1. M

    Gay ATM with condom videos

    I seen a porn video the other day, from a professional studio, i can't find the video or remember the studio haha. But it was from the 2000s because it was a condom scene where the top pulls out and makes the bottom suck his dick. Made me realise I had a fetish for ass to mouth WITH condom...
  2. D

    Guys cumming in condoms

    There are several scenes on Corbin Fisher where actors can´t hold it any longer and cum inside the condom; whilst inside the bottoms ass, or while trying to remove the condom. I´ll try to post some of those scenes later, but feel free to post if you have some.
  3. perthjames

    Condoms at Gas (Petrol) Stations, Supermarkets, Chemists

    There are a lot of issues at stake, but here's a few observations about buying condoms at retail in Sydney. Supermarkets - Range of sizes Gas stations/Petrol stations - only average 53m width General chemists/pharmacists - only average 53m width Discount chemists - Range of sizes. These are some...
  4. D

    Too big...

    His cock was too big and after a while the condom broke but he still finished off in me.
  5. P

    Unsure on which condoms to get

    As the title says basically I had a condom split the last time I had sex she was on pill etc so all good but I think they where a bit too tight My penis girth is 5.5 inch circumference around I've googled and it there's a girth in inches to nominal width calculator it says 5.5 inch girth is...
  6. D

    Links Anyone have the other video

    Anyone have the other video? In the other video they where having sex on a bed, and not on the floor. -
  7. Stocky8x6uncut

    Entering a tight hole

    Entering a tight hole Twitter
  8. tommy9x6OF

    Post Pictures While Wearing Condoms!

    I'll start!
  9. D

    Married Couples That Use Condoms

    Are there any other married men in committed monogamous marriages that primarily use condoms as there chosen methods of contraception? When I have told people that my wife and I use condoms people have had some totally crazy reactions, like they can’t understand why we would not be using some...
  10. F

    Condoms With Hookups

    I have seen many amateur porn lately where they don't use condom with hookups. I know it is regulated in the professional porn industry with tests. Therefore, I started to think: Do regular gay men use condoms when they are having sex with hookups? My policy is that I would only do bare if we...
  11. TheHorrorPapi

    What’s In Your Box?

    Hi friends! I believe I haven’t seen a thread like this started before, but I was wondering what items do you have in your toy box? I know a lot of us are not really hooking up that much (if at all) due to the pandemic, so I was wondering what I’m your box. What toy(s) get the job done for...
  12. I

    Photos & Videos Big Cocks In Condoms Fucking Tight Pussy

    Here's a good thread let's go
  13. G

    Where Do You Like To Blow Your Cum?

    Perhaps it's just my personal preference, but when I am having sex with either a woman or topping a man, I almost always prefer to pump my cock into them through my orgasm. In certain situations like I am fucking a girl without a condom and she isn't taking birth control, I will pull out and...
  14. I

    Showing Off Your Big Cock In Condoms

    Thought I'd start this as we haven't got this thread yet. Anyone else here love the feel of condoms on their big cock. Condom fetish
  15. R

    What Condoms Do You Guys Wear?

    What do you guys got on?
  16. C

    Condom On?

    Hi guys, just wanted to show off my new condoms haha, first time I try colored ones and this golden one looks great, what do you think? Post a pic of your favorite condoms down there
  17. J

    Struggling To Understand

    Hi there I'm new here, nice to meet everybody. I was reading an article about condom size yesterday, no particular reason it just popped up on Flipboard. What ensued doesn't make sense to me. Apparently I need to use large condoms. I've always felt at best average, but dealt with insecurities...