1. Avrys

    Best Verbal OFs?

    Tend to like verbal and PoV and Roleplay from strong guys (whether that’s beefy daddies or muscle bears or jocks or body builders etc). Just looking for recommendations for who might fit the mold. Been screwed over by guys who don’t post real content so thought I’d ask for recs. Want to avoid...
  2. C

    I do have old Branddkim cum vids also known as kijiro_bites now

    I want to trade with lancebynight OF and Stephanwaldt OF vids plz reply me. Thanks in advance!
  3. S

    Regular straight guys / Dad bods

    Hey! Just wondering if anyone can recommend any OnlyFans regular straight guys with or without dad bods. I love regular guys. There are a couple of British guys that I think are awesome. @sergeantdickie1 and @ricksnsfw
  4. H

    Website recommendations for Asian muscle hunks

    Hey everyone, As the title suggests, I'm looking for recommendations of good websites accessible from Europe to see hunky asian guys. Pretty boy athletes, bodybuilders, jocks etc. Doesn't have to be sex but erotic, nude, voyeuristic. Bonus points for flexing, muscle worship and cocksure...
  5. N

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Hello out there! I'm going to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the first time in August. Would love recommendations and even better if there was someone willing to show me around. I don't have much on my profile, but send me a message and I'm happy to exchange pics, information, snapchats, etc. Some...
  6. T

    Gay Food-Related Stories and Recommendations

    This picture turns me on so much! I love innuendos, metaphor, and anything that can have double meaning. Anyone have any gay anecdotes or story recs that are centered around food? Please note this is NOT the place for those with a feeder fetish, as that is something different.
  7. integritymatters

    Great Handjob/Milking/Edging Porn

    I love loud moaning & their facial expressions when they see their cum.... It makes me so horny to see - especially if its collegiate jocks, alphas, twinks, muscular guys or straight guys getting a handjob from a gay or bi guy. Any recommendations?
  8. D

    Best underwear for your ass

    Hey gays What underwear do you think looks best on a guys ass? I’m looking for some new brands to buy from but I want it to be flattering for my ASSets lol I’ve already got Calvin Kleins (they’re pretty good) but am looking for some other stuff, maybe sluttier. Anybody got any recommendations...
  9. C

    No PPV OnlyFans Recommendations?

    I'm looking for new OnlyFan accounts to subscribe to. However, I have been disappointed by some, especially those who do not post full content. Are there any OF accounts that have a wide selection of long and full videos without PPV? Mostly into Latin guys.
  10. D

    What website do you use?

    Hey I was wondering what website y’all use to watch straight porn? I know about xvideos/xhamster/pornhub but they never show the full scenes - do y’all know a site that has the full scenes? Like a straight equivalent of boyfriendtv or something like that? Thanks y’all!
  11. TheEasyA

    Butt plug issues

    I recently got a new plug. It’s a small one with a diamond heart. My only problem is that the heart just barely covers my hole. I’m so scared it’s going to slip inside. Do you guys have any recommendations for butt plugs that won’t slip inside by accident? I like them both for feeling submissive...
  12. A

    Asian OnlyFans Performers

    Some of my recommendations for some lesser-known Asian Americans. Also, these guys are all monthly-subscription based, and don't do PPV content. I don't want to share their paid content, because I don't want to take away from the broke boys haha. I just want to help promote them, and hear more...
  13. frank5120

    Speedo Recs

    Hi LPSG. I’m looking to purchase some speedos or other tight fitting swimwear for a vacation coming up and would love some recommendations. a little about me, I’ve never worn speedos because I’ve always been self conscious of my body and my package being a little below average. Would love some...
  14. 1

    Cock Ring Recommendations

    I’m really interested in getting one. Any recommendations of brands or your favorite type I’d appreciate thanks
  15. T

    Need New Gay Porn Vids

    hey everyone! Lol okay so let me get to the point. I’ve been having trouble finding porn videos to well ya know...and all the threads that had recommendations have videos that are mostly deleted. anyways so i was wondering if yall could help. You can post really anything but just know i am not a...
  16. JohnnyMission

    Biobidet's "vortex Wash" For Douching?

    I've been thinking about getting a bidet seat for a while, and I'm wondering about the quality of the BioBidet's "vortex wash" enema feature. Normally I use a shower shot (or a bulb when I travel), but the idea of just sitting down and getting my butt rinsed out on my toilet does sound pretty...
  17. pereda

    Straight Guys & Straight Couples - Onlyfans

    So I’ve recently gotten into onlyfans accounts because the people that I’ve followed on IG for years (non celebs) that I did not expect would ever start an OF, ended up creating ones. Specifically, I’m only interested in non-celeb straight males and straight couples that post great content on...
  18. O

    Affordable Supportive Pouch Boxer Briefs?

    I'm looking for brand recommendations. I like an "anatomically correct" pouch that keeps things lifted and supported and helps prevent that sweat-glue situation between the boys and the inner thigh. I love the way Andrew Christian feel, but I'm not crazy about all the neon. John Sievers brand on...