The Handyman I - The Meet & Greet


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Aug 15, 2018
Panama City (Panamá, Panama)
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Antonio was happy setting up for his new life and apartment in his home country in Latin America. It was the first time in ages that he will be living alone with only his dog. He planned this all along, but he never planned being involved in an affair.

There he was in his new apartment setting up for everything as it was expected. Their developer told him that some workers will go to his unit to work on it. He wasn't happy for the past month workers had been in and out his place repairing things that were supposed to be repaired as it was brand new apartment. He let them in a group of 5 men he knew they were foreigners by their accent which he found interesting and that's where he met him, his name was Manuel a 27 year old immigrant from Nicaragua he was well built, fair skin, red hair and toned body.

They all started working on the pending repairs and he could see Manuel looking at him curious.

- It will take a few days - Manuel Said - I might need to come and finish.
-Whatever, just get it done - Antonio replied there were more important things for him to do.

Manuel started to talk to him whenever the other workers were not around which Antonio never paid attention to that he was just being polite. He wanted them gone and thought if he was nice to them they will finish faster and let him be.

The days passed and they workers dropped down from 5 to just Manuel who came to do the final touches. Antonio needed to hang some shelves, but he was too lazy to do it and he asked Manuel to do it. He needed to use the drill and Antonio noticed he was clean so he lend him a shirt and a pair of pants, but after finishing the job he was all dirty.

No Antonio was no angel, he saw an opportunity on this, he suggested Manuel to take a Shower and clean himself up taking from the bathroom the soap and the towel. Manuel asked for the towel and started to shower and pretending to just realize he found the soap Antonio opened the door and saw a surprised Manuel completely naked in the show. He gave him the soap and stared at Manuel's uncut penis and noticed Manuel wasn't asking him to leave instead he started touching stroking himself and smiling. Antonio looked at him and the doorbell ring he went to open it and when he came back Manuel was dressed.

After getting Dressed Manuel was walking around seductively, but Antonio didn't knew what to do.

- Is he for real - He thought - Can this be really happening? - he continued.

Manuel left his unit but left his mobile phone in the bed that's when Antonio realized he was married he decided to ignore the situation.

Manuel came back dirty and wanted to settle the payment. he sat down on the couch in Antonio's office while he checked his bank account.

- Do you have a condom? - Manuel asked - Can you give me one?

Antonio heart started beating fast he didn't knew where this was going, but sure wanted to be there to see the ending.

- Tengo la "turca" templada - He said which can be transtlated as - My dick is hard - Antonio wasn't aware that "turca" in Manuel's country meant dick.

- What's a turca? - he asked suspecting the answer
- My cock - Manuel replied - I need to shoot a load - he added

This was the moment Antonio realized he wanted this and Manuel wanted also. He wanted from day 1 to be inside Manuel and see him naked he needed to see how that will be playing along now.

- You can jerk off if you want? - He said as a question

- If I jerk off I need to fuck - Manuel replied

- show it to me - Antonio added

Manuel quickly took out his clothes and show him his hard uncut cock, a 7 inches long 6 inches wide white with pumping veins, and his hairy body. Antonio didn't thought it twice and started sucking his cock. He could see Manuel enjoying himself he was so eager to be please that he almost cum.

He took Antonio to the bathroom and pulled his pants down and after putting the condom and lubing it with saliva he entered Antonio (which was the first time he was entered by a man) and started stroking himself inside Antonio who with pain enjoyed the encounter. this dance lasted for 10 minutes until Antonio felt inside how Manuel was releasing all his delicious liquid on the condom.

They both cleaned up and Antonio paid him. He thought this was the first and last time, but he wasn't aware that this will be the beginning of a series of encounters that will make them both explore their sexuality and life.