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  1. M

    Light/Soft cuckolding moments in television/film

    Big fan of the idea and topic of cuckolding, but recently discovered how satisfying "light"-cuckolding that is featured in mainstream media. Pretty much anything that involves a guy that sees/watches/witnesses his woman being overly affectionate to another gentleman. A nice example of this is...
  2. pharaoh44onearth

    Anyone on amazon prime able to share episodes from this hot show?

    Hi, I've been desperately trying to find more episodes of these for years, i found a few on youtube back in 2019\2020 and saved some, which i made a thread on, but i can't access these which i really wanna watch, in my country doesnt let me purchase them cause i am not in italy or uk. The UK...
  3. pharaoh44onearth

    "Undressed" (the hot global tv show)

    Hey all, I'm sure many of you have heard of the show "Undressed" there is an italian one, a UK one (which i realllllly wanna see and can't find anywhere outside of amazon prime where u must pay but i am also in portugal lol, any help), there is an australian version and a french to my...
  4. H

    Alone channel 4

    Anyone got any naked pics from this. Not to be confused with the other one where everyone’s naked. Louie had his arse out not sure if dick was visible Thanks
  5. H

    the sheriffs are coming

    Anything on any of the guys from here. Luke Is my favourite.
  6. L

    Anything on Peter "Duke" Duke from Zombie House Flipping?

    I always thought that he was pretty cute
  7. B

    Four in a bed (tv)

    Wondered if anyone had anything on any of the men on there as I guessed some may be topless swimming or showering
  8. E

    MILF Manor guys megathread

    Let's start the MILF Manor super thread! I know Jimmy's cumshot vids are already posted, so let's repost those here and some content of the other guys!
  9. ItsMeGabriel

    The Amazing Race Australia

    There's nothing sexy about this thread. I'm just wondering if the latest season is available to purchase anywhere, or if there's somewhere online where I can watch it for free. My VPN doesn't work with the official site.
  10. C

    Book of Queer (tv show)

    Anyone have anything on this cast? Mostly the guy Nate who plays Lincoln and the guy riley who plays all his boyfriends in first episode
  11. D

    Thistlewaites Hetrosexual Thread - Sex Scenes, Sex Tapes, Celebrity And Porn Space - (Urban And Ethnic Only)

    Nude/Sexy pictures, GIFs, video links and videos are all welcome. Porn, television and film love scenes or sex tapes all welcome! Please name the actors involved and the scene name etc if you post. Thank you in advance, have fun!
  12. Newguy23

    Love is Blind 2

    Has anyone got anything on any of the guys from Love is Blind 2? I tried to do some digging but was unsuccessful
  13. T

    Momo Chahine

    Einer der sympathischsten und hottesten DSDS Teilnehmer
  14. A

    Emilio Osorio Marcos

    Emilio Osorio Marcos is a mexican actor that recently launched his musical career. He's better known as "Aristóteles" in a gay telenovela. I love him, he's so good looking and 18 years old.
  15. hottiesnhotties

    Sahil Salathia

    Hotties n Hotties: Sahil Salathia
  16. hottiesnhotties

    Ashish Kapoor

    Hotties n Hotties: Ashish Kapoor
  17. Peyton6MKY6

    Catherine The Great (2019)

    All caps and clips from Catherine the Great Episode 1: Jason Clarke Episode 2: Jason Clarke and Sam Palladio Episode 3: Andrew Rothney Episode 4: Raphael Arcoque