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  1. J

    Ways to Hook Up with Straight Men/ Straight Men Experiences

    Hi everyone, just wanted to start this thread of ways that we’ve hooked up with straight men. Please share your stories/experiences. Maybe there’s something in it for everyone. Those who want to know how others have done it and/or try it.
  2. G

    Erotic Story: Blackmailing An Influencer

    I made a new erotic story titled, “Blackmailing An Influencer”. Only the first chapter was released, if there are any suggestions are critiques for this story please comment!! Chapter 1
  3. Gingerx9

    Photos & Videos Men and nudist beaches

    Hello, I would like to create a thread about photos and videos of men on nudist beaches with some rules: - No to porn (i mean real porn) - No to models, photoshooting, photos to “gain likes” or onlyfans videos - Yes to personal photos, voyeurism videos, unintentional erections.. - Yes to links...
  4. F

    The great canadian male / A blast from the past / First contact

    Hello everyone, this thread is for share full videos of the great canadian male, it have been imposible for me to find the complete videos, if you have some videos please share it here. Thank u :) hf
  5. N

    Photo who is this hottie?

    he’s quite hot. If you know who he is please let me know. thanks in advance <3
  6. D

    Perth, Western Australia

    Perth Alpha Men! Time to show off your cocks for fellow subs to worship. Straight me - time to get your cocks out for the sissys to worship and drool over. Drop them in the thread!
  7. dilfhuntr

    Video Verbal Straight Men Jerking Off- Roleplay and Dirty Talk

    Moaning and groaning is always good but there's something a man with a filthy mouth and good imagination that can't be beat. Post up your favorite vids that feature solo men talking directly to the viewer. Either general dirty talk or full on role play should be the main theme.
  8. JayPR

    How common are Communal / Open Showers in Frat Houses?

    A friend of mine told me that to this day, communal or open showers are still a thing in frat houses. Then I saw this video on TikTok. At least in the US, communal showers are disappearing from schools, gyms, etc. across the country. That is why I couldn't believe that fraternities haven't...
  9. cupcakke69

    men slapping each others ass's in straight porn

    this thread is about men slapping each others asses in straight porn such as gangbangs, (this does not include gay or bi porn) only in straight porn for example like this one: 5:10
  10. cupcakke69

    men slapping each others ass's in straight porn

    this thread is about men slapping each others asses in straight porn such as gangbangs, (this does not include gay or bi porn) only in striaght porn for example like this one: 5:10
  11. O

    Photo Sexy Straight Men of Pacific Islands (groins and pubes)

  12. A

    GF away looking for wank buddy West London this July weekend 23rd or 30th

    GF away for 10 days, looking to try some mutual wank and some play, defo no sex/kissing, any playing with cock is ok. Like to try hanging around naked with mates, casual walk in quiet park/river side walking/ going for a drink and chat, play with cock wherever u get an opportunity and no one...
  13. JayPR

    Do You Really Think A Woman Would Be Behind A Glory Hole?

    I am just curious because I've read an old news story about a few straight men in Florida who were deceived by a gay guy into thinking that he was a married woman giving blowjobs to anonymous men through a glory hole. I personally think those men were very naive or in denial if they believed...
  14. JayPR

    Why Men Prefer To Wear Swimsuits That Are So Long?

    Now that summer is around the corner, I would like to ask a question about fashion. Why most men, especially straight men, prefer long-board shorts and usually dislike shorter swimsuits, no speedos, just shorter swimsuits overall? I am mostly talking about in the US, Canada maybe the UK as...
  15. T

    Street Feet Fans

    it’s so hot when straight guys get tricked Into showing their Sexy sweaty feet on the street or reluctantly apply to het their their feet Worshiped for the money (then realize they like it) Previous thread: Graham H Foot Vidoes?
  16. Draheem

    Private Conversations

    If you're a straight guy who secretly likes when other men watch you show off playing with your ass and big cocks. Who love when men tell you how hot your cock and ass are because it makes you feel like the alpha you are. But you're not interested in seeing other men, you just like to show off...
  17. T_Smag

    Photos & Videos Hot Guys Shot In Female Pov

    Does anyone have good female POV videos to share? Here's one I re-edited with Dale Dabone.
  18. P

    Hooking Up With A Gay Man

    As a gay man I have always had a huge fetish for married straight men. All have been very upfront about their situation. I used to find them on Craigslist, now just on the apps. Even now when I go on business trips, I hook up with at least one local or traveling married man. But I always...
  19. M

    Your Sexual Weakness

    What is your sexual weakness/es? or shall i say, what does/did girl do to make you fuck her and cheat on your girl you are having a relationship with?
  20. M

    How Do You Feel/react When You Receive Compliments For Having Noticeable Bulge

    How do you feel/react (including what you would probably do/say) when you receive compliments for having noticeable bulge from... 1. Girls 2. Gay 3. Straight guy
  21. UnCutBlackBull925

    John Johnson - Reality Personality, Porn Producer And Probably Hottest Fans With Chris Strokes

    John Johnson, did some reality tv and commercial print modeling appearing in the start of 2010s but have recognized in directing the hottest raunchy scenes in porn. His fans only page has over 300 videos. I know he has gay work undername Ace Rockwood but he doesn't care and he fucks...
  22. JayPR

    Why Many Straight Men Here Are So Obsessed With Deciding Who Is Straight And Who Isn't ?

    I've seen in these forums how many straight men question the heterosexuality of other straight men when they express some degree of curiosity or attraction towards males. I am not talking about men who self identify as bisexual, I am talking about men who identify themselves as straight (maybe...
  23. 1

    Straight Male Porn Stars Getting Rimmed

    Is this super hot to anyone else? I love to see these dudes take nice rimming from a lovely female. I prefer amateur porn but there are some good studio ones too. Share anything you guys have. I have a couple more clips.
  24. N

    Photo Cock2cock bate

    Im in LA trying to do this i cant host. Message me