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used underwear

  1. MCR_Boy

    Photos & Videos Used Underwear (Pics and Trade)

    Anyone else just love buying some used stinking socks or cum stained pants from hot lads? if you prefer to watch other lads buy your used gear and get off on them sniffing them, this is the place for you. Feel free to leave your pictures, videos, stories or maybe even see if anyone is...
  2. N

    "Vintage" Store For Used Underwear

    I found this online store selling "vintage" used underwear. I'm not really sure if its a vintage store for vintage-buyers or a shop for people that want to buy worn underwear because it is worn? Check it out here: vintageundies.shop Also, some of the text on the website is quite funny: Has...
  3. T

    Secondhand Underwear (melbourne, Australia)

    I’ve recently sorted through old underwear after losing weight, but have at least a dozen pairs of briefs that are still too small or uncomfortable. All are in good condition, mostly size small with a few medium. I don’t want to throw them out - would anyone be interested in a pair? I’ll post...
  4. J

    Str8 Alpha Muscular Used Jockstraps/thongs/briefs/silkies/gym Worm Gear For Trade/sell

    Any muscular str8 alphas guys into selling or sharing their used gear (jockstraps/thongs/briefs) after a good workout in them and cum on them right after. The wife of a real man after the gym is amazing! especially when their body is A1 , body builder status. Yummmm (PICTURES INCLUDED ARE...
  5. T

    Gay guy asking to buy your underwear

    Hi guys - as the title says - how creeped out would you be by this? I know I would even be a little. How would you go about asking or would you like to be asked so not to be a weird thing? Completely no strings attached. The guy is married and I believe this is an innocent option. Just want a...
  6. DyneSlave4Master

    Swap cum stained undies with males

    So the thread is about that if there's any lad up for , let hit me in personal msg :)
  7. S

    Do you sell your used underwear?

    Interested to chat with people who sell their used underwear online, and get their tips for best places and ways to sell them. I just want as many people as possible sniffing my filthy jocks while they jerk off ;)