1. Gingerx9

    phimosis due to a short frenulum

    Hi all!! Since I was a child, I thought I suffered from phimosis. A few months ago, after a medical examination, I was diagnosed with a short frenulum and an associated phimosis (just a mild one). I am able to retracting the foreskin when it is erect, but I have difficulty in completely...
  2. Tomy12345

    Foreskin totally down

    I really love when the foreskin is totally down. I love when it goes down to the bottom and "disappears" completely and it almost looks like a cut . Unfortunately I have a short frenulum, and this is the furthest I can go down when I'm hard.
  3. N

    Frenulum journey (doctor-performed procedure, followed by a DIY clamp/cut)

    Hey everyone Wanted to share my experience with my frenulum and procedures on it that I’ve done so far. I could always pull back my foreskin as long as I can remember (not sure if it was forcibly retracted early on, which allowed me to do it myself as a kid). However when pulling it back all...
  4. L

    Frenulum surgery

    Hey guys, because of my Frenulum is too shory, i may get a surgery to cut it. I just wondered, if it is possible to have a bigger penis after it, because of the Frenulum isn‘t holding my foreskin anymore. I don‘t think, it would be much, just like 0.5cm or sth because of less stretched skin.
  5. J

    Uncut pleasures (frenulum, ridged band)

    Hi all, recently I've started experimenting with my foreskin through my frenulum and ridged band. I'm twenty-six, always had tight foreskin, find it impossible to retract when hard. The other day I seen a video of someone stroking their ridged band. I honestly didn't know that word existed...
  6. M

    Masturbation Style for Uncut without Frenulum

    As a teen, I had a tight frenulum and decided to get it cut while keeping my foreskin. Since then my foreskin is a lot more flexible. Its basically able to roll all the way back while being disconnected from my glans. Because of this, I realize that my masturbation style changed. Now, i prefer...
  7. D

    Foreskin Pleasure: My Testimony

    Hey, everyone! I've seen a lot of questions surrounding the au naturale penis on here. So I wanted to take some time and explain how it works to anyone curious. Foreskin is the favorite part of my body and I'm shocked that there hasn't been any detailed explanations or guides surrounding its...
  8. C

    Any Cut Guys With A Frenulum Still?

    Any fellow cut/circumcised guys still have a visible frenulum on their penis? Mine is quite visible so I was curious how common this was and who else had one. Does it provide you with more moveable skin? Share photos if you have some. The underside of my penis with visible frenulum
  9. B

    Question About Circumcision And Frenulum

    Hi everyone! I have an appointment for a circumcision revision with Dr. Cornell soon. I was circumcised at birth (bris) but it must have been a partial, very loose circumcision because I have a TON of loose skin, which almost entirely covers my glans while flaccid. After years of debate, I...
  10. J

    How Do You Masturbate With Your Frenulum?

    Hey fellas, ive got a question about how yall masturbate with your frenulum. Do yall rub the surface to cause some friction (like you would if you played with your bare glans) or do yall actually move and rub the skin/frenulum area. What feels better to you and are you cut or uncut? Bonus...
  11. D

    Only Two More Weeks With A Foreskin! Finally Getting Curcumcised!

    48859815557301488571148857914885841488585148828014882471 Finally - after having my surgery postponed earlier this year - I am now just two weeks away from my circumcision! I see the Urologist one more time next week for a final consult and to discuss the procedure and my preferences. I am asking...
  12. D

    Circumcision And Vasectomy - Together!

    I will soon be having simultaneous surgery for both a circumcision AND a vasectomy. I wondered how common (or not) this is - and whether anyone has any experiences, tips, or even general thoughts or advice to share?? This all started as I went to my urologist because my frenulum has been...
  13. Berryman

    Pleasuring A Cut Cock

    I have always been into cut cock, I grew up in boarding school; an uncircumcised boy surrounded by cut boys, or Roundheads as they were known. Whilst essentially heterosexual the formative experience of this has lead to a lifetime of admiring cut cocks. They always seemed more handsome, probably...
  14. D

    Poll About Being Circumcised As An Adult - And How You Feel About It.

    Please feel free to add more detail also in the reply section
  15. D

    Circumcision Or Frenulectomy? Now I Have The Choice...

    Ok.... some of you may have read my other thread “should I have my frenulum removed?” Well - I have now been to my urologist, who was great, and he agrees that I do definitely need a frenulectomy - and he can do that for me. He also offered a frenulectomy and circumcision at the same time - and...
  16. D

    Should I Have My Frenulum Removed?

    3477921347793134779413477951 Here are 4 pictures of my frenulum. I am uncut - but like to roll back most of the time (I’ve even considered circumcision) What do you think about how this looks right now? It is kind of tight - and the sensitivity it has is not one that helps me sexually. I have...
  17. B

    Fetish Videos

    Hi guys. Just making this post for anyone interested in fetish videos, more specifically circumcision fetish videos with lots of talking. If you buy custom videos you know they can be pretty expensive so if you want to trade some just message me. I may have some you don't have and vice versa...
  18. envybig1

    To those who retract! (intact)(circumcise?)

    My first post here was about advice on getting circumcised and wanting to hear the different experiences of others who got cut later in life. It's actually how I found this site in the first place. Here is the link if you're interested - Circumcised? advice please.... , but if you don't want to...
  19. Y

    Do i have a frenulum?

    Hello, I'm circumcised and I have just recently been told how important the frenulum is. It provides great pleasure so I'm just curious if I have a frenulum or at least the renmant of the frenulum. Thanks for any feedback!