1. K

    Hardcore Training

    For all of y’all who enjoys the masculinity spilling out from those hard workout vids, here’s the thread to share you fav workout vids! Ps. Hardcore only
  2. Gamer166

    Online Workout (naked)

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody can help me with Online Home-Workout during Skype, Zoom, kik, whatsapp. I can't find my motivation at the moment. Is there somebody that can help me like a (personal)trainer of workout buddy? If we both enjoy it maybe we can do naked workout sessions too?!
  3. S

    Trained to take a fist

    I find vids of men having their holes trained to take a fist inch by inch so hot They are tight at first but get stretched as they are played this is great example RFC - First Time Getting Fisted - Justin Jett, John Brachalli at
  4. H

    Who is Andrè?

    Found an old video of this hot guy but sadly it's in other language and namd isn't mentioned. Are there more info of him or is this only trace on the internet?
  5. growing muscle

    London bodybuilder and gym buddies friends wanted

    Hi, I am regular gym goer and looking to make friends and gym buddies with bodybuilders and amatuer gym guys who also have the passion and determination for fitness and muscle growth. I train 6 times a week and looking for mainly a gym buddie to grow together. My goal is to become as big as...
  6. Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy: resolving family issues and the aftermath

    following on from the previous post about 'sexuality'... I finally caught up on zoom with a long time female friend and she is a therapist. We got to know each other during a training for a psychotherapy method. She was telling me how her family was a totally nightmare for her. How one of her...
  7. Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy: sexuality / training

    the other week I was chatting to a friend who is a psychotherapist and this friend was telling me about a conference they had attended in Germany. During the conference my friend had a chat with another psychotherapist and they both said: I've had no discussion about 'sexuality' in my training...
  8. S

    YouTuber Chengman (Ryan Cheng)

    Anyone got anything on Chengman (Ryan Cheng)? He's got a dopey personality and an amazing body YouTuber Chengman He used to film a lot of prank videos, then switched over to filming his track/hurtling training, and now posts a lot of personal training and gaming content.
  9. B

    Photo Poppers And Cbt: Who's This?

    Seen him in a poppers training video with no comments. Does anyone know who this daddy is?
  10. D

    23 Yo For Anal Training On Cam

    Hey there, 23 year old bottom from Greece here looking for anal training. I have dildos and plugs, and I am willing to buy more toys to further my training. I'm quite inexperienced, so patience and experience will be greatly appreciated. My end goal is being able to take a fist, and ideally...
  11. E

    Can Deepthroating Be Taught

    I have very limited experience sucking cock. My best experience was with an older man who knew what he wanted and directed how I was to service his cock until he shot his load down my throat. He was only average size, maybe 6-6.5 inches but he did grab my head and drive his cock in deep when he...
  12. G

    Naked Yoga & Stretching

    Am thinking positive for 2021 and wanting to explore naked yoga/easy stretching. Anyone recommend 1:2:1 sessions in london - obviously once free to train, semi fit guy as cycle 4 times a week but now needing to gain more flexibility so wanting to try yoga and happy to try naked too being a...
  13. C

    In Nyc And Looking For A Deep Throat Trainer...

    Hey guys, I’m a very submissive bottom looking for a passionate, verbal, dominate top to serve and help me get past my gag reflex. I’m looking to master the craft of deep throating and the art of tailoring the craft to a specific man. Anyone looking for an eager-to-learn, dedicated, deep...
  14. TrueB2


    What are your thoughts on creatine? Do you take it and if so for how long? P.S. To all of you working hard...keep going, keep training, keep improving!
  15. bdsmryanxxx

    Sub twinks wanted for cam play

    Fit 46 year old wants smooth twinks for cam play. You need to be slim/athletic. Would be confident walking down the street dressed just in Speedos and trainers? Looking for long term puppy to develop a cam relationship with and open up to new experiences. Skype ryan.hatchxxx or message me here.