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  1. DiomedesXVI

    Performers and load sizes

    Very curious question that a friend just asked somewhat rhetorically yesterday: is there or has anyone seen tabulated data or a database listing male performers (porn, regular cammers, onlyfans) and their usual cumshot size? :laughing: I don’t suspect so, but you never do know. My friend says...
  2. Saitama

    Lent 2023 - sexual abstinence for 40 days and 40 nights

    Hello everyone, this year I will attempt to stop masturbating for 40 days and 40 nights (or for as long as I can). I want to experience the feeling and reaction of my body and see if I could get a wet dream again, as i haven't had one in a couple of years already. The longest I went without...
  3. Are_we_there_now

    Involuntary ejaculation again and again

  4. T

    Shooting more ropes?

    Many discussions can be found on increasing cumshot volume, but I haven't come across anything specifically about increase the number of ropes in one orgasm. I've used all the techniques to shoot bigger loads; abstaining, eating celery, taking supplements (zinc, L-arginine, etc) and these do...
  5. jw_kk_hw

    All-male gang-bangs?

    I've been invited to participate in an all-male gang-bang at the end of this month (my first all-male experience). Building up to the event, I'm preparing, or trying to prepare myself for what to expect. I'm an experienced banger, facilitator, and host in the FMMM+ world, but have never been a...
  6. voyeurfan

    How to improve sensation during anal sex ?

    How to improve the sensation for the top during anal sex ? From my experience so far with different partners, once the penis penetrates the hole and the tip goes past the anus , it feels hollow like a cave inside and I have no sensation from it. I have tried different positions such as doggy...
  7. B


    Hi there, I’m looking for a jock physical video where the guy was like nervous then he cums accidentally and quickly when the doc is fingering his ass. I know a lot of those vids were removed but wondering if anyone knows where I can find this one. Been searching for years!
  8. musclelover717

    Ejaculation with Age

    For all of you big shooters, have you ever wondered if you’ll lose your big cumshot once you get old? It’s something I’ve thought about every now and then and something I’ve read about too. A lot of articles have said to expect the worst when you age. Or they’ll say explosive ejaculations are a...
  9. A

    Video O Face / Cum Face

    Am I alone in that I get horny by watching the face of the guy cumming, as the pleasure wave of ejaculation rocks through his body with all the convulsions? I just hate it when the porn producers edit out the face of the guy during the cumshot, or when OF performers approach the camera to show...
  10. Elmer86

    Ejaculation With Reverse Kegels.

    Hi Fam, Earlier this year, I got into practicing kegels. I started out only doing regular kegels, but later found out about reverse kegels. It is basically exactly like it sounds. Relaxing the pelvic floor (pushing out) rather than contracting. I've noticed that it makes my erections stronger...
  11. N

    Straight Guys Into Cumshots

    I've always wondered if it was leaning towards bi/gay if a guy wanted to see cumshots. Things like cumpilations. I was always into seeing cum (shoot, dribble, ooze...whatever) but that was me taking my time accepting my sexuality. I REALLY enjoy it now, you get that feeling of 'reward' when you...
  12. D

    How To Ejaculate More?

    Hey guys, i'd like to know how to ejaculate more and produce more cumshots. I know there are tons of threads about it, but I have not found something definitive yet. So, what are your personal experiences? How to increase the volume of your ejaculation? And how to shoot farther? Thx!
  13. B

    Partner Measuring Semen Volume

    I know a lot of us have enjoyed our partners measuring our penises. Have any of you had a partner measure your semen volume? I had a girlfriend in college who was fascinated by the volume of cum I was able to produce. One afternoon we were about to go at it when she took control. She turned me...
  14. F

    Unusual Masturbation Experiences

    Hello dear users, in this thread I would like you to share your unique masturbation/ejaculation experiences, your special masturbation techniques, things that happened before/after you orgasm, and so on. Here are some ideas what I am talking about and what direction I mean: cum hands free, cum...
  15. RamblingCock

    Post-ejaculation Leakage?

    Hey Guys - Need the Hive Mind. I've been through a lot medically, which I've recounted here and on my blog. All of it pertaining to Little Rambler and the surrounding areas, so I'm literally at the point of having no inhibitions when it comes to doctors, nurses, etc. But there's one question...
  16. B

    Refractory Period And Prolactin: New Data

    For a long time it was presumed that prolactin was responsible for the delay in the ability to have a quick repeat ejaculation (the Refractory Period). This gave rise to many suggested treatments (some potentially dangerous) to reduce prolactin, and so reduce the Refractory Period. Here’s a...
  17. goander

    Average Time To Ejaculation

    How long on average does it take you to ejaculate?
  18. R

    Vids Where She Makes Him Cum Instantly

    I saw a post on here a while ago and I can't find anymore :( I love videos where both either the girl or guy cum almost instantly, so post away. The particular video I loved was amateur looking, where a cougar started sucking a young guy off and he cum over her face almost instantly!
  19. G

    Where Do You Like To Blow Your Cum?

    Perhaps it's just my personal preference, but when I am having sex with either a woman or topping a man, I almost always prefer to pump my cock into them through my orgasm. In certain situations like I am fucking a girl without a condom and she isn't taking birth control, I will pull out and...
  20. T

    Poll: Ejaculation Frequency

    I've seen posts talking about how often people masturbate, or have sex, but haven't seen a poll asking specifically about how often people ejaculate. Since it's relevant to various aspects of the training in the Path of Eros (see my blog for details), I'm really curious to hear what your...
  21. U

    Ejaculation Concern (serious Answers Only)

    Hey guys, I'm in my mid 30's , decent shape, and uncut. Workout ( cardio ) about 4 days a week ( 45 min -1 hr). My diet is mostly healthy.. not 100%. But I am on a few medications for a disorder since age of 12, and they have been changed up quiet a few times. My concern is...
  22. M

    Abnormal cumshots/ejaculation

    Question for everyone here... Ive realized that when I edge, my cumshot becomes different. I would say the volume is the same, but instead of shooting out ropes, it streams out almost like im peeing it out. Ive searched all of the internet for info or videos of guys who have this same thing...
  23. 1

    Breathwork for long distance cumshots.

    Here’s a technique I discovered years ago that helps me pump my ejaculate further distance: When you’re about to cum, suck a lot of air in and keep holding it in as you’re cumming. Anyone else tried this? Here’s what I mean:
  24. G

    Fleshlight stu training tips

    Hi all, I’ve just purchased the Fleshlight STU (with vStroker). In short, I’m looking for tips/advice on the best way to use the unit to improve stamina from people who’ve also used one. The first time I used the Fleshlight the sensation was so intense I think I lasted 30 seconds, max. Since...
  25. Barberseville

    Ejaculation and muscle growth

    Is there any scientific evidence to support the idea that excessive ejaculation can inhibit muscle growth? I was speaking to a bodybuilder, who was adamant that ejaculating more than once a week would inhibit muscle growth and that to bulk up efficiently masturbation and sex to completion should...
  26. niseazz8823

    Ejaculation concern...is this normal?

    Hey if anyone has any information about this please help. I'm 34 and for the past year or so I noticed a significant decrease in amount of sperm I produce. I edge almost 90 percent of the times I masturbate. Is this prostate related or testicle related or what? Should I be concerned or is this a...