1. explosionerection

    How do you prefer your pubic hair?

    How do you prefer your pubic hair? And what is the reason? Shaving because it makes your penis look bigger? Or keeping it natural because you feel more manly, or just can't bother shaving? Let us know in the comments below!
  2. C

    help ID this guy (meridian ad)

    I keep seeing this guy on my FYP for the meridian ads. any idea who it is ?
  3. D

    How to shave

    How do you guys shave your penis and balls? I looked it up online and apparently a razor is the way but what type of razor and how. I’ve been using clippers very carefully but sometimes I nick myself and it hurts. Any help will be great.
  4. T

    Shaved Man Legs (thanks, TicTok!)

    As much as I think Tiktok is a stupid waste of time, I have to admit, I love seeing all the gym rats and young men jumping on the leg shaving trend! Seems like it's spreading too as I've noticed a handful of guys at my gym sporting newly shorn legs. Here are a few screen shots:
  5. T

    Pubes, Grooming, Waxing, Shaving Or Manacaping

    Hi, guys. Here's a place for member feedback. (Get it?) and general conversation on pubes and managing them. I think gay mens voice matters most, because gay men are just connoisseurs - and gay men talk straight! Should one wax or shave? What are the benefits? How much to do? Do you...
  6. M

    Shaved The Base Of My Shaft Once And This Happened

    My shaft was always smooth. A few years ago I made the mistake of shaving the base of my penis. Since then, gradually and very fast I started growing hairs half way up the shaft. I continued shaving and the hairs became more amd more thick. I need to constantly shave my shaft now. I hate it...
  7. T

    Shaving Just Your Balls

    I used to just trim my pubes with an electric trimmer but have been thinking adding shaving my balls. Looking for opinions from guys that have tried it. What did you think? Your partner think?
  8. B

    Do You Guys Shave Your Ass?

    Hey all so recently I got this razorless cream shave and I wanted to know if anybody had any prior experience with using this on their ass. im not really hairy down there I just wanted my hole to be smooth without the process of using a razor and shaving cream… plus the reach around to actually...
  9. Q

    Keeping Smooth Skin

    Hi all. So, I've a question related to shaving/grooming: How do you keep your body smooth and hairless? Do you just shave each 3-5 days? I'm a little bit hairy and like to keep my abs, groin and ass hairless, but it's kind of anoying to shave frequently. I also trim my chest, pubes and...
  10. sweetlucky12

    Manscaped Trimmers/clippers?

    I apologize if this isn’t the right forum. I realize this is kind of an appearance question too. Anyway does anyone use Manscaped brand trimmers? I’ve been seeing a lot of adds on social media for them. My husband’s trimmer is kind of on its last legs so I was thinking about getting him a new...
  11. 8

    Shaving Alternatives?

    I have always been a guy that trims or shaves the boys. Which sometimes it just takes up time and I have usually a tight sack so pulling a bit to shave proper can glbe a hassle or I forget. i was curious about gels or sprays etc. Have any of you tried these products? What were your experiences...
  12. 9

    Hair On Lower Shaft - Permanent Removal

    Hi guys, I normally keep things shaved (or at least trimmed) and tidy, but I am annoyed by pubes appearing to grow roughly an inch from my pubic bone up the penis shaft. The issue is at its worst when erect, as I am a grower and the shaft skin gets obviously stretched, pulling up hairs on the...
  13. T

    What Do You Use To Shave Your Ass?

    Everyone always seems to have hairless asses which I know isn't something they were born with. I hate shaving my ass because you have to do it so many times and it always grows back itchy for me. What do you use (shaver, nair, etc.) to keep your ass hairless and how do you keep it that way for...
  14. 1

    Video Video Link? Muscle Guy Shaving His Big Erect Cock

    it was a video someone posted here of a bald buff/muscle guy shaving his big erect cock and jerking off after. I think someone mentioned that the guy is a pornstar althoight it looked like it was filmed with an iphone.