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  1. arnubian

    Laser hair remova

    Has anyone ever had laser hair removal done on their balls? It’s the one place I’d want permanently hairless and I’ve looked into it, but the idea also makes me nervous. Shaving’s a pain in the ass and while the hair removal creams work on my ass, for whatever reason they just don’t seem to...
  2. 5

    Ball Ring For Center Of Scrotum?

    Hi all! Please forgive me if there is a better forum for this (was thinking about all the ask a ___ man forums). I am familiar with the ball rings (to stretch) but the artist Kami Tora has a few drawings of a ball ring fitted to the center of the scrotum, does anyone have experience with this...
  3. carsonmccullers

    Photo Testy Festy Aka Testicle Festival

    I am only interested in photos of men from the Testicle Festival hosted in Montana or Kansas or whatever the fuck state. If you have photos, please post as long as they don't include tits or vag or women wrestling.
  4. onenuttertoo

    Any Fellow Uniballers Around?

    any fellow unballers to chat and compare? Don't be shy, there are a ton of us around. Stand Proud!!!
  5. Matt Murray

    Testicular Cancer

    Has anyone on here had an experience with testicular cancer? I know this isn't the most exciting topic, but sharing experiences like this could help someone else out down the road. A few of the questions to anyone open to answering: How did you get diagnosed? Aside from feeling the actual...
  6. onenuttertoo

    My Big Nut

    for my fellow Uniballers :)
  7. G

    Question Considering Silicone Injections In Scrotum

    Question time Long story short. I had a pair of good balls Got testicular cancer, had 1 bal removed, recovered, got a implant, got infected/rejected, got surgically removed, recovered. So now I'm still left with 1 ball. I thought I wouldn't be too bother by it, but I am unfortunately. Since...
  8. onenuttertoo

    Uni Ballers

    hey all...any one nut guys on to chat?