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  1. R

    João Gabriel Marinho from Surviving Summer

    I couldn’t believe he had no threads on here about him so I decided he needed one :))) He’s so handsome! He’s a Brazilian actor and as stated in the title he’s one of the stars from Netflix’s Surviving Summer. Enjoy the following photos. I have a lot more screenshots saved but these will have to...
  2. ManTubeula

    Coregasm 2024 (a gym story)

    most recent... racking the leg press.. Already so thick and heavy in my shorts, I couldn't find a comfortable place for my package the entire set.. Quads were already tight, pumped and honestly, maybe I enjoy wearing shorts that are form fitting (to show off a bit). Each of my last reps were...
  3. F

    Photos & Videos Stephen Fournier - fournier_stephen98

    Stephen Fournier He's an internet personality. He posts content about life in the South (Tennessee) and West (Montana) and country life including hunting, fishing, archery guns, work, outdoorsmanship, and working out. He is really hot and has that cowboy swagger and Southern charm! Login •...
  4. D

    Help Lose Weight

    So for the past good few years of my life, I’ve been a bit overweight, I’ve lost some in the last 2 years, but I’m still pretty chubby. I want to start a workout routine and get slimmer, but I really don’t know how to go about it. Could anyone give me a good amount of tips and would even be...
  5. D

    This may seem a little weird... but... (Vancouver and area)

    I'm a 56 year old gay guy with a partner of 13 years who I do not live with and we do not spend a lot of time together, except for the occasional weekend with friends. I spend most of the time by myself, either working from home, or doing things on my own. The pandemic has hit us hard and my...
  6. D

    Regular Fitness Mate

    Starting to get serious about working out, gaining some mass in the right places, and getting in better shape overall. Looking for other mates to regularly share progress updates and share fitness tips with. 5’10, and 167lbs. Hit me up here or private chat if interested! Pics are from last...
  7. D

    24 Yo Bodybuilding Stud With An Underwear Fetish!

    Hello all! I'm Eric, I am 24 years old. Been a member for a-little while now but never done an introduction. Working out is my life and I love doing it in a nice pair of boxer briefs! Lets connect and If you want a pair of my gently used underwear let me know!
  8. J

    How To Get Fit (19 Yr-old)

    I'm a 19-year-old twink, about 5 ft 6 and 52kg/114lb - quite skinny but not emaciated lol I really want to start getting fit but I've never been to the gym and honestly don't know where the fuck to start With gyms being closed in the UK for the foreseeable future, I want some tips and...
  9. L

    Links Who Is This Tattooed Hunk?

    For some reason I can't post the video, but check out this insanely hot guy with over 1M views! I checked all 494 comments and nobody knows who he is! Can you?
  10. MENagerie

    Gym Shenanigans

    Exactly what the title says:
  11. Chadloveboy94

    Scott Evans Appreciation Thread!!!

    Scott Evans is a American television personality, known as a correspondent for Access, formerly known as Access Hollywood...and let me tell you I have the biggest crush on him(he is the definition of hubby material) he is smart, sexy(his body is insane), educated, hardworking and funny(not to...
  12. TrueB2


    What are your thoughts on creatine? Do you take it and if so for how long? P.S. To all of you working hard...keep going, keep training, keep improving!