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  1. godcock

    Video Omegle/Flingster/ChatRandom Reactions

    Anyone else like showing off on random video chat sites? Of course, I always start with torso only, and swing the camera down if the guy is interested. I've seen lots of this content with women, but not much with men... Here's an example:
  2. S

    Video Porn reaction

    Surprisingly, I didn't found any related thread regarding porn reaction... So basically, a man/woman/couple are watching porn movie and react to it. For example: And there also a guy doing this: If you found another reaction videos (or create one), would love to see them
  3. ohmammamia

    Reaction Not Involve Sex

    Share your big cock reaction in not sexual situation, eg. Medical visit, truth or dare. even if the penis wasn't yours but you only witnessed the scene
  4. M

    Your Reaction When You Receive Compliments For Your Noticeable Bulge

    How do you feel/react (including what you would probably do/say) when you receive compliments for your noticeable bulge from... 1. Girls 2. Gay 3. Straight guy
  5. 1

    Girls Reacting To Stud's Body/muscle Appreciation

    Nothing has been more of a turn on for me lately than women in porn commenting or otherwise reacting to a stud's muscles, preferably saying something about it but touching and/or reacting shocked or amazed is also cool! Some examples I can think of: Kira Noir and Lucas Frost - BellesaFilms the...
  6. S

    “you Got A Boner In Front Of Him!”

    Once was at a friends house and when we left my husband went on a 2 hour yelling rampage saying how when I stood up I had a boner and the boyfriend saw it and looked at my husband. Another gay couple. There is zero possibility of this and no way I had a boner. Maybe indented a way that wasn’t...
  7. S

    Celebrity Mainstream Comedy Shock

    Anyone else find these type of scenes appealing. I like them from celebrities. Terrible movie though, haha Anymore good ones? Thanks
  8. T

    Flightreacts (youtuber)

    anyone have anything on him
  9. Asinello

    Random camsites

    I have a fetish, i love to show my huge cock on cam to random girls to see their reaction, do you know which are the best sites where you can do it? An high percentage of female would be preferred ☺
  10. J

    Jonah falcon & holly willoughby - video

    I’m looking for the interview video of: Jonah Falcon & Holly Willoughby. The video is about 20+ minutes. The video is so hot, you can see Holly is impressed with his size. The video got taken off of YouTube. But looking for the full video again.