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  1. J

    Married cheat for side fun/friends

    Hey guys, married (mm) guy here, 31, kinda average looking and build, looking for some friends and potentially a bit of whatever on the side. Realise married men aren't everyone's cup of tea but anyone interested, hmu :) Happy to share pics on request!
  2. H

    Hooking up with married men experiences

    Love hearing about guys hooking up with married men weighted spontaneously like on holiday or more involved like a friend or someone you know. Let’s use this thread to share our hot experiences with married guys ;)
  3. johnholmesjunior

    Photos & Videos pornhub model JOHNHOLMESJUNIOR'S fanclub

    pornhub link, twitter and onlyfans links are in my linktree. please enjoy. johnholmesjuniors linktree
  4. Wh0_Dee

    Married Guys - How Many of You Have Only Had Sex with Your Wife?

    37 yr old married guy here. My wife and I have been together for 16 years (6 married) and I’ve only ever had sex with her. (I was what they call a late bloomer.) Do any of you have similar stories or backgrounds?
  5. J


    Hi, I’m an Asian Femboi, big booty and thighs, curvy and slender body. Looking for any fit married or single men or if not buddies who wanna gang bang me in Minnesota. Hmu
  6. Exgotonic

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. - hottest pastor ever

    I cannot believe there is no thread for him. Literally the hottest naughtiest pastor there is. (Unfortunately) married with three children. I am obsessed with his beautiful face and those gorgeous big feet. He’s been working out and getting fitter and fitter. I just wish he’d show his body more...
  7. H

    Sucking Off Married Men

    I know it's taboo, and morally makes me a bad person but I just find something so incredibly hot about sucking a married man off. knowing he's so horned up that he'll let anyone suck it really turns me on. I'd love to hear about anyone's experience about sucking off a married guy, but what turns...
  8. eugenio963

    Photos & Videos Hot @tank-gabe Tumblr Twitter @tugboatgabe We Need More Of This Hot Dude!!!

    Does anyone have more photos and videos of him? He was on tumblr, making hot videos of his massive married bulge. buldging tights xtighty whities xmarried man xmassive dick xbulge underwear dick xbulge fetish xbulgeman xbulges...
  9. G

    Married Guys: How Does She Know You Are Ready For Sex?

    Hi Guys: If you are the instigator, what's your go-to pick-up line or physical action to let her know you're ready for sex? How does she normally respond?
  10. G

    Straight, Married: How Does She Know You're Ready For Sex?

    Hi Guys: If you are the instigator, what's your go-to pick-up line or physical action to let her know you're ready for sex? How does she normally respond?
  11. P

    Hooking Up With A Gay Man

    As a gay man I have always had a huge fetish for married straight men. All have been very upfront about their situation. I used to find them on Craigslist, now just on the apps. Even now when I go on business trips, I hook up with at least one local or traveling married man. But I always...
  12. 1

    Tx/ok 28 Married. Discreet. Newly Bicurious

    28 married here looking for a bro who wants a real best buddy to do guy things with while wives around. We can experiment, push boundaries when she's away. I want a str8 gym buddy that's trust worthy and not just a sexual person but a friend too Kik: j.oitts122 Kik me with asl
  13. J

    Vids Where Married Men Are Seduced

    i know it’s very strange for me to like this video plot/theme, but it really gets me off!!! Sample Vids: Love the story in here!!! Charity-Case - Pure Taboo Porn Video Full video: PureTaboo – Lisey Sweet – Charity Case This is straight to the sex part, but still hot: Hoping Im not alone...