1. Frogzzz

    Photos & Videos Testicular masturbation

    So, i have been browsing through Wikipedia commons and found this guy Uploads by Richiex - Wikimedia Commons. He is able to cum just by playing with his balls (i will link all of his "testicular masturbation" or "scrotum masturbation" videos down below). I immediately tried it myself, and it...
  2. explosionerection

    Biggest balls on LPSG

    Post photos of the BIGGSET balls on LPSG. No medium, just HUGE.
  3. bigboaster

    Any guys who are huge lovers of balls?

    Yeah I have a HUGE fixation and attraction to balls. Maybe even more than dick sometimes depending on the guy. Lol Love the look of some massive low hangers between a guys' legs. Love to sniff lick and fondle them whenever I get the chance. One of my past hookups couldn't get over how much I...
  4. nutellarehab

    Scrotum/testicles vibrator

    Hello, I’m sorry if this has been asked in the past but didn’t find anything related. About a year ago I bought a scrotum or balls vibrator with a remote control included. I love to wear it and turn it on after I’m done running in the park to cum around people when they don’t even know what I’m...
  5. D

    Big penis, but small balls

    Im curious, are do any guys have a large penis, but small balls? And did you ever feel insecure about it?
  6. U

    Testículo mas abajo

    Hola a todos. He empezado a notar esto y me es nuevo y no se si sea normal. Mi testículo izquierdo cuelga mucho mas que el del lado derecho, y parece que tiene cierta masa a su alrededor. Mas no lo puedo comparar con mi otro testículo por que tuve un problema desde bebe que no dejo a mi...
  7. Big little story of two scars lines on my scrotum

    Big little story of two scars lines on my scrotum

    Hard to see it, but when the skin is heavily wrinkled during erection and sharp light falls at the right angle, all is visible. It's two scars lines on my scrotum, which I have after two medical operations. This way the surgeon saved my left testicle and fix right one for better reproduction...
  8. C

    Big Ballers?

    Straight female. 25 UK. looking to chat with guys with big nuts. Like really big. Natural ones only. Prefer large sacs too but happy with large gonads. Prefer uncut guys but not essential. Will chat to anyone around the world.
  9. 5

    Ball Ring For Center Of Scrotum?

    Hi all! Please forgive me if there is a better forum for this (was thinking about all the ask a ___ man forums). I am familiar with the ball rings (to stretch) but the artist Kami Tora has a few drawings of a ball ring fitted to the center of the scrotum, does anyone have experience with this...
  10. C

    Hi Everyone. Big Nut Lover

    Hi everyone! Newbie here. Female from the UK London area who’s specifically joined this site to look for guys with big nuts. And when I say big, I mean big. Low hanging fat gonads really get me going. Look forward to hearing from you
  11. DiomedesXVI

    Photos & Videos Ladies Handling Big Balls

    Oftentimes it seems like ladies pay little attention to a nice big pair of balls in porn. So I’m hoping we can fill this thread with pics and vids of wonderful sexy ladies enjoying balls, be it holding, tugging, fondling, licking, and/or sucking a set of large testicles. Bonus points if the dick...
  12. 5

    Balls Slapping Ass And Floppy Balls Fucking

    The Art of low hanging balls
  13. milo1730

    Are tight ridged cold balls are a turn on.

    Post phots of guys with cold ball. I love how ridged they become when cold or after swimming. Post your own or pictures you found on the net.
  14. Jaxsurf

    Show us those balls

    I'm hot and bothered this am thinking about a big sack. Show me those nuts guys
  15. D

    My dilemma

    Should I try and squeeze both my balls through tiny solid rings. Who would vote yes Who would vote now.