1. L

    Why do some trans men go after gay men specifically?

    I'm asking this question with no hate in my heart, I genuinely want to understand. Why do some trans men insist on going after gay men specifically? And why do you call said gay men transphobic when they don't want to sleep with you? (Also, does supporting trans rights mean, unequivocally...
  2. Marco Tony

    Why Straight Bodybuilders Never Wish Happy Pride ? - Homophobia In Bodybuilding.

    Why straight bodybuilders never wish happy pride ? They never talks about anything gay. Which is ironic, since gay men are the ones who follows them the most on instagram. Also, those rich gay men in Dubai takes care of them financially. Its nice to feel supported. Especially coming from the...
  3. J

    deep closeted Christian TikToker ryan foley

    Do anybody got the nude pictures of the deep closeted Christian TikToker ryan foley because I think he’s hot as fuck he said some stupid shit and not only that he admit that he jerked off to trans women and had sex with them
  4. G

    Why are they trying to force sexual fluidity onto gay men

    Because you see it everywhere in gay TV shows they have The gay male character have sex with a woman to discuss sexual fluidity. there’s a Broadway play called "cock" with the guy from Kingsman playing a gay guy who fell in love with a woman. sex shops are selling pussy toys to gay men and gay...
  5. B


    Straight girls are claiming to be gay I guess who support this homophobic ideology is happy now
  6. bigboaster

    DEBATE: Should straight actors play gay characters?

    In recent years some portion of audiences have brought into question "straight actors taking gay roles" awya from gay actors and has sometimes become a sensationalist media story. Example Jack Whitehall Jack Whitehall Is Reportedly Playing Disney's First Openly Gay Character And Film Fans Are...
  7. JayPR

    Straight Guys And Gay Guys Friendship

    Growing up in the early 90's, once you were out in school, your social life was over. If you were not being bullied already, most of your guy friends were cold with you or even ostracized you. That is why I never came out until I was in my 20s. For me is amazing that the younger generations tend...
  8. C


    A petition I made in regards to the Oscars and their bigoted voters and reviewers: Sign the Petition
  9. Matt Murray

    Coming Out At Work

    If this thread has already been started, I apologize, but I could not find it. I'm curious to hear about other's experiences with coming out at work. Did people treat you differently after you came out? How did you bring it up to your coworkers? Are you still in the closet with your...