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Cfnm With Former Student

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by tony decatur, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. tony decatur

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    Jan 26, 2019
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    United States
    After teaching high school for a couple years I decided to go back to graduate school to get my masters. I found a large house that was renting rooms. It was cheap, close to campus, and furnished, so it was perfect. After class on the first morning I got back to the house and saw Jane, one of my former students who had graduated just a couple weeks earlier, reading on the front porch. She was so excited to see me, and it was a complete surprise to see her. She was starting summer school and living there for the summer as well.

    We chatted for a while and then I said that I really needed to get going as I wanted to run before the afternoon heat started. She said that was fine and so I started to leave to go to my room. However Jane just kept talking and followed me up to my room. It was kind of weird having a former female student in my room. Granted she was 18 and I was 28. She wasn't my student any more. But it was still weird.

    We kept talking and then I finally said, "Jane I really need to go for my run."

    She said, "Yeah I know, what are you waiting for?"

    "Well I need ti change first."

    "She repeated, "What are you waiting for?"

    She could tell I was uncomfortable, so she said, "Look, I've seen naked guys before. And if we are going to be living in the same house it's not like we won't see each other naked from time to time."

    I said, "Well, ok," and then I started to take off my shirt and kick off my shoes. Jane was watching everything and just kept rattling on about nothing at all.

    I was starting to get into this scene, so I intentionally did not pull out my running clothes. Rather, I took off my socks and moved just a little closer to her. I kept talking about school, her graduation, college plans, and then I finally pulled my pants off leaving me in my boxers in front of her.

    "So you like boxers?" she asked. "I always thought you were into briefs."

    Odd that she admitted ever thinking about her teacher and his underwear. But OK.

    I finally pulled off my boxers revealing my cock that had begun to stiffen once I realized that she would be seeing me naked.

    I stood up and gave her a nice frontal view. Hr eyes were glued to my cock. I then proceeded to look for my running clothes and get dressed. She left and I took my run with a nice hard on in my running shorts. It was the first of many fun incidents that summer!
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