1. Rusguy_96

    Superheros sex stories

    Story 1. Secret side of Helen Parr "Oh yes Helen suck me, oh God you're doing it so well" - Bob moaned hard as his cock started precumming - "you're so wild today... oh damn, are you really using this thing to fuck yourself?" - he asked, looking how his wife was penetrating her pussy with a...
  2. W

    I'm confused. Is he cheating?

    Forgive me, I'm not a native English. I'm not good at English. Just now, I opened my boyfriends iPad. Because I was trying to text documents there. I sometimes did like this. And I opened his text to send documents. There is a chat with a guy who I hate. I opened it. But this is really my...
  3. J

    Help me find this hot tag team video

    I am looking for a video in which the bottom has kind of long hair and wearing a jockstrap with some hair around his hole and is shared (tagteam) by two hung guys. It's not a studio video, it's homemade and the tops seem Arab or Latin (not sure). Let's find this very hot video if you know it...
  4. D

    My Adventures With Ryan... A Friend Who's Not Single

    PART 1 Based on real events. Names and places changed for privacy. Ryan and I became good friends during our first semester at QTech University. We sat next to each other in Advanced Math and started chit chatting once we realized we had no clue what the teacher was talking about. Since that...
  5. bigboaster

    Do you consider same sex encounters away from your wife/gf as cheating?

    I think there are some guys who since they don't have any romantic attraction to men (just sexual). That having sex with guys behind their wives/gfs back isn't actually cheating. It's just "sex" and it's okay since it's no strings attached. Do you agree with this thinking ? Or does this...
  6. A

    A New Assistant Part 1

    After a long, arduous weekend, Sven entered the office, dreading the usual morning run down. As he opened his laptop, he noticed an email from HR informing him that he had been assigned a new personal assistant, Maya, and that he should expect her to report to his office after orientation. Well...
  7. L

    Can someone give me some background context on this video?

    Throughout the years I've come accross the same video multiple times. It seems to be a quiet popular video of two guys fucking raw in front of a camera when a third dude seems to appear and they scurry off to try and hide. The video almost always has a title alluding to cheating and I was...
  8. J

    Married looking for affair/fun/friend

    Hey guys, I'm 31, pretty average all round tbh. Straight acting. I'm married, it's difficult but that's my problem. I'm looking for friends I can actually talk to, maybe abit of fun online or in person or even a serious affair. Happy to explain my marriage if u wish. Happy to send pics on...
  9. Assorted Sexploits

    Past FWB admits to banging my exgf and invites her over

    I ran into a friend from several years back, and we ended up at his place catching up. He was hotter than I remember him being, his body was ven more ripped and muscular, and I remember his fat 9.5" cock very well. The whole time inwas horny as fuck, and was trying to decide how to turn...
  10. Rusguy_96

    Our new neighbor

    Chapter 1 Katherine waited for that moment several evenings, since she finally purchased her new lingerie. Steven was very busy last days and he looked always so tired that she thought it was wrong moments for such things. Finally now it was a restday and they spent it together, enjoying the...
  11. trev bouvier

    Straight Cuckold Stories

    I'm really into cuckold stories with well-developed plots and a slow build. These are some of my favorite I've found: Cucked by my Father Ch. 01 - Fetish - Spring Break with Cocky Bros Pt. 01 - Group Sex - Dominated By Football Rival Pt. 01 - Gay Male -...
  12. H

    Cheating Boyfriend "IRL Porn" Scene

    I found this interesting and really hot guy and video and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find more of this video/scene and/or of him! I love the awkwardness of it, and he has a cute face and I love his skinny, hairy body and nice big dick! If anyone has any info, I'd really...
  13. J

    Danny D fucking your girlfriend

    " “The smith found him taking a leak and for the first time had a peek at his gigantic, splendid tail (which I’ve described in some detail), and thought if only his wife, who did not despise tools like that, knew what size equipment Walter carried, she’d sooner have been...
  14. billytgoatnz


    Jaimee was 5'2 Gorgeous, Bubbly, Absolutely Lovely and she had a pair of the Hugest Tits I had ever seen, she was Shelly's best friend, she had offered to come help as Shelly was struggling with learning to be a new mother and offered support by just being there, she stayed with us for a couple...
  15. M

    Any real-life stories of randomly meeting a married/in relation person who wanted to try your big cock?

    hi Married man here. often wonder if some well endowed was capable of meeting and seduce my perfectly sane, committed, upstanding wife. its not an ask, its a "did it happen?". so did it happen to other wives?(or husbands) Maybe its a grocery store, at the gym, or at a bar with a friend...
  16. aheidla

    Instead of cheating, why not just leave?

    Make it make sense? There is no good reason to remain and cheat. Not even "for the kids." As a product of a broken/dysfunctional home, trust me, we'd rather you just split up because the tension and vitriol is easily picked up on by the kids. So, no, "staying for the kids" is not a good reason...
  17. I

    Alexa, My Married Brother & Mystery Woman (Erotic Fiction)

    This is all fiction inspired by something similar that happened to my Friend (I don't have any siblings) but written in 'forum post' format. Hi everyone, As the title says, I've recently discovered that my older Brother Dennis is cheating on his wife Kayleigh. He's been with his spouse...
  18. A

    Cucked by My Lewd Professor

    I had this crush on one of my professors in my uni in my first year. He has a wife and a kid so I know I had no chance. But I still tried to talk to him as much as possible. Like I would ask him to have a casual conversation with me if he has time. At first it was going well, we shared our...
  19. 9

    cheating porn source

    source of this video, looks to be chinese and I cant access with the website link
  20. D

    Hot Cheating Stories

    Hi Guys, wondering if anyone has any good / hot cheating stories whether you cheated on a partner or you were with someone who wasn't really single. No Judgment just wanna know if there's any good experiences or hot stories and if you got away with it.
  21. RutujaGoddess

    An encounter with my BF's friend

    all my bf's friends were met at a place, guys and girls. At a late hour, as all were sleeping, including my bf, i wasn't able to , went in the drawing room , saw one of the guys sitting, jerking off through his pants to something on his phone.... Went closer to find my pics. He saw me standing...
  22. D

    Bully/Wimp/Cuck stories

    I'm looking for some good stories to read. Preferably one's that involve: A bully that steals another guy's girlfriend? Getting cucked by alpha male Gay guy being forced by a straight guy. Anything involving a wimp and alpha or wife cheating on husband.
  23. JayPR

    Straight guy flirting with you. Has it ever happened to you?

    Have you ever met a straight guy, either through friends or any other social scenario, and as soon they know you're gay, the guy starts behaving kind of nicer or even flirty with you. Of course, usually kind of discrete, but you notice that he is overly friendly and touchy, especially if there's...
  24. H

    help please

    okay so my best friends think their man could be talking to other women on snapchat (bisexual) can someone see if they can make out the username in this vid or even the content of the messages. its too blurry. put your investigation skills to work
  25. D

    Cheating/caught Videos

    Does anyone have any favorite cheating videos (gay/straight/bi) that seem real and unstaged? Or “caught” videos that seem real? I also LOVE cuckold videos but I struggle to find the BEST ones that seem real! I would love to see what y’all have!
  26. D

    Can’t Get My Wife With A Big Cock Out Of My Mind!

    Completely true story no BS nothing crazy So I’ve been with my wife since high school. We are both 32 been married for 7 years now. Both attractive fit people. Have a good sex life when we have the time. Have never had sex with anybody else. Only kissed other people before we got together...
  27. N

    Cheating In A Sexless Relationship

    I'm sure this has been covered at length but since I'm new here and I also have some experience in this area I thought I'd start a new thread. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on cheating in a sexless relationship. Do you feel guilty? If you're not the one in the relationship but...
  28. B

    Committed Gay Men But Cheating With A Woman

    Are there any gay man who is either married or commited in a relationship but has cheated their men with a woman? Not a bisexual man but a gay man. I would like to know what make someone cheat and why was it with a woman? After cheating how did you feel?
  29. D

    Message To A Lonely Married Friend Of Mine…

    This is my copy and pasted kik message to a lonely friend of mine: If you and I were together right now. I’d lay you down, on your stomach, and I’d rub my finger tips all over your body making sure you feel that light electricity flow all over your skin. Then while your skin is covered in...
  30. S

    Please Help Id - Bbc

    Can you please help me find this video? I only have this picture, and I believe this was filmed in either New York or South Florida. The girl is in her mid 20’s, has dark brunette hair, and has a tan complexion.