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  1. 9

    cheating porn source

    source of this video, looks to be chinese and I cant access with the website link
  2. D

    Hot Cheating Stories

    Hi Guys, wondering if anyone has any good / hot cheating stories whether you cheated on a partner or you were with someone who wasn't really single. No Judgment just wanna know if there's any good experiences or hot stories and if you got away with it.
  3. RutujaGoddess

    An encounter with my BF's friend

    all my bf's friends were met at a place, guys and girls. At a late hour, as all were sleeping, including my bf, i wasn't able to , went in the drawing room , saw one of the guys sitting, jerking off through his pants to something on his phone.... Went closer to find my pics. He saw me standing...
  4. D

    Bully/Wimp/Cuck stories

    I'm looking for some good stories to read. Preferably one's that involve: A bully that steals another guy's girlfriend? Getting cucked by alpha male Gay guy being forced by a straight guy. Anything involving a wimp and alpha or wife cheating on husband.
  5. JayPR

    Straight guy flirting with you. Has it ever happened to you?

    Have you ever met a straight guy, either through friends or any other social scenario, and as soon they know you're gay, the guy starts behaving kind of nicer or even flirty with you. Of course, usually kind of discrete, but you notice that he is overly friendly and touchy, especially if there's...
  6. H

    help please

    okay so my best friends think their man could be talking to other women on snapchat (bisexual) can someone see if they can make out the username in this vid or even the content of the messages. its too blurry. put your investigation skills to work
  7. D

    Cheating/caught Videos

    Does anyone have any favorite cheating videos (gay/straight/bi) that seem real and unstaged? Or “caught” videos that seem real? I also LOVE cuckold videos but I struggle to find the BEST ones that seem real! I would love to see what y’all have!
  8. D

    Can’t Get My Wife With A Big Cock Out Of My Mind!

    Completely true story no BS nothing crazy So I’ve been with my wife since high school. We are both 32 been married for 7 years now. Both attractive fit people. Have a good sex life when we have the time. Have never had sex with anybody else. Only kissed other people before we got together...
  9. N

    Cheating In A Sexless Relationship

    I'm sure this has been covered at length but since I'm new here and I also have some experience in this area I thought I'd start a new thread. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on cheating in a sexless relationship. Do you feel guilty? If you're not the one in the relationship but...
  10. B

    Committed Gay Men But Cheating With A Woman

    Are there any gay man who is either married or commited in a relationship but has cheated their men with a woman? Not a bisexual man but a gay man. I would like to know what make someone cheat and why was it with a woman? After cheating how did you feel?
  11. D

    Message To A Lonely Married Friend Of Mine…

    This is my copy and pasted kik message to a lonely friend of mine: If you and I were together right now. I’d lay you down, on your stomach, and I’d rub my finger tips all over your body making sure you feel that light electricity flow all over your skin. Then while your skin is covered in...
  12. S

    Please Help Id - Bbc

    Can you please help me find this video? I only have this picture, and I believe this was filmed in either New York or South Florida. The girl is in her mid 20’s, has dark brunette hair, and has a tan complexion.
  13. B

    Girlfriend Going Abroad

    My first attempt a story. It will be one that builds but I hope there's enough in there to keep you coming back. Would love your feedback! -----Chapter 1------ So this is the story of Andy and Jess (among others). They've been dating pretty solidly since the first weeks of University. They...
  14. pinkcowboy

    My Friends Boyfriend Might Be Into Me?

    not entirely sure if this thread belongs here but im gonna post it here anyway. So I’m kind of looking for advice here? To preface the situation, I am a really friendly person. When a friend of mine hangs with other people I don’t know, I try to make an effort to befriend them and always say hi...
  15. R

    My "bisexual" Boyfriend

    Hi everyone. I introduce myself . My name is Rosa and i'm italian. Six months ago for fun I downloaded grindr with a friend (the gay dating app). There I wrote to a man and told him I was a girl. He immediately told me he was bisexual and wanted to go out with me. We started dating but he never...
  16. A

    Is Sending Nudes To Guys Cheating In A Relationship?

    Wondering if there are any guys on here who are in a relationship and still send nudes to guys either on Snapchat or wherever and whether they consider that cheating? I’m in love with my partner and happy in our relationship but I just get such a thrill from showing off my hard dick and ripped...
  17. Jasonhill924

    Wife(gf At Time) With A Dom Hung Friend

    Story was written by wife and sent to me. The movie started, and I was laying on my side, comfortable, with a big soft throw pillow under my head. Ray was also laying back in the couch, feet on the coffee table, hands on my knees. A bit into the movie, I repositioned myself on my back...
  18. salopesud

    For The Players (sph, Cheating, Captions, Gifs)

    I'm looking for people skilled in photoshop, captions, creation of gifs from my private images, bits of videos and into sph, cheating, comparisons with my sweetheart, hot comments on pics etc. If you are creative you can answer explicitly. For fun only if this is your fun too. Let's play ...
  19. 3

    Young Bulls

    Here is a thread to attack young bulls giving your lady a pleasure of a life time or making fun of your smaller cock. Please post links, photos, gifs, or stories.
  20. fireice42

    Hot Fantasy Story - Married Man

    Your exotic story about an affair, you're having an affair with a married man. Which celebrity you want to have an affair with,You can choose to include pictures in your story if you want.
  21. M

    Your Sexual Weakness

    What is your sexual weakness/es? or shall i say, what does/did girl do to make you fuck her and cheat on your girl you are having a relationship with?
  22. RoxyRoyce

    Collar & Leash Significance {f4m}

    Hi guys, longtime member here with a question.. Can an experienced Gent in the dark arts please walk me thru the significance of the whole Collar and Leash fetish. I am fairly experienced in most other fetishes involving my sexuality however I have only a shallow understanding of this very...
  23. Jjjameson

    Think I Regret Letting My Wife Try A Huge Dick

    Been married to my wife for 8 years and together since high school. She’s very very sexy and guys always hit on her. Over time i developed a curiosity or fetish for sharing my wife. After a lot of convincing my wife finally agreed to try another guy. She was sort of seduced by this guy who was...
  24. E

    Looking For Video

    Hi, I am looking for an amateur video where a man and a woman share a hotel room (I think they were attending a wedding) and eventually having sex. But before, they have a conversation if they should cheat on their partners... Can you help me to find that video? thanks
  25. funpeter43

    Best Videos Of Wife Caught On Hidden Cam - Cheating Or Masturbating...

    Especially is there is any kind of setup to get things started.
  26. M

    Jerk Bragging In Front Of Friend's Girl At Party

    At party, away from crown in poorly lit corner of the backyard with 3 chairs. Guy and girlfriend and cocky drunk friend who won't stop bragging about his big dick. Boyfriend, clearly uncomfortable: Stop it man. No one cares. Girlfriend: "Yeah I bet you don't even have a big dick, you probably...
  27. O

    Husband Walks In Wife Carrys On Fucking

    Hi guys Just found this on another site, husband walks into the hotel room and the wife is already in there being fucked, he talks to her and they just carry on fucking regardless. Anyone know of anything similar?
  28. G

    Sex With Hung Young Grinder Guy

    I had to come tell you guys about this since I couldn't share it with anyone else. I have been with my boyfriend for ages. It's been like 7 years in total.. not accounting for the two occasions in which he dumped me, for specific reasons. Although he cheated on me on the first time, we have...
  29. G

    Wives And Gfs With White Bulls/bwc

    Long time lurker here. I love watching wives and gfs with hotwife/cuckold with a big white cock. Most of cuck porn is very interracial focused (nothing wrong with that, but not my fantasy) so I wanted to start a thread devoted to non-interracial cuckoldry and hotwifing. I'll start with...
  30. 1

    Julian rios scene

    random post I know but there is this scene I watched with Julian rios years ago that I can’t find that turned me on like crazy. He was “visiting” his male friend. And while the guy was in the shower. Julian fucked the guys wife. Anyone remember or can help me find it. I searched. And can’t...