1. H

    Showing hard long black cock

    Showing hard long black cock
  2. ashleyxy88

    Photos & Videos Ultraman Defeats

    I wonder why is there no threads on Ultraman? I am always in love with Ultraman being defeated, especially Ultraman Dyna series. The fight scenes were well scripted and Ultraman Dyna always looks like he is in great pain when getting attacked by his enemies. The suit is so fitting as well that...
  3. J


    Anyone got anything on him? He’s trying to be a rapper
  4. L

    Who is this guy?

    Hello everyone, I am messaging to find out who this guy is???? I came across this picture of him and his beautiful big dick on Twitter (X) Does anyone know who this is? B.
  5. B

    XL top ID help

    can anyone identify this beast of a pipe????? It’s insane…. I would love to see more This beauuuuuutiful dick
  6. L

    Who is this guy?

    Hello my everyone, I am wondering who this guy is? I just found him in one of my twitter searches? If this guy is not that well hung / well endowed and with well proportioned dick and balls then I will eat my hat.
  7. H

    Who is this muscle monster?

    Can someone id him please! Someone sent me this on snapchat…We need a thread about this beast!
  8. K

    Monstercock of Tpowerx / Tpowerman

    Does anyone have more videos from this guy's OnlyFans? He has such a huge uncut dick, would love to see more!
  9. D

    French Huge Cock - Manson

    This guy has one of the biggest cocks I have seen. Any thoughts ? More pictures here : Manson ( frenchhugecock ) model OnlyFans on Leakedzone
  10. L

    Photos & Videos @jonnel_macana Fotos recentes

    ALGUÉM TEM UMA FOTO RECENTE DELE? Alguém tem uma foto recente dele? @Jonnel_macana Somente fãs: @jossxxl
  11. L

    Mike Buffalari (SmokingHunks)

    does anyone have or know where i can watch these videos of the Smoking Hunks with Mike Buffalari? (other than on the studio's website because I'm broke). I would be grateful
  12. M

    Insane Length

    I’ve been seeing these pictures for years, does anybody know who he is. Was there ever any videos?
  13. Irishguy

    Swimwear for well endowed to show bulge

    Hi guys It has come time for me to invest in some new swimwear. It is always a hassle as usually the ones I have used (and stretched) so well end up wearing out and need to be replaced and then the brand or model is no longer available. I have used Trophyboy from Andrew Christian a lot in the...
  14. RainForest

    Amazing Caribbean Genitalia

    A collection of gorgeous dicks, scrotums and vaginas forged by indigenous, African and European peoples. Let's celebrate and admire the resulting beauty.
  15. greatbazooka

    Let’s find this guy

    I am drooooooling. He had twitter but deleted it recently and can’t remember his name. Anyone??
  16. 2

    Dating App Huge Cock Advice

    Hey beautiful members of LPSG, long time listener, first time caller here. I’m 32, dating in LA, and i’ve heard i’m normally one of the cutest (& biggest) in most rooms. I’m into all types physically, but prefer huge cocks. How do I make that clear on dating apps (except Grindr), and which...
  17. tazzman7777

    post your dick pic and ill photoshop it to make it huge!

  18. B


    Does anyone know how this perfect specimen is?
  19. Amphlett

    Hung porn actor Steve Rives aka Markus Polkas

    Anyone got vids of him? Steve Rives Adult Star Steve Rives | Gay | AEBN Steve Rives CockSuckersGuide About Steve Rives: Whether it's a vanilla scene or something truly kinky, Steve Rives is a smooth twink always ready to please. A...
  20. Angelgoodguy


  21. 1

    Measured 8-8.5inch Curved Black Dick

    Measured at 8 inches bpel..8.5 if I measure from the side slightly under my dick to go along with the curve more. I have a really long curve on my dick and I read somewhere that for curved dicks you should measure the bottom and the top and take the average of both so 8.25 bpel I guess. The...
  22. Tefloncon

    Who’s dick is this?

    Anyone know the source to this?
  23. C

    Photo OMG WTH

    A great guy named Tim that I met on a dating site, things were going well so I asked to see what he has. Turns out he has some sort of a monster freak dick. He says he was born with it being like that. At least it's big, I'll give him that.
  24. H

    Marinport74 on IG - Huge Uncut Dick

    This man is insanely hot and hairy, not to mention hung like a horse check out his instagram marinport74
  25. FitCollegeDude

    Huge Cock Superpowers

    Huge cock superpowers Back in the day I had a best friend and I had always been jealous of his big cock. However, then in just a very short time I had outgrown him, which I didn’t find that strange at the time, because after all cock growth spurts can happen until your late 20s. Later in life...
  26. FitCollegeDude

    My Best Friend's Huge Cock

    My best friend's huge cock Chapter I – Talking to an old friend Back in the day I (now 20) had a huge crush on my best friend, let’s call him Tom (now 21). He was very athletic, so he had an amazing body, on top of that he also had a huge cock. We’d fool around sometimes, so I had seen him...
  27. younghungnj

    Photos & Videos New Pics Of My Huge Hard And Soft Cock

    Hello all, I recently uploaded some new pics of my sizable package to a new album (link here), thought I’d post some pics (and 1 short vid attached) for non-golds. Enjoy!
  28. M

    Video White Boy With Big Black Cock

    Hello just found this video and wanted to know if anyone knows the name of the person in it. Was not expecting a horse cock of that magnitude
  29. cucurara

    Who's This Huge Top On The Video?

    Been look for anything on him, did anyone see him before? any OF, twitter acc, lpsg thread? he shot those videos fucking guys on cars...
  30. mca1215

    Visiting Denver

    I’m visiting Denver in the beginning of august. I want to meet up with hung guys to hang out with and worship.