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Video Wife breeding

Discussion in 'Straight Photos and Videos' started by wifeseeder, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. wifeseeder

    wifeseeder Member

    May 2, 2017
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    anyone with some good video knowledge may remember this one. its a MMF video but really short, maybe a couple minutes. a husband and wife, so they say, brings another male in for what the title says is a "breeding session with the wife". the video is in the living room and you can hear the dryer or something running in the background. the husband is filming his wife sitting in a chair with her pants off and another guy on the couch masterbaiting. the guy says ok im ready and when gets up to move towards her the husband stands over them filming. she holds her legs up behind her knees and the guy strokes it a few more times then goes in, and cums almost immediately. the only other dialog is at the end when the husband says pull your shirt up. thats actually the best part, shes got real big dark nipples and her tits look like theyre ready to burst with milk. the guy stays inside her for maybe half the video before he pulls out and the camera shows the aftermath. the quality isnt great and i have never seen anything else from this couple. I originally got the vid from one of those downloadable sites for like $2.99 but have since seen it resposted at least once on another site. i think there was a date on the video from a camera or something, not a year but something like 12-27. shes a blond and the guy doing the so called breeding has a big tattoo down one arm. whether its real or not i dont know but its a good one and I cant seem to find it again :(
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