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  1. H

    Female Condom

    I'm taking a sexuality class and we just learned about the female condom. After reading about it, there are lower chances of pregnancies' and has more benefits of the male condom. Has anyone ever used this contraception and how did you feel and like/dislike about it?
  2. M

    Sex without a condom

    My gf recently has told me to have sex w/o condom. I am not sure to do it, first because I don't want childs in my life and I don't know if that can hurt me. I am uncut and idk if that can hurt me. so, I am afraid of trying. Help pls.
  3. tommy9x6OF

    Post Pictures While Wearing Condoms!

    I'll start!
  4. 4inch_notbig

    Married And Choosing Condoms As Your Method Of Contraception

    Is there anyone else here that is in a long term relationship or married have chosen condoms to be there method of contraception? I’ve been with my wife now for over 10 years and from day one, apart from a handful of times we experimented with pulling out, we have always had protected sex. She...
  5. B


    Is anyone else a fan of this old site? It featured live webcam scenes that were filmed with amateur to more established porn stars. I really liked it for the variety of guys ranging from twink to older daddies and the various combos, as well as the hall anything could really happen possibility...
  6. D

    Jerk Off Wearing A Condom

    who’s down to jerk off with a condom on, top here
  7. T

    Cumming In A Condom

    I love seeing a guy filling a condom when fucking but seems it's really difficult in finding scenes like this anywhere. Theres something so hot in seeing a full condom hanging off a guys dick after hes pulled out in both gay and straight porn. Anyone have any good scenes or links they could...
  8. J

    Guys Wearing Condoms

    Hey guys ! I'm looking for pics of guys wearing condoms where you see the guy and his face, not only a cock in a condom. Any good sites where I can find this? Or please share with us here if you have any good pictures. Thanx
  9. rockhoward69

    Anyone Here Into Condoms?

    Anyone here into condoms? Hit me up. I love jacking off with a condom on. I also like watching a guy with a big dick putting one on. :)
  10. JayPR

    How Was Gay Sex Before Hiv?

    Since I was born, AIDS existed. When I started having sex in the late 90s and early 2000s, HIV and AIDS shaped how I saw sex and how my sex life has been, from not having sex in order to avoid it, choosing very careful who my sex partners were, to avoiding any sex practices that were considered...
  11. dikkiedik

    Photo Just A Juicy Bite

  12. M

    Photo Cum Or Cummed In Condom - Condom Cum

    Hi There good looking guys. It really turns me on seeing guy cumming inside in condom. And it turns me on more when i get to see the condom hanging down filled with cums. Can you share your cum in condom pics? Thank you im advance. xoxo
  13. M

    Dicks Wearing A Condom

    Hey guys: I wanna start a thread about you guys wearing a condom in your dicks. That would be so hot.
  14. M

    Jay Sean Cody?

    What’s Jay from Sean Cody circa 2009 real name, insta, Fb, Twitter...? Hairy, hunky guy that performed like an absolute champ. Tnx
  15. JayPR

    Do You Use Condoms When Having Casual Sex?

    I want to know if straight guys use condoms when having casual sex or sex in general. My question comes because in my experience, almost all of the straight guys I know don't like it and most of them don't use them. Maybe they use condoms if it's a random hook up. Another thing, most of the...
  16. C

    Condom Swap London

    Anyone in the uk/london area want to swap cum filled condoms?
  17. sudcalifornio

    How Tight Has To Be The Condom To Switch For Magnum?

    I don't consider myself big since I am only 6.75, but I have been told I should use magnum condoms for the 3rd time. How big you have to be to use magnums?
  18. F

    Huge White Cock & Tight Pussy

    Can anyone identify the guy in these videos... or have anymore videos of him?
  19. DiomedesXVI

    Video Big dicks in condoms

    One thing that turns me on immensely is seeing another hung guy’s big cock stuffed into a condom. It’s hot to see how much the condom gets stretched and contours to every curve of a dude’s big thick member. I personally use magnums myself, but I even have trouble getting them all the way to my...
  20. P

    Condom to bareback - specific types

    I like certain particular condom-to-bareback vids that I'm hoping you guys can help me find: -Videos where they fuck with a condom, the top pulls it off just before he's gonna cum, and sticks it back in bare just as he's cumming or right after. -Videos where the condom breaks while in the...
  21. J

    Youtube condom tutorial

    Kbas9000's screencaps
  22. T

    Fucking with (and cumming in) a condom

    Hi, I’m kinda new here - and this is my first post But I was wondering if anyone has seen any videos of guys fucking with a condom on and not pulling out , so cumming in the condom Then taking the condom off after fucking and cumming I haven’t seen anything like it, but I think it would be...
  23. tynba

    Photo Big cock in condom

    I really like big cocks in condom Put yours! ;)
  24. deine_huendin

    Save - more than a condom ?!

    a rubber protects against HIV but how do you protect yourself from warts and other "little things"
  25. J

    How to use a condom and testicular self exam (youtube)

    Testicular self exam (I followed a professional audio guide) How to use a condom
  26. BecauseImHorny

    Heading to little rock, ar oct. 5th - 8th

    I am traveling from Oklahoma City, OK to Little Rock, AR on October 5th. I will be taking I-40 E to get there. Once in Little Rock I will be there until the 8th. I would love to get together with some big dick guys and have some fun! HMU if you're in the area (or along the route to get there)...
  27. J

    How to use a condom (youtube guide)

    How to use a condom (YouTube guide)
  28. J

    How to use a condom - youtube

    How to use a condom (including if you are uncircumcized) - YouTube