site from now on. :blush: A little bit about me: I'm a 24 year old college student who loves showing off their body. I like when people see me naked, playing with myself. It really turns me on. A few of my gay friends...
  22. 4

    Bi men, how do you prep for anal?

    Hello, new here. Bi but havent been with a man yet. I took a few days looking through similar threads but I still have questions and I’d like to hear from bi men’s perspective. 1. Aside from grooming, I’ve heard douching is necessary. Is this true? 2. Can people really just randomly start...
  23. A

    How to do a reverse image search?

    So i’m talking to this guy and i have a feeling that he’s a catfish but I want to confirm it. so far he sent me one selfie that has the “edit and send” bit that snapchat does when you take a picture from snapchat photo album and i found it in a reddit post and the other is a dick pic. obviously...
  24. MrMickleGary

    Before you knew you were hung, did porn actors seem "normal" sized?

    I actually had this dicks-cussion with @MDM8 which got me curious: Before that 1st comment about how big your dick is, did you watch porn and think, yeah, a couple of those guys are hung, but everyone else is like me or smaller? I had this seriously skewed view of what "hung porn actors" meant...
  25. stealthmens

    where will gay twitter porn go when the site shuts down?

    is there another website equivalent besides this site?
  26. NorthWestStud

    Where would you want the person above you to cum?

    As the title says where would you want the person above you to cum? chest? Face? Ass? Their hand? Inside you? Etc
  27. DeanGreen

    What is any are differences between soft and hardcore porn?

    I look at porn to get off. I have many interests. Every now and then I see a section that reads Hardcore. What is hardcore? Internet says that hardcore is all the porn I normally watch and soft core porn is sex with clothes on and kissing. The things I don't like are extreme pain, blood scat and...
  28. U

    Uncut cock

    I think that my frenulum its very short Everytime time I get a oral, he/she have to be very cautious bc it hurts sometime, a doctor while ago told me that was normal My question is, theres a way, non medical, to make my frenulum larger or that it doesnt hurt. Any questions, I'll answer and I can...
  29. C

    HELP/ADVICE needed! I want to suck my best friend, what do I do?

    So it's a long story but I really want to suck my best friend's dick really bad. He is already aware I have a major fetish for both his ginger pubes as well as his foreskin and we always joke flirty about him showing it to me some day. We compared back in the day but never done anything sexual...
  30. D

    Help me find this test website

    I was wondering if anyone can help me find this website that I just can’t remember the name of, it’s a website where you essentially make your own personal profile where you can choose, in my case, your dick size, girth, glans shape, overall shape and curve, color, etc. It has the option for...