1. Stroke until hard and cum (not one of my bigger loads)

    Stroke until hard and cum (not one of my bigger loads)

    I've done bigger loads--and smaller loads. It depends on how long it's been
  2. S

    College Jock Caught Jacking Off to KMart Commercial by Roommate

    Hey y’all, I’m sure plenty of you recognize this video, right? It’s been a favorite of mine for a long time, and I know there’s more. I’ve searched and searched (maybe I’m just bad at searching lmao) and I think I saw someone say he may have...
  3. F

    Self-sucking thread

    Made this thread to share pictures and videos of guys self sucking or giving themselves facials.
  4. mrt19

    What device is he using (Vibrator)?

  5. D

    video ID guy with tattoos and scars using fleshlight

    hey so i found this video and found the dude really hot. if anyone can find him and let me know that would be great. he has distinctive features that i’d assume would make it easy to find.
  6. K

    Video Looking for video where husband talks to friends...

    There was a video posted at LPSG (in the past) where a blonde, middle-aged woman was given facials by her husband and his friends. The video was hot, for me, because the men's conversations were ironic/ordinary. They talked about not offending female colleagues (at one of their workplaces)...
  7. C

    Help me find this dream man

    Hello, everyone! I was hoping you could help me find the socials of this guy. I’m obsessed with him. I tried to ask the poster who the guy is, but all he said was that he remembered the guy in the videos was Lebanese and living in France. If this is the wrong place to post this, please...
  8. tyfromtexas

    circle jerk videos

    i was wondering if anyone had any links to good circle jerk videos or good solo vids? i can never seem to find much of them or if you have a website you’d recommend lmk!
  9. oc_nudist

    Photos & Videos Favorite place to masturbate

    Guys. Where is your favorite place to masturbate? Feel free to post any videos or photos.
  10. Peppledash

    Raising Legs Up During Handjob Question

    Here’s something I always wanted to ask, do you lift your legs up during a handjob? When I’m getting one I need to raise my legs, either straight up in the air or by pulling my knees back with my hands. I feel it tightens everything up and produces a much stronger orgasm. The wife loves it...
  11. puppy_boy

    Discord Circle Jerk Server!

    No longer active.
  12. D

    Masturbation Toys

    Would love recommendations for best rechargeable with various speeds and patterns masturbation sleeves? Bought one off the internet and it never would charge....
  13. L

    Does Someone Know's This Guy?

  14. D

    Messy Cocks

    I’d love to see all your messy cocks! Pre cum strings, dribbling cum on your dick, masturbation with cum, cream pie cock, etc… I’d prefer real life pics, but the web is ok as well. All are welcome!
  15. J


    Who uses them? What's your favorite kind? Strongest kind you've used? Any that consistently give you headaches? Best place to buy? How long do you keep your bottles before they "go bad"? Someone said to keep them in the freezer? Pretty new to trying them out so haven't tried many. Jungle...
  16. D

    What’s Something You’ve Masturbated To But Shouldn’t Have?

    I’ve “stumbled upon” the nudes of two different roommates over the years. The first was an actual physical photo album that my straight roommate’s girlfriend sent him to college with. Tons of pics of them naked, having sex, etc. I knew where he stored it so I took a look one day when I was alone...
  17. T


    Gnarlyomari is a fairly new onlyfans and to be honest it's been really disappointing with only a few videos actually worth it but definitely not for the price he charges.
  18. G


    Anything from him OnlyFans
  19. G

    Suaveces And Mr_bedrock Chaturbate

    Something about them? Suaveces Login • Instagram OnlyFans Bedrock Login • Instagram OnlyFans
  20. J

    Please Help Me Id This Guy | Tattooed Hunk Fingering Himself

    Need help IDing this guy.
  21. M

    Tiger Aka The Big Cat From Blulife

    Hello everyone, I'm searching the full presentation video of Tiger, a model from Blulife, who was also a wrestler known as "The Big Cat". Now we can find everywhere his only and most noticeable porn video, besides his wrestling performances in DCW TV between 2007 and 2008. However, there was...
  22. 5

    Wanting To Experience A Women For The First Time!

    Hello everyone, not sure where to post this but I want to know how I (gay dude) can fuck some pussy for the first time, I’ve always been interested in how it tastes and feels. Sometimes I’ll find myself watching women masturbate and just want to make her cum all over my cock. How should I...
  23. Madmedic85

    Broke My J/o Hand

    HELP!!! Need some advise on using non-dominate hand for J/O. Any tips or tricks, I can get hard, but cumming is difficult.
  24. S

    The Straight Men Who Masturbate Together It's more common than we think. Social conditioning/stigmas keep messing up everyone's fun.
  25. TheHorrorPapi

    What’s In Your Box?

    Hi friends! I believe I haven’t seen a thread like this started before, but I was wondering what items do you have in your toy box? I know a lot of us are not really hooking up that much (if at all) due to the pandemic, so I was wondering what I’m your box. What toy(s) get the job done for...
  26. Love in a Mist

    Cut Men Masturbation Vs Uncut

    I am an uncut guy. Recently, I have read a forum about "dry or lube masterurbation". So far I can see that uncut man prefer dry masturbation because they are uncut. However, may I know from cut guy about your dry masturbation if there is any difficulties and how would it feel? How do you think...
  27. AngelEmOr

    Skype Phone Sex

    Hey, guys. Super horny. I really want to talk with a guy and edge together. my Skype username is, “Angel A”. I just have the last initial. thanks!
  28. AngelEmOr

    Looking To Have A Phone Jerk Tonight

    Hey guys, I am looking for a guy to masturbate with me over the phone in about two hours. It would make that 8PM Eastern Standard Time. I’m so horny and want to hear a man moaning in pleasure. Send me a private message and I’ll give you my phone number. Also, please check out my profile too...
  29. G

    Help Id This Stud

    Can anyone help a guy out? Does anyone know who this sexy guy is?
  30. 4

    Firecombat On Cam4