1. F

    Describe what anal sex feels like for you

    Describe what anal sex feels like for you. Describe the sensations, where you feel them, etc. Especially (but not exclusively) interested in hearing from guys that enjoy it even without masturbating/touching themselves. But for those who do masturbate, speak up too and describe how the anal sex...
  2. S

    Photos & Videos Armando Nava Muñoz

  3. cucurara

    Feeling torn between being bi, gay and neither

    So let's start from the beginning. About 5 years ago I fully accepted myself as a gay man and started hooking up with some guys, which has felt really good. But over the last 2 years I've been feeling attracted to women too, especially in sexual terms, though I have not made sex with any so far...
  4. D

    Good morning

    good morning
  5. D

    good morning

    good morning
  6. D

    Photos & Videos Igor Leao (@ileaoz)

    anyone has hot content to share of this hottie?? his twitter is twitter.com/ileaoz
  7. F

    22-year-old Man Wanting A Sugar Daddy

    Good evening, guys. I'm looking for a sugar daddy. I've tried many sites and apps but all of them have issues with me not being in the United States. I'm Dominican and I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. My native language is Spanish but I can also speak English. I'm 5'7, skinny and a...
  8. L

    Hooking Up At Walt Disney World

    Yeah, I know. We all want to get off with Kyle Pallo. Has anyone used a mobile hookup app (or just picked someone up the normal old fashioned way) to hook up with another WDW guest while you or they were staying at one of the WDW resort hotels? Spill the beans, in detail please ;-) Which...
  9. M

    Best Gay Porn Scenes To Watch

    Hi People can anyone recommend any hot gay porn scenes to watch for...recently got back into watch porn with my guy and tbh 90% of scenes are boring and generic as fuck. I found the scene between Sawyer and Vander & Colt and Harper. Scenes where the chemistry is really high and the guys really...
  10. B

    Rw Gays Thread

    Any RW Gays out there? And I don't just mean some normie conservative gays. Any RW Gays out there know about Bronze Age Pervert's Bronze Age Mindset, Harro MJ's The Engineering of the Gay Man or Jack Donovan's Androphilia?
  11. Isiahsin434

    Which Body Area Odors Of Muscular Man Smell The Best

  12. P

    Best Gay Theme Films To Watch

    Hi People... Please tell me if you know of any good gay films to watch. The last good gay film I watched is a film called Benjamin. Excellent film like a 8/10. Any Recommendations please let me know.... Generally Foreign gay films are way better than any of the American gay films.... If...
  13. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Calling The 100% Club Members...

    I love women (although I couldn't eat a whole one!) but I have absolutely NO sexual, romantic or any other interest in a female other than strictly platonic/friends. There is no doubt, anxiety or second guessing in my mind on this topic. Nope, nada. Nil. I am a man who likes men and I know that...
  14. Isiahsin434

    Which You Prefer

    Pick one body type and one dick size from this picture to me I love them all
  15. L

    Appreciation Post For Jayceintime

    His name is on Twitter is @jayceintime. Post some photos of him if you have them
  16. Isiahsin434

    Is There The Guy That You Despise You Wanna Hate Fuck?

    Because I have guys that I hate but want to fuck like Jason and David Benham and Aaron Schock I want to fuck them
  17. N

    Sex With A Woman

    Hi! Have you ever fucked a pussy? Would you like to? How do you - as a gay man - feel about cunts?