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  1. dayden

    Photo julian Knowles

    Hello men!! Does anyone know where julian Knowles is now??? His body and face are really beautiful!! Unfortunately, he left p*o*r*n in 2019 Does anyone have his social media??? Please someone inform me about him.
  2. P

    Who are these ?

    Gay sex hot who are these guys? this clip is fucking hot!!! :P
  3. Schizoguybaliw

    Photos & Videos Carryfucking men

    I'm quite baffled why there's no specific thread on this here. This may come in several variations - you may refer to the following for some examples: Suspended congress Cannonball Afternoon delight Bully I'm gonna start with this Thai slut being used in the air No pulling out while...
  4. W

    Video Joey Mills and Blake Mitchell So Hot
  5. Hercules and Lippos

    Hercules and Lippos

    This historical novel is set in Ancient Greece. Hercules enlists in the Navy. He may be one of the biggest musclemen in the bunker, but poor Lippos has him beat when it comes to cock size. Lucky for both men, Lippos manages to take Hercules, and Hercules, being a Titan, can take just about...
  6. Panama Heat

    Panama Heat

    Below is an excerpt from Panama Heat. This novel is currently offered for free if you visit my pinned post on Twitter (@Peterschutes). It’s the story of a queer boy in early 20th Century New Orleans who, to avoid jail time for his sexual crimes, agrees to sign on for work on the Panama Canal...
  7. Hobo Honey - Tawdry Gay Vagabonds

    Hobo Honey - Tawdry Gay Vagabonds

    I recently published a Peter Schutes novel set in the hobo jungles of the Great Depression. Hobo Honey is the story of Idaho, an enormously hung vagabond riding the rails with Fred, an angelic youth with multiple talents. You can buy a copy HERE As a gift to LPSG members, I’m giving you a...
  8. M

    Derrick-DereckRaccoon Onlyfans

    Good day, people! Follow my dear friend Dereck/Derrick. OF Please, support this post and I'll post more about him.
  9. Grandadseeking

    Femboy here!!

    Hey there am board and want a older man to have fun with hmu I don’t bite
  10. Danter11

    @@liamgalty @lipe_castillo

  11. Danter11

    Jake Jackson @JakeCountry

  12. MorningStar3

    Anyone knows who this is? (very yummy chap presses a dildo into his wazoo while stroking)

    Anyone knows who this guys is? (Very yummy chap presses A dildo Into His wazoo while stroking)
  13. voyeurfan

    How to improve sensation during anal sex ?

    How to improve the sensation for the top during anal sex ? From my experience so far with different partners, once the penis penetrates the hole and the tip goes past the anus , it feels hollow like a cave inside and I have no sensation from it. I have tried different positions such as doggy...
  14. D

    The Man with the missing tooth!!

    It is another night and I was alone, again, feeling needy and desperate for company, I headed off to my favourite sauna. The place was dead. "What a waste of money" I kept thinking as I wandered around the dark areas; hoping to stumble over some feet or feel a hand or two grope my cock, feel my...
  15. zebyper

    What Drag Race contestant (s) would you have sex with?

    Post here what Drag Race contestant (s) you would have sex with and what role you would be. For me, I would do a threesome with Tatianna and Adore Delano, I would love to have them both on all fours and breed them until my load pops out of their asses.
  16. D

    hot in the sauna

    It was a Sunday evening and I was feeling in need of company so I visited my favourite gay sauna. Once I'd paid my entrance fee, I went to the change room, stripped wrapped the towel around me. There were not many men around in the sauna on this late Sunday night; so, I proceeded straight to...
  17. PrivateJacob

    Photos & Videos Drop Some Straight Videos Here

    The after-after party we all need every weekend!
  18. G

    Presentación personal

    Hola, tengo pocos meses con mi cuenta y no sabía que existía esta opción. Así que pensé que aún debía presentarme. saludos desde mexico.
  19. B

    Photos & Videos Bottoms Cumming in Missionary Position with Faces

    Hey all - one of the things that gets me off QUICK is bottoms cumming while being fucked in the missionary position (or a position that also shows their faces). Here's a great few to get us started!
  20. C

    Big black cocks breeding older daddies gay

    Hey guys, help me to gather videos and photos of men with big black cock breeding and cumming in older daddies/grandpas. Any videos or OF to share?
  21. C


    So I am a fairly experienced bottom guy who recently just keeps having dreams about being gangbanged. The two main dreams that keep recurring are I'm bottoming for a group of indian/Pakistani guys who all fuck and breed me. The other is a group of chavvy guys (two or whom are friends of...
  22. BeatMaster

    Who’s Tighter A Man Or A Woman?

    Yah, weird question. But I’ve always wondered since I’ve always been with guys. So for you who have been with both, what’s your take?
  23. S

    Video Taboo Male

    Chack this latest hardcore porn production
  24. masc4thanos

    Best Vintage Falcon Studios Scenes And Movies

    Lately I have been very drawn to vintage gay porn from the early 2000s back to the mid 1980s. The men were just hotter, fucked better, and were produced and directed better. Falcon Studios in particular has provided me with some great content so I was wondering if anyone here would to share some...
  25. D

    Video Random Chubby Guy With Hat

    Anybody knows who this is or any other videos of him? He fucks random strangers in his living room while secretly recording them and I find it very hot. I cant search much of it from major pornsites anymore unless with a different title.
  26. F

    Photos & Videos Alejandro Mango (spanish Bi Pornstar)

    Aquí dejó abierto un tema para el actor porno bisexual: ALEJANDRO MAGNO
  27. S

    Bald Men

  28. S

    Bald Men

  29. L

    Video Sneaky Cam Boy

    I am looking for similar video to this : Guy plays with his cock and ass with another guy in the room. He secretly webcams the moment without the other guy aware. This was so hot. Please share any videos, links or names for anything similar.
  30. H

    Young White Male 4 Bbc Cam

    Add me on Skype looking for some BBC to cam with! Show you some booty an shake it on cam! 22 white Male hung an juicy! Add me live:577c672bc829eb80