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  1. Z

    It’s a Shore Thing

    “Ah, gorgeous!” I declare as I look out over the beach taking in the sights and sounds from my hotel. Delaying the inevitable, I unpack my bag and quickly change into my beachwear: my blue speedos which have also brought me luck. It hugs in all the right places, showcases in just the right way...
  2. ramsgate18

    the legend of the bull (ramsgate18 halloweenie tale, MM, Fiction)

    There was a legend that every year at The Velvet Trumpet, that every year since its opening a mysterious patron would attend the annual Halloween fancy dress party wearing a bulls head and a leather kilt, he would never remove the mask all night, but whoever took him home (he had his pick, his...
  3. P

    Adventures In The Open Showers

    Anyone else miss the old days when gym showers were large and open, with a parade of cocks on display? I started going to the gym in the 90s, when I was 18. Back then the only gym we had in town - or at least the only one close enough for me to walk to - was on the college campus. The leisure...
  4. fireice42


    Let's play a game, Post a celebrity name and three fictional characters they played in movies or tv series ( picture of celebrity are optional ). You must choose one character you want to sleep with. Christopher Meloni 1) Nick Sax - Happy 2) Chris Keller - Oz 3) Elliot Stabler - Law and Order
  5. EquusAz

    Ordering In

    Darius snorted. He was jealous. His huge hooves clopped on the golden oak floor under the dining room table as he shifted, two of his thick fingers scratched his pendulous nuts. Yeah, the porno he was watching was hot. The big bull on screen was getting railed by a little corgi who was nipping...
  6. K

    Straight Erotic Stories

    I know a site like Nifty or GayDemon have lots of gay sex fiction of all genres, but I was curious if anybody knows some websites/subreddits with straight NSFW stories? Surely somewhere like that must exist!
  7. Lloyd Irving

    The Ixlutani (cock Shrink, Cock Growth, Transformation, Circumcision, Mm, Mf)

    This is the first piece of fiction I've written, and I hope you all enjoy it. I believe it fits in with the general themes of this board, but is a little unconventional. (I have a second story completed and posted, with a third in preparation. But those are even more unconventional.) The main...
  8. fireice42

    X-men: Logan And Scott

    "BBUUUZZZZ" A bolt of laser flew through the air, but his bestial instincts let him dodge the beam easily. His senses were on full alert as adrenaline began pumping through his veins. With a metallic grinding sound foot long claws of ademantium, the strongest alloy known to man, emerged...
  9. fireice42

    Dolph Ziggler Exam

    Dolph went to the WWE clinic for his annual physical checkup required by the WWE. He enter the room and Dr. Cong greeted him with a handshake. "So how are you doing today Dolph?" "Fine thanks. I'm just hear for my check up." Dolph said. So as standard procedures Dolph stripped down...
  10. fireice42

    My Company, My Rule

    My name is Larry. When I was the age of 22 yrs old, My parents died in an accident and left me a multi-billion factory which produce mirco-chips. The factory had a few thousand workers which consist of age 18 to 65. 90% of them are man. The remaining 10% Women are here to be receptionist...
  11. fireice42

    John Cena And Randy Orton

    Fan of this fiction story. John and Randy had just finished their match and were heading back to the dressing rooms when John asked Randy the most peculiar question. "Hey Randy, what are you doing tonight after the show?" Randy glances down and notices the growing bulge in John's pants...
  12. Willeh21

    My Power Is ...

    Intro: What’s your power? Everyone dreams of one day waking up with superpowers. The question gets asked often: what would your power be? Most people answer flying, controlling the elements, reading minds, etc. Hell, I would’ve been one one of the people that answers, “To control water”! Im not...
  13. TheEasyA

    The App (mm, Teacher/student)

    Hi! I've never written anything on LPSG before but I thought I'd give it a shot. Writing is actually what I do professionally but sometimes it's nice to write something a little different every now and then. Hope you enjoy! I'll have more parts coming. The App (1/?) It was a dreary and rainy...
  14. Z

    Well Endowed British Hunks

    So this thread is basically a prompt for erotic fiction based on Big Dick Brits specifically the lads from reality tv. Gaz Beadle, Chris Hughes, Wes Nelson and Brandon Myers are great examples of this. This thread was brought on by me rewatching Bromans which is truly inspired and homoerotic...
  15. Jake1973

    Sneak Peak: Built For Show, Chapter 48, Airport Security (m/m, Cmnm)

    This is a chapter from a much longer story I've been working on forever. The whole thing is not ready to be shared but I thought this was fun on its own. A popular fantasy for exhibitionists involves airport security, getting pulled aside for further inspection, etc. In this chapter our...
  16. Shackleford

    The Sample

    PART 1: So there I sat on the upright table in the relatively spacious exam room, clad in the airy gown with nothing underneath, with my wife a few feet away in a wholly utilitarian chair. The nurse had been questioning me for a figurative minute or so at that point, verifying my particulars...
  17. Glimey

    Dean Around The World

    Part 1: Tokyo Another city, another hotel room. After 15 years in the business, hosting his 4th travel TV show, Dean had seen too many hotels. And they all blurred together. Didn’t matter if you were in Madrid, Martinique, or Michigan — they were all the same, from the bland carpet to the...
  18. R

    Celebrity cum shot fantasies

    Hey guys I’m sure we all fantasize about celebrities when we’re going at it so I thought it would be kind of fun to discuss what we think their cumshots would be like. I’ll kick it off with a few... Nick Jonas - thick medium sized load that probably doesn’t shoot much but coats his dick. One...
  19. H

    Battle of the guys

    A competition is instituted to select the most attractive guy in a cohort. The prize is immense for the victor and each loser faces elimination by poison dart to the neck (think Balls of Fury lol). In each round two guys are presented. Your vote will select the guy to be ELIMINATED. In round...