1. N

    Besoin de votre aide

    Bonjour, J’ai commencé ma sexualité assez tôt et j’ai toujours été attiré par les personnes du même sexe que moi (hommes). Je regarde régulièrement (mais pas chaque jour) des films pornographiques et j’ai longtemps regardé des films avec des hommes seuls (solos), des films gay classiques ou...
  2. Bluebailey

    The first gay video/porn you have ever watch

    Can you guys share your very first gay porn video you have ever watched?What is your very first gay porn experience. The first time I have ever watch a gay porn is with this seancody video :
  3. F

    Caramel_Drizzle rentmen

    Please do not hire app.rent.men/Caramel_Drizzle (Real name Gideon Brown). I asked him if he was available to meet today and he said he was. But when the time came, I got to the motel location, he wasn’t there yet. Made me wait in the cold for over an hour. When he got there, he didn’t even say...
  4. B

    Your circumcision experience

    Hello everyone, I grew up in a European country where circumcision is quite rare, especially outside major cities so I've just been curious to how being cut is like, especially since I admire the beauty of a cut cock. Were you aware of uncut guys and how do you find masturbation? Feel free to...
  5. D

    New Adventure - advice & opinions needed

    I don't really know where to start or if this is even the right place to post this but here goes... I have been completely celebate for 5 years now and have never really been interested in traditional gay sex, I never felt like a bottom,vers or top and have recently become comfortable that I am...
  6. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - Dream Come True

    Dream Come True the video is just an additional sweetener The locker room was always the most difficult part of practice—yet it always excited me. And watching Nico was always especially difficult. Oftentimes I couldn't even bear to watch him undress for fear that I would pop a boner right in...
  7. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - FUCKING THE FIREMAN

    > FUCKING THE FIREMAN < I was 21 at the time on summer break from college. I spent most of the summer working out, sleeping late and jerking off to internet porn. Occasionally I'd find time to work on the house but clearly my schedule was booked. This was a college bachelor's wet dream. One...
  8. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - Shadow Dreams Chapter 1

    Shadow Dreams chapter 1 anonymity the Morning Light was bright as it stream through the open window it made Leo's head throb from last night's boozed Leo's whole body ached and everything hurt he started to stretch in his bad when he hit something and realized he was not in bed alone...
  9. HunkNerd


    I knew as a young guy at the age of 18 I was into guys, I was gay. I had started doing the jerk-off thing with a few buddies of mine from school, but I wanted more. Then it happened, at 19 I met Rodger, a young man of about 24 that lived up the back ally from our house. Rodger was so good...
  10. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - 1st strip poker game

    1st Strip Poker Game Note : my neighbor As Tony and me As HunkNerd. I had just turned 18 and my neighbor, Tony, and I messed around a little bit. Tony was 3 years older than me but we were both living at home and going to college. He was in great shape with long hair and rugged, handsome...
  11. J

    Experiences Dating Straight Women?

    Since discovering my bisexuality, I've found that in my experience girls, that identify as heterosexual wouldn't consider a bisexual man as a partner. This is both from personal involvement and from the opinions of several straight female friends I have asked. A couple reasons I heard repeated...
  12. M

    Straight Guys In Gay Situations, No Professional Actors/scripts/fake Interviews

    Regular str8s exploring gay activities. College/Military/homemade/hidden cams.
  13. Beck4Jen

    How Did You Finally Realize You Have A Big Dick (18+ only)

    These stories always seem interesting to me. Most guys with big dicks are in denial for a long part of their life, because of what they see in porn they stay humble. Then there is that break through moment in a locker room, or with a partner when they finally realize that they are much bigger...
  14. B

    Allknight Cock Rings And Penis Hardwear

    Hello everyone! Lately I've been thinking of getting the Soldier Extender from Allknight Hardwear, but I've seen like zero reviews on any of their products. So I got thinking the community here on LPSG might be able to add some insight, so if you yourself have bought anything from this company...
  15. S

    Troubles Getting Off Or Enjoying Sex With Another Guy

    Hi I’m a bi sexual male I’ve never cummed as a result of having sex with another guy. I also realized how much work it is and how it’s sometimes painful. Has anyone else experienced this or had this problem in the past? If so how did u solve it?
  16. H

    Asian Guys (views, Stereotypes, Fetish, Etc)

    Hey guys I’m new to LPSG and I think it’s not just a nice place to jerk off but for discussion too, so I wanted to ask what are your views on sex with asian guys and the fetishization and stereotyping of asian guys in sex. I’m asian myself and 18 years old. I’m about 5.5 inches hard I would say...
  17. Love in a Mist

    Reason You Wear Underwear

    Greeting all dude! As I know up, I saw my dad my friend wearing underwear and I just conform to them put it on too. For your experience, do you have any personal reasons , experience and being told any reasons to wear it as you become a 18+ man. Love to hear your hot story here....
  18. 4

    European Sauna Experiences (mixed Gender)

    Hi, I love going to saunas and spas and in my country they're all mixed gender, meaning both women and men are in the same area naked, nothing weird about it. While being they is to relax I have spoken to a lot of men and women who told me they get aroused by the nudity, I think it's normal...
  19. J

    What’s The Hardest You’ve Ever Been?

    We’ve all had those times when something gets you going, and I mean so hard you felt like the head of your cock was going to physically explode, so hard it was almost painful (but pleasurable too). So what’s your story, what has gotten you going to that level?
  20. D

    Sex With A Male, Or A Female?

    So... I was wondering if most of you have had sex with girls and boys - if you’ve found that most male partners are doing one same thing, which females are not doing, and opposite?
  21. C

    Most Unforgettable Sexual Encounter

    Hey guys, I don't want to sound corny, but would you mind sharing your most unforgettable sexual encounter. What was it like? Who were you with? I get easily hard reading them. :) The more detailed, the better.
  22. 1

    Gay Dad’s For Sons Anyone Else In A Similar Situation?

    So my boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 years (LDR and not an open relationship) we have talked about being “gay dad’s” he is 30 I’m 25. Gay dad’s in the sense that we want to help care and help youth 25 and under. When we eventually live together be able to offer our house as a home...
  23. S

    Have you ever touched your friend's dick?

    In what context, how was his reaction, did he like it?