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size queen

  1. J

    Dildo vs Penis

    I was curious about a couple of things. I know that everyone’s experience is unique, but whatever you’d be willing to share would be appreciated: 1. Comparing a penis to a good quality dildo, how is the experience similar and how is it different? Is one more pleasurable than the other? Or is it...
  2. Metamorphosis - From a "good girl" to a size-queen

    The beggining

    When I was 20 years old, I was just... well, an average 20-year-old girl. I was neither particularly pretty nor particularly ugly, not very tall and quite skinny. I hadn't had many boyfriends up to then and very little sexual experience for my age, and I hadn't even enjoyed what I'd tried. I...
  3. Milfalicious

    Size Queen in Colorado and Arizona. But travel! (Or just come to me)

    I'm an experienced size queen. On the hunt for the biggest always If you want to see more I'm on FetLife as -girlnextdoor- I don't check this site as often as it's never produced for me unfortunately :(
  4. T

    Links Gay size queens

    Hey I’m obsessed with guys obsessed with size. When you search for verbal bottoms, most of the time you just find videos where the bottom moans a lot or something. Looking for porn where the cock sucker or bottom talks about the top’s size. Like this video with David Ace and Rave Hardick. Rave...
  5. domina_with_camera

    Visiting Vancouver BC

    Hey long-dongs, I'm looking to meet up with some hung guys when I visit Vancouver BC at the end of the month. DM me if you're 10" or more, vaccinated, recently tested, can host... xoxo your Size Queen
  6. justwatchi

    Measuring up pics

  7. mrtman327

    A Recounting Of My First Time With A Big Cock

    So it’s no secret that I’m somewhat of a size queen, tending to prefer the way big guys feel inside me. Today I’m very talented at taking big dick from both ends, and I’m proud of it. I’m a masculine sub; hairy all over, deep-voiced, confident, and I’m on the short side of average height which...
  8. S

    Scared To Size Queen

    Similar in spirit to the 'vids where she can't take it' but with the girls in the videos ending up either cumming or loving the previously daunting endowment. First one here is great, love the 'mentor' telling her not to be nervous and she clearly enjoys herself throughout the vid Next is...
  9. Dangerous_Woman


    New to the site but not to big cocks Will fill in my profile soon.. looking forward to getting to know you! Also love comparing guys on zoom or skype.. so feel free to inbox me in the mean time!
  10. B

    Any Real Female Size Queen's On Skype?

    Hey all! Aussie, big cock (verified with pics on profile) and LOVE size contests over Skype. Are there any female size queen's that anyone knows of who judge contests? If you are one or you know of one please shoot me a message with your Skype ID or email. Or add me now: sperry4334@gmail.com...
  11. CASizeQueen

    Los Angeles Gloryhole Welcuming You!

    Discreet, private gloryhole in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles is now available for private appointments. Cum by, unzip and unload. Health officials feel that a gloryhole offers great protection for both partners. Appts available most evenings, but flexible
  12. Jamesishuge

    Sexy Sexting With A Gorgeous Girl Who Found Me On A Cock Measuring Site

    Here is a sexy exchange with a gorgeous admirer while browsing a big cock measurement site (the visualizer). Girls write >>>> better than men! First Contact: She comes on to me. She initiates by sending a hot picture of her breasts topless and her pretty face with strawberry blond hair. She...
  13. Jamesishuge

    Cock Fiend Werewolf

    Hi, Weird title I know but I don't know if what I experience about twice a month as 48h episodes (no, nothing to do with the moon) is something you guys have ever experienced or heard of. I'm mostly straight in choosing partners and girlfriends and I haven't had a boyfriend type relationship...
  14. domina_with_camera

    Cock Art - My Domina Gaze

    Greetings! I have a new gallery up on my profile, of my ongoing work-in-progress erotic art photography project "MY DOMINA GAZE". I welcome you to go have a look, let me know what you think: https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/cock-art-my-domina-gaze.400381/
  15. SizeQueen_Ava

    Comparing You Skype

    Looking to compare guys and find out who actually has the best cock!! Will be compared in: Girth Lenght Ball size Head size Bulge Overall look If your interested inbox me. If your afraid to show face (just to me) dont inbox me
  16. 4

    I Meet Insecure Guys That Think I'm A Nympho And Has Social Media Ended Monogamy?

    I have a high sex drive, love sex and am a very sexual person but this is only obvious with the right person. I think i choose and attract insecure guys even the bigger ones iv'e had. Must be going wrong somewhere haha And it may be me but it seems the whole world is casual and when people are...
  17. omegatech

    Canada Mid January (montreal & Toronto)

    Hey what's up. I'll be in Montreal and Toronto from 16th to 26th January...if women would meet up for some thick and deep fun let me know... Cheers 1444855
  18. flambago9

    Resizing Carly (non-fiction, Monster Cock, Sph, Size Queen, Mmf)

    Nick and I had been dating for a while and I would never actually have an orgasm with him except from his fingers sometimes. After sex one day I told him that I definitely needed something bigger - maybe a dildo or something. He was a little shocked at first but then agreed it was a good idea...
  19. 1

    Size Queens

    So my question is for larger guys. Do you get annoyed at other men for fetishizing your penis size? Or is it a turn on that they worship you for it? I'll admit that I fantasize and fetishize the thought of being with someone with an enormous wang but....it's honestly easier to deal with an...
  20. B

    Braty Millennial Awes Late 20's Blonde Wife With Superior Size

    John and Amanda had been visiting their ocean view condo by the beach for a 3 consecutive years now. Ever since John had been promoted to Sr. Manager at his company they had been making the flight from New York and staying for at least 3-4 weeks a year for a vacation. They had purchased a...
  21. B

    Black bottom arkansas seeking interracial sex

    Arkansas pride power bottom and size queen seeking interracial with hung white, Arab, Mexican, and Latino.
  22. R

    Best amateur cheating videos

    Post your best amateur cheating videos! *bonus points if its size related*
  23. SizeQueen_Ava

    Hung and lovesense? hush, plug

    A random thought just came into my mind... I wanna skype with a hung guy who has lovesense remote control toys!!... I control it.. u jerk... team work.. makes the balls work ;) Inbox me... if thats u!!
  24. SizeQueen_Ava

    New and love hung..

    6 inches and over... Cause if you can really measure.. 6 is big..
  25. C

    Wife/girlfriend prefers bigger thicker dildo than her man's dick (husband/boyfriend cock not enough)

    Wife/Girlfriend prefers suck or to be stretched out by big thick dildo than fuck her smaller dicked hubby (his dick itself doesnt have to be small, just smaller or not good enough that she doesnt need a dildo). A key component to this thread is THREE things have to be present: wife/girlfriend...