1. N

    Hung men with moustaches

    Time to show off
  2. A

    Leandro Tufano

    I'm posting a thread about this wonderful ''viking''. (Now in the right tab) His Instagram (Login • Instagram) His MYM.Fans (MYM • Réseau social exclusif) Does anyone have any more of his content?
  3. maybemichael_t

    skype group for hairy guys with bushy cocks

    if you are hairy and/or have a hairy dick, join the group: Join conversation
  4. D

    Gay laser hair removal sydney

    Anyone know any gay men that do laser. Professional or fun. Either one works. And someone who isn’t overpriced.
  5. L

    Help ID This Hot PA Muscle Daddy?

    Help me id this daddy.
  6. P

    Jose Ejecutivo OF?

    Any one has suscribed to this OF His twitter:
  7. J

    Need help identifying this guy.

    Hello, I need some help to ID this man. There used to be loads of photos of him on the internet but never a name. He’s the perfect man.
  8. S


    Anything on him?
  9. S

    Photo Pup Lykos | Eric Fuller

    PupLykos Twitter Instagram Ticktok OnlyFans
  10. D

    Crotch hair sticking out

    Once I saw my friend's hair sticking out of his briefs in the crotch between his legs. And it's not when hair sticks out from everywhere. Precisely smooth legs and only dark hair between the legs. Do you have the same photos?
  11. H

    Photos & Videos Tony Knight @tjkwild

    Any hoy content from this stud? His Instagram is @tjkwild
  12. F

    OF: Forestcliff

    Been following this dude for a while and he’s seriously so cute and hot af.
  13. muskyyy

    Photos & Videos Celebrities Armpits

  14. aaronxp

    Andrew Miller

    Gorgeous furry young guy...
  15. Putinho_campinas

    A talk about body hair and masculinity

    I have a strange shame about my body. Even that I'm totally comfortable about my average body shape and hair, I always feel ashamed when someone sees it. I have a particular problem about staying shirt less, even though I really want to and actually feel comfortable while doing it, I'm always...
  16. R

    Anyone Know who these Charlie by Matthew Zink Models are?

  17. DaxDexicoAKAMaxMexico

    Body Hair

    I've searched for this and am quite surprised I can't find a thread on it. Do you like a fuzzy man or a smooth chest? I'm naturally on the hairier side and never know whether I should bother shaving or not. I'm talking above the hips, for clarity's sake. As for me, I'm pretty neutral: sometimes...
  18. stealthmens

    Links can anyone id this adorable man?
  19. topp1993

    Pls Hel Id This Hairy Hottie

    Anyone know who this is / where to find more of him?
  20. J

    Help Id The Most Beautiful Twink

    Can someone please help me ID this beautiful skilled twink:
  21. doemegoed1979

    Looking For A (hot) Chat

    kik/skype: doemegoed1979 live:.cid.af0a23a52204b635 I m 42 bttm hairy for chat too
  22. scottbodyspace

    Brad Kalvo

    Noticed that this stud didn’t have a thread dedicated just to him - add away if you have any photos of him.
  23. JayPR

    To Dye Or Not Dye Your Gray Hair: What Do You Think?

    I would like to know what do you think of men who dye their gray hair and beards? I've seen more and more men and women talking against that and even judging those who do it. Why? Even if a consider that gray hair can look sexy, I don't mind if a guy dyes his hair, especially if it makes him...
  24. t.aago1123

    Identify Him

  25. C

    Who Is This Boy?

  26. H

    Hairandmuscle Chaturbate

    HAIRANDMUSCLE Chaturbate Porn Star Twitter: (@hairandmuscle1): Chaturbate: Watch Hairandmuscle live on Chaturbate!
  27. RATA1988

    Ipl & Laser Hair Removal At Home

    Bonjour I would like to know if the IPL at home works for you. I want to remove definitely the hairs from cheekbones that I currently remove with tweezers and also the hairs on my hands and feet. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  28. McLegs

    Hugh Laughton-scott

    Hey! Anyone's got anything on this gorgeous British model?
  29. spaj8987

    Part Of This Has Been Asked Before. Hair On Guys.

    So it's saturday night and i'm kind of bored but also curious. How do the ladies of lpsg feel about guys with and without hair? There are caveats to this though. How do you feel about men of different races with and without hair. How do you feel about white guys with and without hair. Asian...
  30. L

    Help Id Cam Model

    HAIRY ATHLETIC MUSCLE - video 55 - Anyone have more?