penis pumping

  1. superTom82

    My penis enlargement combination

    Hello, I would like to introduce you to my combination routine for penis enlargement. I guess most of you just pump and do stretching exercises like (Jelquing) or penis extender tool. Has anyone tried combining these two with an erection cream and listening to hypnosis, subliminals and binaural...
  2. J

    Getting a pumped dick

    I have a penis pump and every once in a while I use it a little longer than recommended. I do that to get that thick, full dick. However I know that that is dangerous and could lead to damages/injuries. Does anybody do the same? And whats the safest way to do that? Is there a safe way?
  3. B

    Lotions for jelqing after pumping

    I pump every day in the shower with my Bathmate Hydromax 7. Afterwards I like to jelq for about 10 or 15 minutes. I have been using Bathmate’s “Max Out” lotion but I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for alternatives to Bathmate’s lotion. It seems very expensive for what it is...
  4. W1x40zu

    Do Penis Pumps works for girth?

    Hey guys i'm a 19yr old dude and i'm bought a basic pump to test it out. my lenght is rlly close to 7 inches but my girth is kinda poor, 4.5. I've heard about that pumps are cool for girth, i'd love to get something like 5 inch in girth. I would be happy to see any experiences from you guys with...
  5. T

    Viagra, Cock pump, edge, punish and humiliate

    Married sub male with wifes dirty panties on skype. Please make me take a viagra, use my penis pump and edge, stroke how you tell me. Humiliate me, punish my cock and balls, use vibe wand and tie my up. I show face with nylons over head. Please add me on skype - humiliateme3
  6. D

    New To Pe And Seeking Clarity On Gains!

    Hi all! I’m seeking some advice from the more experienced in PE out there . So I’ve been using hydromax pump almost religiously for a solid 5 months and have been using the Phallosan forte for almost 3 months now, and have just added the “Phallosan plus “ to the schedule too. I’ve been strict...
  7. Bigbenny96

    Penis Pumping, Pe, Or Stretching - Telegram Group Chat <--- Group link I made group chat on Telegram (which is better than skype or whatsapp btw) about Penis Pumping, PE, or dick stretching. Join and post your questions, results, or progress!
  8. andresuncut

    Penis/ball Pumping.

    anyone in michigan into penis/ball pumping? would really like to meet others around the midwest are that love getting big; w/ pumping or saline !
  9. P

    Penis Enlargement Manchester Uk

    Hey guys Not sure where to post this but I love cock pumping and all forms of penis enlargement. Curious if there are any UK guys in or near Manchester who pump or have had enlargments or silicone or saline who would be up to chat and maybe meet. Cheers
  10. E

    Routine E For Stamina

    I’ve posted this question before without much help. Does anyone have a routine they have used to help with premature ejaculation?? I can cum in a few pumps when having sex.. I usually take Kratom or other drugs during sex to make it enjoyable for my girl but I’m tired of having to rely on...
  11. E

    Supplement to help gains/circulation

    what’s everyone taking to promote circulation before and after pumping...whenever I drink caffeine it kills my gains and makes me shrivel...but I feel like I need it to do my job at the level it needs to be done at...can anyone please help me with this? Thanks
  12. E

    Increase in size

    ive been using a bathmate x30 for a 3-4 months and also an air pump a little bigger...but I just got a smaller air pump that has a pocket puss in it!’s a small pump only 6inch which is what I’ve been pumping my dick to in the bathmate. I pumped in the new 6 inch pump and packed it...also I...
  13. E

    Cockrings and pumping

    This that use cock rings while pumping, do you think they are nessicary/help with penis growth? I see a lot of guys on here using them... how long do you leave them on after pumping etc? Thanks
  14. bigdickaznboy

    Looking to grow!!! need supporters!

    Hey guys! I'm committing seriously to a long term daily PE regimen to see how MASSIVE I can grow this beast... Financially, I am very limited though, so I'm hoping for benefactors to support me in my growth! I'm already huge, but I've always had a fetish for growth... there's no limit to how...
  15. T

    Before and after using penis extenders with pictures if possible

    Post your experiences using penis extenders with before and after measurements and pictures . Include what extender you use . Also any supplements that help with enlargement or naturally increase test Thanks
  16. 1

    New pumper

    My first penis pump has arrived today - any tips from experienced pumpers to help me along, it doesn’t have a pressure gauge and is a manual bulb pump. Didn’t want to spend to much if it isn’t my thing so any started tips welcome!
  17. BlkPumper

    Frot and pump. any takers?

    Enjoying what I'm seeing and learning. Feeling the need to Frot and Pump. Any takers?
  18. gettinbigger

    Electric penis pumps

    Hey guys, I've been pumping for some time and have noticed some gains. Considering I do not do it consistently I'm pretty happy. I've decided to get more serious and am looking at electric pumps. They make them now so you can program them and if you can believe what you read on the internet...