1. M

    Carnival Voyager of the Seas

    Hey guys new here, going on a cruise this coming Saturday 2/10 on Voyager of the seas wanted to see if anyone from here would be going as well. Would love to meetup for some discreet fun on the ship.
  2. Greekwriter

    My fisrt story (A trip to Greece)

    That’s the first story I write. Excuse my English, cause I’m Greek I decide to take my stepson Rob on a trip to Greece for his birthday. He was 19 and I wanted something special for him. So I arrange us a big house with a pool on an island with crystal clear waters. The travel was big, and...
  3. mad4it90

    Europe travel summer 2022

    Hi all, 32 and interrailing around Europe this summer. Anyone else doing something similar or traveling alone? Maybe we could grab a drink
  4. F

    Wifes, Girlfriends On Vacation Trying Bbc

    They call it "Vacation with my bestfriends", "Girls trip", "Me time" In reality they mean "I need to get fucked hard by some strangers with big fat cocks" Naughty at beach with random guys Fucking with a black guy at beach Vacation in Jamaica Malibu Beach House
  5. Tight_N_Juicy

    2021 Vacation Thread

    So I know things are still super fucky with covid-19 pretty much globally even with the vaccine being distributed, but I'm sure that doesn't mean that some sort of vacation plans are impossible. This month my vacation time renews for the year and I don't really know what to do with it, but I'm...
  6. K

    Jamaican Honeymoon

    This is a fictitious story I wrote for my wife back when we were engaged. I’ve written her several stories and she always loves them but this one is probably her favorite. I might post our other stories eventually. It starts off with us arriving in a Jamaica. Brian has not been permitted sexual...
  7. kcdave

    What Is A Gay Atlantis Cruise Really Like?

    Have not had the opportunity to take in Atlantis cruise yet. I understand that the ones outside the United States are the better ones. Would love to hear from some of you have been on one. A couple of questions. 1. Can you go as a single and not feel like you’re a bump on a log. Will be easy...
  8. 1

    Has Anyone Ever Visited Easton Mountain Retreat?

    Hey, I’m really really considering attending a few of the programs at Easton Mountain Retreat in Greenwich, NY. I can’t really find that many reviews for the specific programs that I wanna attend so I figured why not ask LPSG. The ones I really wanna know about are Bear Your Soul (especially the...
  9. surfRgymnast

    Las Vegas 7/1-7/5

    Will be visiting Vegas July 1st to the 5th. Wondering who either lives there or might be visiting the same time. Let me know!
  10. NautiRogue

    Bi at hedonism ii

    My wife and I are both bi. We've been to Hedo 3 times together. She's gotten some FF play, but I've never had any MM interaction at Hedo. Who else has been to Hedo? Post your dates of stay for when you'll be there!
  11. 1

    What are your ways of dealing with chronic stress?

    Hi! Chronic stress is a great problem for many of us. Could you share your ways of dealing with it? I'll start from examples of movies on living closed to nature, vacation and bushcraft from Europe and Asia with info where to look for it on YouTube: Stephanie Margeth FARSHID BEHROOZIAN - see...
  12. surfRgymnast

    Big island hawaii in november

    Hey guys, Will be in Kona the week before thanksgiving. Wondering if there are any guys that are on the big island that might be into showing me around one of the days I’m there?