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  1. G

    First threesome experience vids (MFM or FFM)

    Looking for videos of authentic first threesome experiences (or at least that "look" as authentic first threesomes), preferably homemade! Either MFM or FFM. I'll get the ball rolling with one of each. MFM: I think this one is pretty good, may even be legit! FFM: retro but really good, the...
  2. G

    Perth, WA [M] 4 [MF]

    Single, Experienced 7 uncut, tall, bi. Mid 30's Based out of Perth, but I do travel to other Aussie cities once every month or so. Looking for couples 20-40's (unicorns) looking for another M to join them. Clean, Discrete and Professional. I'm bi, but I'm not after MMF, or cuckolding. I'm...
  3. O

    Best MFMs?

    Just watched this phenomenal scene and was wondering which scenes you guys consider the best MFM scenes. This one is so hot, how all parties are super into it and working together well.
  4. K

    Julian vs Voodoo

    I still love early 2000's porn and still wondering who has the biggest dick at the era. I was (am) huge fan of Julian and Voodoo, tell me your thoughts about who is bigger? At beginning of this video, there is double blow job scene. https://spankbang.com/6pdcj/video/nicole+julian+voodoo
  5. jglt

    Straight 26yo guy looking for other straight wank buddies in London

    Hey! So I’m a 26 yo straight guy, sort of new to London (I’m from Spain originally). I recently broke things off with my gf after a few years. I stumbled upon this site and thought it could be cool to find buddies who might be interested in sharing a girl (never had a threesome but it’s one of...
  6. jglt

    Young guy looking for a mmf threesome in London

    Hey there! I’m a 26 y/o guy from Spain and I’ve just moved to London. Recently I’ve become interested in threesomes / swinging— I’ve signed up on 3FUN and Feeld as I’ve heard these are good apps for people who are interested in exploring the liberal world. So essentially I would like to meet...
  7. Chridi's new Sexy-adventures

    What about getting naked in front of his friends? - Part 1 - The invitation

    When I got naked outdoors for the first time with Christian I knew this was something I wanted to do more. Now several years later we repeatedly enjoy naked beaches in different countries and in winter to keep the naked freedom alive we go to big public saunas. One thing I always wanted to avoid...
  8. jglt

    26 yo straight guy new to London. Looking for friends and buddies.

    Hey! I’m a 26 yo guy who’s just recently moved to London (raised in Spain). A friend of mine recently mentioned LPSG to me (he and his girlfriend are both on here). I thought it was a funny concept, I looked it up and decided to check it out. It’s a cool website and I’m eager to see what’s...
  9. H

    Teaming up with best friend for regular MFM threesomes

    I’ve been teaming up with my best friend to offer MFM threesomes to girls on dating/hookup apps and websites for more than a year now. we definitely stand out more working together offering threesomes than if we were working alone as single guys. A case of supply and demand I guess. Have any of...
  10. D

    How do you find cucks?

    How do you find cucks? My wife and I have 3some fantasies and would like to start with a taken woman or man instead of a unicorn. We can’t really advertise ourselves publicly without creating awkward situations. How do you do it?
  11. B

    My first bi experience

    Hey everyone, This is my first post here. Found this site while looking at yummy cocks, and thought I may as well share my story as well. This story is 100% REAL. It was my 23rd birthday, and I went to hang out with a couple of friends for the day. The two of them are partners, M and F, both...
  12. D

    Sharing a Girl with Best Bud

    My best friend (straight) and I (bi) have been talking about doing this for a while. He says his only hesitation is being nervous about performing in front of me. Not me specifically, but just another guy in general. My only hesitation is finding the right girl who would be game for it. Does...
  13. S

    ISO Minnesota couple for friends and mfm fun

    Hello, mid 30’s swm here. im looking to make friends with some local couples. Ideally I would like to make some cool friends that are fun in and out of the bedroom. Ultimately some mfm fun would be the goal. I’m new with this so I’m ok with starting slow and seeing where things go. Open to any...
  14. BADway

    Some Action In Berlin!?

    Hell beautiful people I am looking for some fun in Berlin, specifically for a couple (boy - girl) who are open minded and could enjoy some good times in bed, the three of us If u feel like it then simply hit me up !!! Attached a photo of my dick so you don't keep wondering :p:joy: All the...
  15. M

    Casting Call

    My wife Misty in the need to make some extra cash. Finds an add claiming that they'd pay two grand for an average BBW between the ages of 18 to 25 for modeling. She pondered over it for a couple of days, she’d never thought about modeling before, assuming she wasn’t beautiful or hot. But the...
  16. M

    Another Saturday Affair

    I went over to my girlfriends house. To do the usual weekend chore of mowing her yard. Which I don’t mind cause after all, her mom pays me good in more ways than one. As I push the mower back and forth across the steep hill in the front. I watch my girlfriend Misty, her sister Crystal and her...
  17. sammer

    Not New To Lpsg But New To Posting

    Been on and off this site for years never posted a thread before. Ive been a serial monogamist most of my life. Recently been single for the past 2 years... Longest amount of time ive been single. lol... Anyways. Looking to have fun, make new friends let loose. Jack off buddies would be an...
  18. I

    Christian And Cassie Onlyfans

    Super interactive couple who post new, ridiculously hot MFM threesome scenes every week. If this is your thing, it’s well worth a subscription. OnlyFans
  19. M

    The Rough Guy.

    Arron Philips had nothing but the pack on his back, as he hitchhiked his way home. Or where and if he had a home to return to. Being that he’d recently been released from the state pen. He had already explored other options. Hoping to find work. But unfortunately all he found was doors slammed...
  20. M

    The Day In The Life Of A Slut Wife

    A day in the life of a slut wife. As usual at the time I awoke with morning wood. So I rolled over on to my wife Misty and started rubbing her pussy. “ Mmmm!...More! “ She mumbled, before reaching for my head to guide it down between her legs. Knowing I wouldn’t get my dick into her until I...
  21. 7

    Let’s Get Planning!

    With lockdown hopefully over soon, everyone’s gone mad with booking trips away. I’ll be in the following places over the next few months May 28-31 Harrogate July 26-28 Ibiza July 30-August 1 Blackpool So if there’s any fun to be had, shout me. I’m 39 straight engaged and into 3sums, verbal...
  22. 7

    Meet In April

    Setting up a meet for beginning of April. as_london123 on Skype Lukec2018 on kik Straight here so will be over straight porn
  23. 7

    Straight Uk Bloke. Looking To Hang Out Or Skype With Other Straight Lads

    39 engaged, based in Buckinghamshire. Looking for other straight lads (bonus points for being attached/married too) for beers, bants, and good porn! Into DP MFM verbal gangbang etc. lukec2018 on kik as_london123 on skype
  24. jakeskipow

    Seattle Jerk Bud

    Yo. 22 straight/curious dude here looking for chill buddies. Just move here and Ideally id love to find a jerk bud or a workout bud.
  25. A

    Fantasy About Wife And Her Boss

    My wife’s birthday is coming up. She received a handwritten card from her skip boss (several levels above her). Apparently he is a very handsome and youngish (older than either of us) guy who regularly chats with my wife to work and discussed non-work stuff like going to the gym. She started...
  26. B

    Hello... Bi Curious Fit Here - Looking To Explore!

    About me: Athletic fit; 6’1 200. Good looking. White. Discreet & curious/envious of big dick studs. Interests: Looking for hung bi men to service and learn to suck their superior dicks on the DL. I also a hot milf friend who is wanting mfm. If your hung and bi and live in the following...
  27. M

    Another Lunchtime Affair.

    A sunny spring day in the 1980’s. As successful realtor an forty something hot mom Deb Jones was on her way home for lunch, and a quick nap to recharge, for what was supposed to be a busy afternoon with potential clients. After parking in her driveway and getting out of her car. She was...
  28. GoingOnABoeing

    A Coming Of Age Story And Beyond (mfm, Polyamory)

    Part One The attorney’s phone call came as a deep shock to me. My uncle Bruce had died in a boating accident on the Colorado River. I knew he had headed out west for a few weeks. I had talked to him the night before he left his home on Hilton Head Island. But I knew I wouldn’t hear from him...
  29. jakeskipow

    Boston Jerk Buddy/ Dp

    yooo im a pretty laid back 21 year old athletic straight curious dude here. any body in the boston area interested in firing up some porn and jerking regularly? or finding a girl down for us to tagteam her? kik is jollyjerkinjake snap is jerkingjake
  30. jakeskipow

    Boston Jerk Buddy/ Dp

    yooo im a pretty laid back 21 year old athletic straight curious dude here. any body in the boston area interested in firing up some porn and jerking regularly? or finding a girl down for us to tagteam her? kik is jollyjerkinjake snap is jerkingjake