1. B

    Espace sportif pontoise 75005

    Hello, This place used to have communal shower downstairs in the men's lockeroom. The place was closed , they reopened December 5 and I want to know if in the men's lockeroom the showers next to the sauna are still communal showers? Thanks Salut, La piscine / salle de sport est à nouveau...
  2. Maggie_Smith

    Best gay town city for fun

    I was going to Paris on holidays but with the bedbugs and after reading about bomb threats in the Louvre, I decided to cancel my going there. However, I’ll be on holidays and now I have no idea where to go. Can someone here suggest good places in Europe where it’s safe to go and at least I’m...
  3. jamesman

    Gentleman in Paris

    Hello from Paris ! Allow me to introduce myself—I am James, your sophisticated and charming gentleman here in the enchanting city of Paris. With an air of mystery and a touch of elegance, I'm here to create moments that transcend the ordinary and open the door to a world of shared exploration...
  4. T

    I’m 23 years old and my sexual life is a disaster.

    Good evening everyone, I am 23 years old and I am writing to you because I have a problem in my life: I am not sexually fulfilled and it frustrates me a lot. It all starts at the age of my first faith at 18, I decide to have sex with a guy of my age and I have the role of b. For the first time...
  5. msriffraff

    Raidd Bar stripper "Augusto" or "Gabriel"

    This guy danced and stripped at Raidd Bar, Le Marais, Matinee Paris and other gay parties. He's SUPER hung. Used to go by MonsterGabFit on Facebook and other socials. I believe he's French of Brazilian origin. Starting an appreciation thread for him!
  6. L

    Sex clubs in Paris

    Hi guys, have you had experience in cruising place/sex clubs in Paris ? How was it ? Not talking about saunas here just sex clubs I went to this place called XKBOYS It was previously known as the Bunker and was the place to be for raw sex even before we had access freely to prep in France. It...
  7. M

    Rome June 27, Paris June 28-30

    Open to hanging out , solo traveling . M, age 28 from US
  8. competitor

    Anyone in Paris for fun?

    Looking for cock contest in Paris Here until Sunday
  9. F

    Looking for a versatile bodybuilder in Paris

    Hey guys, I‘m 28 and bi with a lot of experience with guys. I‘m looking for a good looking, versatile bodybuilder guy between 35-52. I'm not muscular and fat, but I'm willing to go to the gym with him if needed. I just like bodybuilders.
  10. M

    Looking in Paris, France

    My wife and I will be visiting Paris in about 2 weeks and are looking for a third that would like to have some fun while we are there. Anyone in the area that would be open?
  11. S

    Paris France exhib

    Partager vos exhib ici si vous voulez où bien partagez des spots d’exhib à Paris
  12. D

    Scandinavian in Paris

    Hi everyone Bisexual athletic scholar guy who loves to discuss everything from the geekiest things to the kinkiest. Smooth, fit and well built. Scandinavian based mostly in Paris. Hope to hear from you
  13. L

    What gym in Paris is good for cruising/showing off ?

    Hey guys I’m looking for a gym in Paris (not a « gay gym » like Gym Louvre with backrooms etc) where men can watch each other naked and play discretely in open showers, locker room and/or saunas. i used to go to CMG Palais Royal in the evening and all the men would be hard in the showers and...
  14. L

    Cruising in gyms - Paris edition

    Hey guys I’m looking for a gym in Paris (not a « gay gym » like Gym Louvre with backrooms etc) where men can watch each other naked and play discretely in open showers, locker room and/or saunas. i used to go to CMG Palais Royal in the evening and all the men would be hard in the showers and...
  15. P

    Paris Massage

    Been following the the thread of London Massage. I am wondering if there are any experience sharing of those in Paris or France as well. Any Masseur you have tried and would recommended?
  16. T

    Paris: Hung folks?

    In Paris from May 6 to the 18th--looking for other hung for some fun. DM me!
  17. haargross

    Look for nude models in Paris

    Hey ! Who would be up to pose naked for some drawing figures? I am an artist living in Paris. I've been to the beaux-arts and would love to find some naked men to make some sketches. Ever try? What do you guys think about it?
  18. Silmende

    Paris Anyone? Unusual Request :)

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to spend some days in Paris (not just me, we will be two) and I would like to do some kind of "Miraculous"-tour. Anyone who knows where I can find a tour guide, or who is able to do this kind of tour guide? I've found a website describing some of the places from the...
  19. K

    Photo Vttraph - Raphael Viet Triem

    Handsome parisian guy ! Do you have more ? He's my crush, i'm in love ahah.
  20. K

    Photo Corentin Pfeiffer - Flowers

    Hi guys ! He's an handsome fleuriste in Paris, influencer on Instagram. He has a beautiful voice. I'm sure we Can have nudes ! Love
  21. K

    Damdbs - In

    Hi everyone ! I love Damien (@damdbs on Instagram)... Do you have more, nudes ? Merciiii
  22. P

    Paris Cruising

    Hi to the forum...I saw the 'London Cruising' thread and thought it would be cool to have one for Paris. Am back and forth between Paris and Brussels myself, and am always looking for new cruising spots in Paris. Especially now that the saunas are shut. Would love to build this...
  23. omegatech

    Trio In Paris

    Anybody in Paris between 15th july to 21st open to meet a spanish couple in their 30s who contacted me for a trio ? Their requirments: - 2 men / 1bi guy - well hung more than 21-22cm and thick/very thick - age: 30 to 35 - athletic (no fat guy sorry) They will receive us in their airbnb flat...
  24. D

    Cruising In Paris

    Is it a place where I can find hung guys cruising in Paris?
  25. GAY34

    Harounmasinica On Ig

    Hi everybody, Have U got more pictures of him ? haroun (@harounmasinica) • Photos et vidéos Instagram
  26. E

    Paris Looking For Discreet Bators

    Hello I will be in paris the week of the 15 october, looking for horny discreet bators married or similar for hot bating no drama sessions.
  27. thick4me

    Paris Oct 1-8 London Oct 8-15

    Looking to meet alpha males with extremely large cocks for sucking.... Very nice guy here....check my profile....see what I like...pic is my to find similar Thanks Sammy
  28. anotherxy

    Paris June 11-19

    Will be in Paris on vacation. Looking for some recommendations... and some fun, of course ;) Anyone interested? Also curious about gay bars/clubs/cruising scene (if any).
  29. C

    Renan pacheco - brazilian paris based blogger

    Anything on him?
  30. P

    Any str8 jo buddy in paris?

    Hi there. I'm a straight guy in a relationship who likes to watch porn with other straight guys, relax over a drink and jerk off. I like to have fun with discreet buddies without stress, knowing exactly how others feel and without expecting anything else. Cannot host.