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  1. Daveboogie

    Sweaty bum

    After a long sweaty day at work I love getting home, pulling my undies down and spreading my ass cheeks…just feels so nice…
  2. Tight asshole

    Tight asshole

    Fuck me
  3. F

    Slutiest/Nastiest petite pornstars

    Who are the craziest petite pornstars that can handle some really big boys or some hardcore gangbang scenes. Here's a smal list just to start this thread: 1. ANGEL EMILY, it's just amazing how much cock she can handle: 2. PIPER PERRI, not my favorite face but it's unbelievable how much cock...
  4. H

    Who is this sexy-ass gymnast?!

  5. AstridS76


    hoi , I'm here to support large penises in any way i can. say hi, don't be shy, thanks for checking my profile. Cant wait to start meeting super hung guys from here!
  6. nileymixery

    Not longer tight - Wide Vaginas

    Hey guys, as women have to deal with the size of the penis, men have to deal with the tightness - or non tighness - of female vaginas. How tight a woman is has a direct impact on our sex life. Women with tighter vaginas need smaller penises or sex toys. Women with wider vaginas need a larger...
  7. Lesgetmessy

    New Blue Catsuit :)

    Just got a new super tight blue suit in the mail ;) I love the feeling of wearing these! Enjoy :)
  8. Lesgetmessy

    Hello everyone!

    Hello all! I am looking to expand my group of friends in the community! My fetishes and dreams are anything messy, being embarrassed and trashed, latex, mesh catsuits, anything tight and clingy! Please see my attached photos, I’m new but looking for some excitement! cheers!
  9. C

    Photo Who Has The Tightest Or Most Extreme Circumcision On Lpsg?

    Who has the tightest, most extreme cut cock on LPSG?
  10. C

    Big Guy New To Topping, Need Advice

    Hi all, I've been out for 15 years but I'm still new and relatively inexperienced to topping, believe it or not. Pretty new to bottoming as well, but that is not what I need help with... I feel like I am not getting as much pleasure out of the topping experience as most other guys. Maybe this...
  11. gentilgarcon

    Photo What Do You Think About My Bubblebutt

    Hello I'm pretty new here, and I'm pretty new in posting pics of me lol One day a guy told me I have a pretty nice ass and I should upload it here, so here I am, wanted to share it with y'all big dicks so you can tell me if you like it ^^ I'm pretty virgin so that's why I have a little hole...
  12. Fingering her sweet little cunt

    Fingering her sweet little cunt

    Such a hot little pussy
  13. X

    To Train Or Be Tight?

    I have only been fucked 3 times. The lastest today but it still hurts. The dude was only like 6 inches and it hurt sometimes. Should I train by buying a dildo? I want to still keep a sorta tight hole . Will training with the dildo make me loose? I know im loose rn but it tightens after a while
  14. D

    Another anal question!!

    Hey lads! So, before saying anything, just wanna say sorry for posting yet another anal question as I am aware there are already hundreds of these out there!! But they aren’t me, and I want answers pertaining to me!! Hahaha Alrighty, so I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year, fucking...
  15. C

    Sandy bay, cape town

    Anybody heading out to Sandy Bay nude beach tomorrow, 09 October? Looking to have some fun on the beach since the weather forecast looks to be great
  16. F

    Morphing pussy: tight pussy lips that stretch/open/gape when penetrated

    I'm obssesed with girls that have a tight/small looking pussy but ass soon as they get penetrated they're pussys just opens up. Haley Sweet is the perfect example specially in that scene with shane diesel: Look at her tight pussy lips glued together at 14:10 And as soon as he enters at 14:31...
  17. F

    Tight bodys in yoga pants, leggings or tight dresses

    What's hotter than a hot girl in a super tight outfit like yoga pants, leggings, tight shorts/hot pants or even super tight dresses/skirts. Let's share the best videos or pics. Here's a top 3 types of content I prefer: 1.Girls doing exercise in tight yoga pants/leggings, tight shorts...