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  1. R

    Video Bottoms who want it hard (when cumming)

    I love watching bottoms who enjoy being fucked hard. I always search for accidental and/or handsfree cumshots from bottoms or videos where bottom orders top to go garder. I find especially hot the moment when the bottom is about to cum and he tells the top to go harder. I guess it’s because I...
  2. O

    Is It Dangerous To Bottom For Big Dicks?

    Hello im just wondering if it is dangerous to bottom for guys with big dicks over 9-10 inches for a long time period or is there not really much to worry about?
  3. V

    Losing Interest In My Partner Of 4 Years

    Hi. Long time listener, first time caller. I have been in a committed relationship for a little bit over a year now with someone I've been sleeping with for almost 4 years. Basically, we were in an open relationship for awhile but locked it down during quarantine. At the beginning it was great...
  4. L

    Help Identifying This Anal Bleach Used By Reno Gold

    Reno Gold showed off the anal bleach he uses in a recent video but he didn't specify the details. I have messaged him to ask about it but he hasn't reply (and I suspect won't). If not this one, does anyone know any products that ACTUALLY WORK?
  5. F

    How Is It Suppose To Feel?

    When you are bottoming (getting rammed) how is suppose to feel? I have been fucked a few times over the years, and I still don't get any real pleasure from it. A variety of guys have done me (safely) and I've been rimmed and such beforehand, but it still feels like I got to poop.... nothing...
  6. M

    Unable To Insert. Need Help And Options, It’s Been Almost 3 Years!

    My husband has had several anal surgeries for hemorrhoids and cancer screenings. We really haven’t had sex in nearly 3 years. We tried tonight but nothing was happening so we gave up. He couldn’t relax enough for me to get in and I wasn’t able to get the tip in. He loves to bottom but lately he...
  7. JohnnyMission

    Biobidet's "vortex Wash" For Douching?

    I've been thinking about getting a bidet seat for a while, and I'm wondering about the quality of the BioBidet's "vortex wash" enema feature. Normally I use a shower shot (or a bulb when I travel), but the idea of just sitting down and getting my butt rinsed out on my toilet does sound pretty...
  8. Timothyjc1980

    Best Gay Porn Cock Riders

    Hoping to get a few responses from gay/bi/curious guys who like watching porn where the bottom rides so damn well and maintains a hard on. a few guys worth mentioning: Phillip Aubrey Calvin Koons Angel Lopez (staxus) any others? Please post name, link or photo.
  9. 1

    Video Best Power Bottoms

    Share videos/photos of your favorite power bottoms... VOTE IN THE POLL
  10. P

    Bottoming And Hemorrhoids, Tips, Advices, Experiences...?

    Hey Guys, I am bottom guy who does not have much experience with sex, but I certainly enjoy it way more than topping, however a lot of times I've found this experience quite uncomfortable. Not long ago I went to the doctor, and I found out I have 1st degree hemorrhoids, and wanted to know any...
  11. 1

    Video Best Dildo Videos/photos

    Share your favorite dildo videos/photos...
  12. B

    Snap Me Boys: James_maraj2019

    snap me to trade
  13. B

    Arkansas Cock Worshipper

    I have tried messaging Arkansas guys directly and replying to posts. Yet, I haven't meet one guy. I am a cock worshipper who loves endowed men. My hole and throat was made to worship and milk my endowed superiors. I seek a hung man or group of men to cock worship in the central Arkansas areas...
  14. sda93

    Virgin chub wants to bottom

    Hello everyone! I’m 25, never been with a man sexually. I’m looking to bottom and play with my first cock. I want to feel it, try oral and bottoming. I’m college educated, can drive. I just need someone to host! If you’re in the inland empire corona/riverside area and you’re willing to help; hit...
  15. G

    Cumming too early when i bottom. how can i last longer?

    I am a versatile top, but recently when my friend with benefits has fucked me I cum very quickly. His dick isn't big at all (5.5 inches tops) and he loves a lot of foreplay and very long, tantric sex sessions. By the time he sticks it in me sometimes I cum in less than a minute. He can be fucked...
  16. stud2020

    Help hours away from first time

    Extremely nervous about my first time with another man. It's only a few hours away until I go over to his house. He is a top who is willing to help me explore. Any quick tips from anyone is greatly appreciated.
  17. J

    Topped by a tgirl

    Lets make a new great thread here!