1. A

    The "Sugar Baby" Issue

    Its been in my head, the topic of spoiling and been spoiled (personal stuff), but what comes to my mind is how to describe the complex "Sugar Daddy - Sugar Baby Phenomena". Because it is no lie that being in what a i call a "SugarLink" is indeed a -Relationship- even if is limited by the...
  2. thebussyinvader

    Is 1 Year Too Soon? (LDR Question)

    I'm 26, live in the USA, polyamorous and have 3 boyfriends (And all 3 of us are in long distance relationships with each other). One (the person I'm writing about - let's call him Scott) is my partner of 8 months, who lives in Argentina. The other two live in the Philippines. Our 1 year...
  3. Jmoo96

    Canadian looking for American

    Hi there! I’m a 26 year old man from canada who is frankly tired of this country continuing to close due to covid. I’d love to move to the states to start a new life but in order to do that I need to find a man I can marry if you’re interested feel free to reach out
  4. SRSWhy

    Married woman on you secretly lust after a bigger cock

    Through the latter half of 20s, I became somewhat of a small celebrity on snapchat for being known as having a big cock - one of the girls I used to send photos of my cock to listed my username on some website and, in a windfall, hundreds of women, usually 20-35 years of age would message me and...
  5. N

    Cheating In A Sexless Relationship

    I'm sure this has been covered at length but since I'm new here and I also have some experience in this area I thought I'd start a new thread. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on cheating in a sexless relationship. Do you feel guilty? If you're not the one in the relationship but...
  6. A

    Need Some Advice

    Hello! I'm going through difficult times in my marriage and need some advice. This is going to be a long story so get your popcorn. When I met my husband 4 years ago he had just arrived to the country I live in. He left a guy in his country with a plan to get back together eventually. His idea...
  7. L

    What Does A Gay Cis Man Have To Do To Earn A Gay/bi/pan Trans Man's Love?

    What does a gay cis man have to do to earn a gay/bi/pan trans man's love?
  8. J

    If Your Wife's Family May Be Against Your Marriage (may Just Be Anxiety)

    If your wife's family is against your marriage, 7 year age gap with the wife older. We're not too immature individuals. Guy (myself) truly is in love with the wife. I'm 29, she's 36. Have known her for 10 years and realized I was in love with her 1 year into meeting her. Meaning I could've been...
  9. W

    Married Men... How Often?

    married men- how often do you fuck your wife? Or women- how often does your husband fuck you?
  10. F

    In A Gay Monogamous Marriage And...

    We are young professionals in a monogamous marriage of several years and we want to add some excitement to our sex life by possibly exploring together with another person or people. However, we don’t want to put ourselves out there on the gay dating apps due to privacy reasons with our careers...
  11. F

    Marriage - Still Relevant?

    With rates of cheating and divorce, you wonder if marriage is s valid today compared to centuries ago. When we were in medieval times and only lived to 25, things were different. Then a few decades ago marriages were husband-centric and the man sort of 'ran' things, and whatever he 'wanted', he...
  12. SSfun

    Is This A Fair Request Of My Wife

    I have been married 17 years and love my wife as much now as the day we got married. She takes antidepressants and has never really had a sex drive. Some times I would go months with no sex at all. I was not willing to leave my wife for something that is not her fault so I spent years teaching...
  13. Shawn_cs

    Marriage advice on sex

    Bisexual closeted guy (26) about to get married to a woman who claims to like sex very much. Both of us are virgins, very normal in our culture. Most married guys say that passion goes away in the first six months. What's your view on this?
  14. N

    So the spark can come back...

    My hubby and I have been together 14yrs. Things got tough for a few years. My libido died because of the struggles in our relationship and other stresses. We have both been unfaithful. We've been in counselling for 9 months. It was my idea, and it took months of pressure to get my husband to...