1. F

    Best side scenes

    I like anal porn like most of the people here, but sometimes side sex is more intense for me. Like that scene Damon Andros and Ty Roderick Just the fact they were both tops at that moment makes it even better. I like good top with top scenes. Do you know other videos like that?
  2. tallskinnymen

    I Need Dirty Talk Ideas

    This is a question for tops: what things could a bottom say to you that would really get you going during sex? Context: my partner is a hardworking guy, he’s tired when he’s home and barely has energy for sex. I love him, I adore him, but you can imagine what sex is like: wham, bam, thank you...
  3. barehole4use

    Builders Cumdump

    After my last story of special request it was a while before i was invited again to be used as a cumdump bttm for anonymous men to fuck, with the holiday period finally coming to an end, i received a new invitation with new ground rules to keep it exciting for me & providing much needed relief...
  4. barehole4use

    On Special Request

    On Special Request : i received an email on Sunday morning from the man that invites me to his anonymous cumdump parties, here are the details > This is only if i can make free time for Sunday afternoon to be used by Spanish visitors in there hotel room, the details are similar to my private...
  5. barehole4use


    Sunday afternoon i was invited again for a select private bareback party, i got the invitation on the previous Friday & had 24 hours to respond, i gave my answer within 1 hour, that i will arrive on time as requested. The details were pretty much the same as last time, to arrive at the...
  6. XxSherlockxX

    Photos & Videos Alpha Tops Thread ;)

    Any cocky alphas trying to show off? :imp: Make me want it ;) And. ....... go!
  7. A

    Photos & Videos Porn tops playing with their ass or bottoming

    This thread is for porn or twitter tops who are know for being tops but who have also played with their ass or bottomed
  8. E

    Hot Top and/or Straight Man Asses

    Are any other bottoms obsessed with ogling the butts of tops and/or straight men? Like, not in the sense that you want to penetrate them, but that you want to feel their ass throbbing and thrusting as they penetrate you... There's also just something so forbidden about guys who have amazing...
  9. G

    Top To Bottom

    Hey - I wondered if anyone knew of clips where a top guy ends up being fucked - either by the bottom or another top? I find the idea really horny, maybe because of the switch in the power-dynamic - especially in a group scene. This vid is sort of what I'm thinking but has anyone seen any better...
  10. Vidaloca

    Hey Everyone! Bi California Guy Here

    Been on the site for a while but haven’t done a proper introduction. I am a down to earth guy who loves to be naked and show off his cock! Love mild to wild play from chill bro time kicking back jacking off to porn to balls to the wall group play passing around a hungry pussy (guys or girls)...
  11. L

    Perfect Bottoms Body?

    What body type do you guys think is the hottest in a bottom? Is it short? Thin? Petite? Broad shoulders? Big thighs? Big peachy bum?
  12. ktnrod

    Tops: What Makes A Great Bottom?

    What sort of things bottoms do that turn you on? How can we improve our game to please you better? ;)
  13. X

    Tops, Who Would You Let Top You?

    Idk if this has been asked. This is for people who mainly top or strictly top. Have you guys ever seen someone that made you think, “I would bottom for them,” and if you can, insert a pic of who it is.
  14. 1

    Looking For Hung 40+ Tops From Stockholm

    Lol I know I know suuuuuper specific but you never know... Hit me up if this is you!
  15. C

    Photos & Videos Have A Seat !! Hot Sex Position!

    They call it the “cannonball” and it’s probably my favorite sex position! Aesthetically,it’s so hot from a visual standpoint-if you’re a bottom riding your partner to glory,you get dizzy with pleasure with each thrust as he pounds you with full force using his powerful,muscular legs! As a...
  16. S

    Photos & Videos Favorite Tops

    Let’s share some of your favorite hunky, alpha tops in porn and share what do you like in a top, go!
  17. ramblk1

    Roll Call Dmv

    Just a shout out to the DMV. :cool:
  18. D

    Are More Gay/bi Men Bottoms?

    As someone with a large penis, I tend to be attracted to men with larger penises who are strictly top guys in need of cock worship and an ass to plow. Finding a match isn’t easy and I wonder if anyone else has similar issues. The horse hung alpha types tend to be a rarer breed than those who...
  19. G

    Sex Tips For A Top

    Hi, Long time lurker. Just embarked upon an open relationship after several years together. I wasn't very experienced before and mainly top. Met a guy that I really like, definitely going to have sex, but he's a lot more experienced and has been with many many guys. I do really like him and it...
  20. 2

    Ybn Nahmir And Ybn Almighty Jay?

    Does anyone have any dick pics, vids, or buldges of either of them?
  21. 6

    Hung & Fit Snapchat Group

    Making a new snap group for real dudes who workout and like to compare. Please don’t post your username if you are not hung and fit. You will be removed. HUNG AND FIT ONLY
  22. 1

    Photo Sexy Muscle Guys

    Share and enjoy photos (and/or videos) of sexy muscle guys
  23. B

    Anyone bi/gay guys in savannah area

    looking for something around here, just seeing what I can get into
  24. LangDK

    Poll: ultimate contest between two tops and masters

    Two members of LPSG wants to know who has the best cock. I'm not one of them, I'm just a middleman helping them out with this bet. These guys are both strict tops, masters and rivals. The winner will be the ultimate alpha and the sore loser will be degraded and humiliated. The stakes as you can...
  25. Powerfull

    Multiple bottoms

    Hi guys, I need you. I'm looking for specifics videos. One too man + two or more bottoms, bareback. I remember one video in a office. At a moment, one bottom is above the other and the top man fucked one, and next, the other one. Goes in one hole and the other. One man and next, the second...