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  1. Nikserof

    How intimate or casual do you find kissing strangers?

    Me and my bf have a healthy relationship. It’s my first serious relationship, and his first healthy long-term relationship. Although we feel the same way about most things, this is one on which we differ. For context, I’m an introvert and usually don’t get out and socialize much. He’s a total...
  2. HairyAussieBloke

    The “i Wanna Bang You” Look From Strangers

    anyone else recognise the “look”? The other day I was working and this dad came in with his wife and child. We made eye contact and he gave me this look. I kept looking every once and while and we made eye contact many times but the expression on his face was very … sexual. I could tell he was...
  3. donkey_2090

    Amateur couples picking up men

    Looking for videos and websites of real amateur couples picking up men. There's some seriously hot stuff out there. Any UK vids are a massive plus:) Like the Mariah Leonne Tinder pick up series... ManyVids - Hottest vids from your favorite content creators
  4. Andrea79

    My first time in a hotel room with a stranger...

    It was late at night, the center of Rome, the city I live in. It was a warm night, in september and i was with friends at a bar. From time i watched who was around in grindr: the city was full of handsome tourists and so was grindr. I sent pictures of my naked body to strangers who sent me their...
  5. Jake1973

    Show-ers, have you been suspected/accused of being turned on when you're not?

    Wondering if guys who hang real big when flaccid have been accused or just mistakenly thought to be turned on when you're at your normal relaxed state, particularly in public bathroom or locker room? Do you change your behavior any to avoid this? I'm on the bigger side of average when relaxed...