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straight and gay friendship

  1. Harryb99

    23, English lad looking for mates :)

    Hey, I'm 23, from the UK. Don't have a lot of gay friends and would like some! I'm straight acting, (newly) into the gym, festivals, raves and live music, ideally looking for someone with similar interests but not an absolute must. Thanks :)))
  2. C

    ID/need more info

    Hey guys, please can somebody identify who either of these guys are? Also, anymore info about how this came to be would be hot.
  3. I

    Anyone know their names??

    Help me find these hot guys please
  4. C

    Straight/Jock for J/O in Chicago

    Hey there: I'm a nice, normal, slightly quirky, middle aged dude with glasses. And a good sized cock,. I have never had one of my fantasies come to life: hanging out with a straight/closeted jock, watching porn like a couple of bros. Is this something you could be down with? Do you know...
  5. D

    Would you ever have sex with a gay friend?

    I got very close, a few times with my straight best friend. We have since parted ways, which is another story, entirely. But I have regretted not taking the opportunity in those instances where he heavily hinted at being mighy curious at having a roll in the hay with a trusted male friend. It...
  6. I

    does anyone know the source of this video

    Does anyone know who these guys are?? fucking and breeding my soccer coach
  7. tyfromtexas

    gay friend(s)

    so i made a gay/straight of this thread but i wanna make a straight/gay one. my question is do you have a gay friend that you can talk to about anything? be it sex, relationships, anything! and how did that relationship come to be? were they nervous to talk about more gay stuff with you? i’m...
  8. tyfromtexas

    straight friend(s)

    hi so i was wondering if you have a straight friend you can talk to like your gay friend or something. like that and how? i’m cool with this one guy from a previous job but i know there’s thing i couldn’t talk to him about that i could with my gays. so basically i would like to know is how...
  9. C

    I really want to (finally) hookup with my closest friend

    Hi everyone! It's crossed my mind to start a thread for the longest while... Yes, this is a 100% real story, and someone I'm currently navigating, which is why I finally decided to make a thread and ask for input, helpful advice, or other similar stories. *** For the last 5 years, I've been...
  10. C

    Chicago Guy Seeks Show Offs

    Chicago gay guy here into J/O with straight show offs. Spent formative years jerking with straight buddy who must have realized pretty early how big his cock was and always was flashing it for me. Yes, it was a turn on (nothing physical ever happened). It wasn’t until my 20s when I realized my...
  11. kyleljeffreyphx

    Receiving A Massage From A Gay Friend

    Curious how many straight dudes out there would accept a legit massage - on a table with lotion/oil from a gay friend. No funny stuff...just a nude, uninhibited head to toe rub down? Beyond that....if you would do it, and you got hard....would you want to get a happy ending finish, either on...
  12. kyleljeffreyphx

    Massaging A Straight Bud

    Anyone have first-hand experiences? Let's share them. I had one many years back - I was single and out drinking with a straight buddy in the construction trades. After many many beers we returned to my place and he was in no condition to drive. I offered the guest room and he quickly...
  13. gymnistes


    has anyone been to one of these guys' nudist retreats or done their workout classes? it's a straight guy Thomas Fairman and his gay friend Jason Wimberley https://twitter.com/nakedtrainers?lang=en The straight guy (left) is really hot, would love to spend a retreat with him and workout naked
  14. J Weeds

    Chicago Gay Guy Wants Straight Curious Men

    Hey guys. Huge turn on is a straight curious man - married and family men- to jerk off and go at your pace. I'm in Chicago, and can host some weekday afternoons. Or in my tinted car. Lemme know, guys. Kik and Snapchat are @ireallylokit, or message me here. Talk soon, I hope
  15. M

    Military Encounter - Straight Curious Soldier

    True story We had spent the summer of 2002 doing basic training. Everyone in the platoon had got to know one another really well. All troops were paired up using the buddy system allocated by the Platoon Sargeant. Over the course of two weeks, my buddy and I developed a great friendship. We...
  16. ceejeecee

    30yo Latino Looking For Jo/more W Masc Or Straight Curious La

    If anyone is straight and curious about a JO/oral or anything with a gay guy hmu. I have KIK and also am located in LOS ANGELES. looking for straight good looking dudes who are curious. Let's have some fun! Super low key here as well.
  17. ceejeecee

    Curious Straight Men Los Angeles

    If any curious straight men are here for chatting, jo, or just vibe things out, LMK. I have KIK if you want to message anon. LOS ANGELES area. 30 year old in shape here.
  18. ceejeecee

    Curious Straight Guys?

    New here, but just was wondering if any straight men in LA were curious to vibe or chill or even just chat on here. I have KIK that I dont mind exchanging anonymous texts. It don't gotta be anything too serious either. JO/sext/chat casually/etc. Let me know, would love to be of whatever...
  19. J

    Video Help Me Find Who This Is Please!! Where Is This From Guys?

  20. HairyAussieBloke

    Straight Snapchat Fellas Compare

    I’m straight/ curious and just looking for similar guys to jerk with and compare, swap nudes ect. My Snapchat is humanwhoishuman I’m 26, uncut, Aussie and hairy. Let’s do it bros
  21. N

    How To Take The Next Step With A "straight" Guy

    I’m sure we all know this guy that says he’s straight, likes football (etc) and might even had/have a girlfriend, but deep down you are absolutely sure he likes guys or, at least, he is into you. He does not openly speak about feeling attracted to man (he does so about girls), but he keeps on...
  22. SomedoodeMe

    Luca's Awakening

    This is just a story none of it is true based purely on fantasy and fetish it contains guy on guy. Girl on guy. And has taboo sexual encounter. I hope you can enjoy it :) My names Lucas's when I was 18 I had a best friend named Tom, he was a year older than me and 6 foot about 4 inches taller...
  23. navywill83

    Initiating Idea To Jerk W/close Friend

    Best friend of mine from college plans to vacation together and prob share room. He was bi then straight in college and I’m gay. We talk sex to this day in detail. For every str8 bar I go to w/him, he goes to gay ones w/me...likes the attn of guys even. We’re in our 30s. How do I start the...
  24. H

    Mmf - Homoerotic Or Not?

    Although I largely identify as gay, I can be attracted to women. And in the past I’ve engaged in sex with women. Some really nice experiences. In more recent years my straight sex experience has mostly been as part of an MMF threesome. The attitude of my sex partners has made for some amazing...
  25. Backtwoblk

    Dallas Roll Call

    :rolleyes:A forum for Dallas people drop ur snap or anything else u want pics videos stories all
  26. S

    Two Men In Love...we're Supposedly Straight

    Sorry for the spam guys. Wasn't sure where to post this. --- Hi everyone, I'm in an emotional pickle right now. I'm a bisexual millennial guy in love with another guy but now he isn't talking to me. I don't want to get into too much detail just in case he's lurking on this site, but I want...
  27. A

    Can Someone Share Her Vid With Him

    Can somebody share the vid of him fucking her, I think this is his first girl sex !!??
  28. M

    Does Straight Man Can Make Honest Fríendship With Gay Men? ?

    I am just Curious. Well Straight men for sure is open to make friendship with straight or gay girls. Or like what they say hehehe... anyone who looks like a real girl and has vaginal hole they say. So my question would be about the 'likely impossible' Does straight man can make an HONEST...